I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 6

Again, wasn’t gonna get this out this early but two more people bought me coffee!! //WEEPS YOU GUYS AAAAAA// Thanks so much to Anonymous and Anonymous! ;;w;; This chapter is for you, love you guys!~

I was amused to see that most of you thought this spanking business was going to come back and bite Zi Yan in the butt LOL. Our thoughts are alike, hmm? Run big bro, run while you still can…

On the downside, got another one star rating on NU that brought the rating down to 4.6 rip. Maybe it was the spanking???

ANYWAY. Enjoy the chapter and uh, wish me luck for my midterms! They’re about 2 weeks long so other than the promised chapter per week I miiiight not be able to poop out extras. Sorry aha~~

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  • Nah, just another person that don’t like yaoi that saw in the front page.
    Good luck and thanks for the release!

    • Ahaha I hope so ORZ. Thanks for the luck and support! <3

  • I never vote on NU but just for you I’ll do it.

    • !!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR THE SUPPORT!!! ;;w;; I really appreciate it aajkhkjadhsak ;;w;;

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