I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 54

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“Please wait here for a moment, I will inform him of your arrival.” The man wearing a yellow robe gently spoke.

Xu ZiYan cupped his hands and saluted, before he just quietly stood there.

Xu ZiRong kept his face blank and expressionless as he obediently followed behind Xu ZiYan. He tried his best to weaken his presence. That day, during the examination, he had met that black-robed man after crossing Li Chen Bridge. The man had caused an extremely strong sense of danger to rise within him. Xu ZiRong always felt as if the man had thoroughly seen through him, so he had no choice but to become more careful.

Not long later, the man wearing a yellow robe had returned.

While smiling, he handed over two jade strips, “Hurry on in, the Sect Master is waiting for you. You are each getting one of these jade strips to prevent you from being injured by the restrictions set in place.”

After thanking the yellow-robed man, Xu ZiYan took Xu ZiRong’s hand and led him up the mountain.

Within the mountain range, Qian Yuan Peak was Liu Guang Sect’s tallest Peak. Clouds and mist would curl and linger even halfway up the mountain. Immortal qi was faintly discernible, and one could occasionally see red-crowned cranes and other spiritual birds roaming about.

Blooming flowers lined both sides of the road leading to the mountain top, and among them were all sorts of low-leveled spiritual flowers and herbs, growing freely as they pleased. Between the gaps of the bamboo forest, one could also frequently see some spiritual beasts frolicking about. Some of the more courageous ones would even come forward of its own accord to ask passersby for food. Everything appeared like a beautiful scene taken straight from an immortal world.

It was just……

Xu ZiYan blankly watched as some spiritual beasts, ones that originally wanted to come close to him, all run away in the blink of an eye. He felt incredibly puzzled.

After all, he did not see how the Xu ZiRong following behind him would viciously glare at any spiritual beast who tried to get close……

The senses of spiritual beasts were far keener than that of humans, so they could easily sense Xu ZiRong’s malice toward them.

It was blatant killing intent. As long as one wasn’t too stupid, no one would come near that murderous person.

This human was too scary!!! QAQ!

The two arrived at the main hall. After the guard at the doorway inspected their identities, they were led to the rear court, where the Sect Master lived.

When they saw the Sect Master, the man had been teasing a gorgeously coloured spiritual sparrow. However, the sparrow appeared uneasy and was listlessly squatting upon a tree branch. It looked entirely fed up with WuChen DaoJun’s harassing.

“Eh? You guys are here?” When he saw them arrive, WuChen DaoJun gave them a kind smile. “Sit, sit.”

Cautiously, Xu ZiYan found a chair to sit on. The person in front of them was a full-fledged, Nascent Soul cultivator. In his last life, the original Xu ZiYan never had any contact with the Sect Master, so Xu ZiYan did not know the Sect Master’s personality. Thus, in accordance to the motto of ‘being careful decreases blunders’, Xu ZiYan did not dare to be excessive with his words or actions.

When he saw how nervous Xu ZiYan was, WuChen DaoJun couldn’t help but find it funny. However, when he remembered that they were only children no more than fifteen or sixteen years old, WuChen DaoJun felt at ease. This was probably the first time they got so close to a Nascent Stage cultivator, so being nervous wasn’t anything unexpected.

“The reason I had you guys come today was just so I could meet you two.” Wu Chen DaoJun smiled faintly as he spoke. “I originally prepared a celebration for the end of this examination, but I did not expect that three disciples were able to accept a complete inheritance. Since you guys were unconscious, the celebration was naturally canceled. However, in consideration of your outstanding achievements, I wish to add one more Green Spiritual Seal to your original reward.”

Although Xu ZiYan did not know what a Green Spiritual Seal was, since it was a gift from the Sect Master, there was no doubt that it was something good. “Many thanks to the Sect Master for your generosity.”

Xu ZiYan did not know why the other would care so much about him, but since WuChen DaoJun was giving him something, he naturally wouldn’t refuse it. In any case, Xu ZiYan could already be considered as one of Liu Guang Sect’s people, so giving it to him would not be a waste. This was the so-called, ‘keeping the goodies within one’s family’. ╮( ̄▽ ̄\”)╭

Xu ZiYan did not understand the significance of the Green Spiritual Seal, but Xu ZiRong did. And it was precisely because he did understand, that he became so shocked by WuChen DaoJun’s generosity.

The Green Spiritual Seal was the Green Spirit Secret Realm’s ‘entrance key’. Only the people who have harmonized with the Green Spiritual Seal would receive a chance to enter the secret realm.

Furthermore, the Green Spiritual Seal could only be used once. If he and Xu ZiYan could not harmonize with the Green Spiritual Seal, then the Green Spiritual Seal they used will become trash.

The Green Spirit Secret Realm opened once every ten years. If Xu ZiRong remembered correctly, the secret realm would be opening next year. Within all the famous secret realms of the Xuan Yu region,  the Green Spirit Secret Realm was the most popular.

This was because the Green Spirit Secret Realm had very little danger, but many treasures. In addition, there were countless ancient inheritances still hidden in the realm.

Reportedly, the Green Spirit Secret Realm was the ruins of an ancient sect, and that same sect once controlled the entire Xuan Yu region many thousands of years ago. The sect gathered countless inheritable martial arts, and if their sect members were unable to raise their cultivation, they would also leave behind their own martial arts before their fall.

After the accumulation of a millennium years, the precious inheritable martial arts gathered in the sect had already reached an astonishing degree. However, it was precisely because of this staggering wealth that the sect suffered an attack from outside their region.

A super strong sect of a different region had opened a tunnel that led directly to the Xuan Yu region after expending a great deal of manpower and resources. As a result, the two sides started an intense battle in the tunnel.

Regardless of whether they were cultivators or ordinary people, the casualties were disastrous. The super strong sect that started the battle also did not expect the other sect to be so tenacious. The two sects fought for several hundred years before the losses of the two sects reached their lowest limits.

In the end, that super strong sect spent an enormous amount of treasures and invited another Mahayana stage cultivator to attack the other sect. When the other sect’s Sect Head saw how the end of his sect was imminent, he actually hardened his heart and imploded his own primordial spirit talisman, ripping apart space itself. He threw the entire area where the sect had been located into a spacial disorder. After that, it morphed into the current Green Spirit Secret Realm.

Because of the many years of war, that super strong sect’s development had been hindered and they were quickly annexed by the other sects in the region. And because Xuan Yu region lost the sect that was home to countless precious inheritances, they also sank into an extreme decline.

After many, many years later, the cultivators of Xuan Yu region were finally able to raise their spirits. Thus, they began to look for the martial arts circulated by that sect. At the same time, some genius cultivators would also create their own martial art techniques and pass it down. After many millenniums of training, Xuan Yu region finally recovered. However, unfortunately, there was already no way for them to return to the flourishing era with that one sect.

Afterwards, cultivators did a lot of research before they managed to retrieve the truth from that piece of dark history. In fact, the appearance of the Green Spirit Secret Realm along with the inheritable martial arts inside all became evidence.

No one knew how the Green Spiritual Seal was formed. However, only by harmonizing with it could one pinpoint the Green Spirit Secret Realm’s location from the vast space and time flow.

Many people believed that the Sect Head from all those years ago had wanted to leave behind a seed of hope for the Xuan Yu region, and thus, the Green Spiritual Seal was made. It could not be denied that it was precisely because of the Green Spiritual Seal’s existence, that the cultivation world in the Xuan Yu region could now be so prosperous.

There was not a lot of Green Spiritual Seals, and the places they appeared in every year always changed. However, all the major sects had an object related to the Green Spiritual Seal. Whenever one appeared, the object would react. Then, the Sect would attempt to retrieve the Green Spiritual Seal as quickly as possible.

But there was a limit to how many Green Spiritual Seals there would be. Even for a large sect like Liu Guang Sect, having ten was already enough to amaze Xu ZiRong. He hadn’t expected that WuChen DaoJun would actually take out three at once—or maybe even more. This wasn’t the resolution normal people had.

Seeing Xu Ziyan’s unperturbed appearance, WuChen DaoJun did not bother exposing the truth. On the contrary, had Xu ZiYan known the significance of the Green Spiritual Seal, then WuChen DaoJun would have been surprised. Thus, Xu ZiYan’s current reaction was very normal.

To be able to obtain junior-apprentice brother LuoYun’s favor, he figured that this Xu ZiYan indeed had to be special.

After looking at Xu ZiYan, WuChen switched his focus onto Xu ZiRong.

They were both children of the Xu family and were brothers related by blood, but Xu ZiRong’s personality was truly too different compared to that of his elder brother.

When he recalled what Qing Yi had told him, WuChen couldn’t help but frown. This Xu ZiRong’s murderous nature was so strong, they did not know if he might hinder Liu Guang Sect in the future.

However, if they cut him off from the path to immortality because of his murderous nature, then that made it even more likely for him to walk down another path. WuChen felt that dealing with Xu ZiRong was rather troublesome, but after thinking it over again, he couldn’t help but smile.

Although junior-apprentice brother Luo Yun’s personality was wanton and unrestrained, he was never muddle-headed when it came to important matters. Since he had already accepted Xu ZiRong as his disciple, then there likely wouldn’t be any problems.

Since it was something that even Qing Yi could make out, there was no reason as to why junior-apprentice brother LuoYun wouldn’t know. WuChen felt he was really too much of a worrywart.

But although he did not discriminate against Xu ZiRong, in the end, WuChen did not like him either. Thus, after giving him a few, short sentences of encouragement, he sent the two of them back.

After Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong left Qian Yuan Peak, they once again rushed back to Tian Luo Peak. Although toward cultivators, the distance they travelled couldn’t be considered much, using their own two legs to make a round trip was still very tiring.

Xu ZiYan inwardly repeated to himself, he had to quickly build his Foundation and learn how to fly on a sword. Otherwise, if they had to rely on running every day, they wouldn’t get anywhere. Liu Guang Sect was really too big, it was simply comparable to a small-scaled city.

LuoYun DaoJun did not live half way up the mountain with them. Rather, he lived in a cave located on the rear mountain of Tian Luo Peak.

The landscape there was charming and the scenery picturesque, and there was a brook with clear water that flowed down the mountain gaps. And most importantly of all…..many wild hares, pheasants, wild ducks lived there, making it convenient for LuoYun DaoJun to have a large and sumptuous meal at any time. For example, he could make something like barbeque, and so on……

The first time he saw LuoYun DaoJun act like this, it made Xu ZiRong so shocked that he forgot his manners for a while and didn’t even remember to close his gaping mouth. Although he indeed did not know that other was a Nascent Soul cultivator, he could guess that LuoYun DaoJun’s identity was out of the ordinary.

Doing something like making barbecue in Liu Guang Sect wasn’t something an average person could do. Although of course, an average person would not be shameless enough to do it……

As such, if one looked at it from a certain degree, the thickness of LuoYun DaoJun’s face was already out of the ordinary……

“Master, we have arrived.” Xu ZiYan gave LuoYun DaoJun a salute.

“Shh! Don’t talk, the fish is about to take the bait.” LuoYun DaoJun shushed him in a hushed voice, still looking as sloppy as ever. Although he could easily use a cleaning dirt spiritual technique to solve the problem, he just had to wear that dirty set of clothes.

Xu ZiYan silently retreated a few steps, before he hid in a corner and started whispering with Xu ZiRong. He wasn’t afraid of being heard by LuoYun DaoJun. In any case, the two brothers were only discussing their cultivation problems at this time.

The two of them discussed for a moment and both harvested some insight. Xu ZiYan had only received the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, but that didn’t mean he had mastered everything. However, with Xu ZiRong’s flawless guidance, he quickly comprehended and got the knack of things.

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