I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 53

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Thus, the sloppy cultivator borrowed the fact that Xu ZiRong’s older brother owed the Sect a lot of merits. He said that if it was not repaid, he would stop supplying them with medicine. This forced the brat to work for himself.

Originally, he merely wanted to make the brat beg for his forgiveness. He hadn’t expected the  boy to actually be quite strong-willed. On the first day, the brat had been tired to death, but he still wouldn’t beg. The very next day, the boy discovered a new method of accomplishing his task. Not only did the brat complete the work the sloppy cultivator had assigned him, he even did it so that it would help his cultivation.  

This boy’s future accomplishments were bound to be out of the ordinary!

Although he was not fond of Xu ZiRong, that didn’t stop Luo Yun DaoJun from thinking highly of Xu ZiRong’s future prospects. At the very least, he was amazed by Xu ZiRong’s tenacious behaviour. The sloppy cultivator had only sensed such willpower from those who had experienced many trials in life. It was astonishing that Xu ZiRong, who was born with a silver spoon in his mouth, would have this kind of unique characteristic.

Information regarding the Xu family brothers had long been placed onto his desk. Naturally, the files included information about Xu ZiRong’s identity.

Although this boy was the Xu family head’s illegitimate child, he had never suffered any grievances ever since he was young. Even after he had been taken back to the Xu family, he always had his older brother to take care of him. The sloppy cultivator could ponder until his head exploded, but he still wouldn’t understand just how this child acquired this kind of personality.

Ah, forget about it. Every person had their own destiny. Since the Xu family brothers were able to pass through and walk out of the fantasy array, it was enough to prove they bore no relationship with demonic cultivators. As long as they weren’t demonic cultivators, nothing could pose a problem.

As for their future growth, it was enough to slowly watch after them. After all, they still had a lot of time.

Luo Yun DaoJun withdrew his Water Mirror Art before unhappily giving Xu ZiYan a glance. “Do you feel reassured now?”

Embarrassed, Xu ZiYan nodded his head. He thought, if Master’s personality in the original Xu ZiYan’s memories wasn’t weird and temperamental, I wouldn’t go as far as to worry whether or not you were bullying ZiRong because he annoyed you……

(Xu ZiRong, who really was being bullied: ……)

Luo Yun DaoJun rubbed his chin. Who knew what he had suddenly remembered, because he suddenly lifted the corner of Xu ZiYan’s quilt. The man reached out and began pressing on Xu ZiYan’s legs.

Xu ZiYan was scared stiff. When he realized his Master was just inspecting his legs, the boy released a sigh of relief.

“You still can’t feel anything?” Luo Yun thought it was a bit weird. Since Xu ZiYan’s hands had already recovered, there was no explanation as to why his legs were still not reacting. He had never heard of that array differentiating between the upper and lower parts of one’s body when it refined one’s meridians!

Xu ZiYan shook his head. He could see Luo Yun DaoJun using both hands to pinch the lower parts of his legs, but he felt nothing at all.

“Forget it, just soak in the medicinal bath for a few more days.” Luo Yun DaoJun didn’t have any solution to this either. There weren’t many people who were capable of receiving a full inheritance in the first place, so it was possible that Xu ZiYan was just experiencing a situation others hadn’t.

“Master, I didn’t become disabled, right?” Xu ZiYan asked, quite apprehensive.

Disgruntled, Luo Yun DaoJun rolled his eyes. “Relax, even if you truly became disabled, I’d still be able to cure you.”

Feeling embarrassed, Xu ZiYan smiled. He had forgotten that this was a cultivation world. Although regenerating a broken limb was a bit difficult, it wasn’t impossible to do. In addition, his Master was a Nascent Soul cultivator. A trivial matter like this was still something he could accomplish.

“Oh right, your Master’s moniker is Luo Yun, although usually there aren’t many people who call me that. The average person just calls me Big Foot Luo.” After saying that, Luo Yun DaoJun showed off his two big feet with visible pride.

The corner of Xu ZiYan’s mouth twitched. Although he had long made some mental preparations for how this Luo Yun DaoJun’s personality was wanton and unrestrained, for him to be……unconventional to this degree was truly something rare to see……

“Alright, I already know the situation with you two brothers, so there’s no need for you guys to say anything. Since you two have worshipped me as your Master, you must abide by my customs. Before taking you two in, I already had three other disciples. Right now, none of them are present within the Sect. You guys can meet them after they return.”

“Understood, Master.” Xu ZiYan immediately agreed. Those who were accepted by Luo Yun DaoJun had to be people with skill. Although both the novel and the original Xu ZiYan’s memories made no mention of them, this was precisely what the saying ‘one tiny clue reveals the general trend’ meant. With Luo Yun DaoJun’s insight, how could the disciples he took a fancy to be ordinary?

Master and disciple chatted for a while longer. Luo Yun DaoJun was extremely pleased with this new disciple he had accepted. Xu ZiYan understood how to be tactful and discreet, and was humble toward this Master of his. Although he came attached with a child from a previous marriage1 who wasn’t particularly charming, at the very least, that child was smart and wouldn’t lower Luo Yun DaoJun’s reputation.

“Ah, it’s almost time……You should also go soak in the medicinal bath.” Luo Yun DaoJun took a look at the colour of the sky before telling Xu ZiYan this.

Distressed, Xu ZiYan took a look at his two legs that were currently similar to blocks of wood. That reminded him, how had he soaked in the medicinal bath before? His Master couldn’t have been the one who carried him over, right?

The moment he thought of how his Master had probably attended to him, Xu ZiYan’s expression immediately turned into one of shame. However, before he had the chance to open his mouth and ask, a short figure suddenly emerged by the doorway.

“Big brother, it’s time to soak in the bath!”

The hell! Could it be, the one who had carried him to bathe these two days had been ZiRong?? Ahh, how did ZiRong and his tiny body manage to carry him, someone who’s almost a meter and eighty in height??!!

Xu ZiYan’s gaze, one that previously had a hint of gratitude, suddenly changed flavour. When Xu ZiYan looked at Luo Yun DaoJun now, he already had on an expression of deep condemnation. Master, you really went overboard! You actually made an eleven-year old child do these hard labour types of jobs!!!

When Luo Yun DaoJun received Xu ZiYan’s sharp look, the corner of his mouth kept twitching. This foolish disciple of his, had he already forgotten the scene from the Water Mirror? All one had to do was stick some fur onto that little brother of his, and he would make the perfect monkey! With how deceitful and wily the younger boy was, Xu ZiYan was doomed to be completely eaten by him!

“Big brother?” Sensing how Xu ZiYan kept glaring at Luo Yun DaoJun, Xu ZiRong questioned in confusion.

“It’s nothing.” Xu ZiYan promptly turned his head around and said, “ZiRong, how will you be able to carry big brother? It’s better to let……”

“It’s alright, big brother. It’s not troublesome at all.” Smiling, Xu ZiRong interrupted him. He wouldn’t let go of any opportunities to have intimate contact with his brother.

Helpless, Xu ZiYan had no other choice but to allow his little brother to give him a piggyback ride. Before long, they arrived in the little kitchen next door to the humble dwelling.

There was already a large barrel in the kitchen, one that had been filled up with water. Many kinds of spiritual medicines had been mixed together and placed in the bath, releasing an extremely bitter smell.

Perhaps he couldn’t feel anything when he had been unconscious, but soaking in a bath like this while he was awake was truly a trial!

Xu ZiRong moved both swiftly and efficiently. He first activated a spiritual art that created an immense amount of vines. Then, he made the vines cover up every single hole or gap in the entire kitchen.

Every inch of his big brother’s skin was his, so how could he give others an opportunity to see it?

After grabbing two stools, Xu ZiRong began very carefully taking off Xu ZiYan’s clothes. Then, he placed his brother into the bath. However, before that, Xu ZiRong didn’t even forget to test the temperature of the water in a considerate manner.

Xu ZiYan was extremely touched by Xu ZiRong’s meticulous care. Look, look! This was the good little brother he raised. Look at how clever and adorable he was!

Which family could have a little brother who was so thoughtful?

Everyone, go ahead and envy, admire, or hate him! ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xu ZiRong didn’t know that his considerate attitude had touched Xu ZiYan. He just stubbornly believed that his big brother completely belonged to him. Since that was the case, caring for his older brother was naturally a task that could not be handed to other people.

His own belongings should be attended to by himself and he alone should protect them. In addition, he had to hide them away carefully, or else it would be easy for other people to snatch his things away. In his last life, this was the lesson he had experienced most deeply while he had still been in the Xu family.

Although Xu ZiRong couldn’t hide his big brother away, taking care of him and protecting him were still things Xu ZiRong had to personally accomplish himself.

Xu ZiYan soaked in the bath for around two shichen2. During this time, Xu ZiRong obediently stood to the side to guard him. His gaze made it seem like he could never have his fill of watching him.

After two shichen, Xu ZiRong changed the medicinal water in the bath to clean water and gave Xu ZiYan’s body a thorough rinse. Only after that did he finally help Xu ZiYan put on his clothes and then carry him back next door.

Luo Yun DaoJun had already left the room. However, beside Xu ZiYan’s bed, he left behind two strips of jade.

The contents of the jade strip basically said that after Xu ZiYan’s legs also recover their sense of perception, he should go to the Sect Leader and check in. As the top candidate of this year’s inner disciple exam, he still hadn’t taken any of the rewards he had received.

Other than the spiritual pellets, spiritual stones, and the permission to go to the Training Hall to pick a spiritual arts manual, treatment all the inner disciples received, his rewards as the top candidate included a chance to enter the Qilin Tower.

However, entering the Qilin Tower was restricted to those above the Foundation stage, so Xu ZiYan’s most important mission right now was to build his Foundation.

Building one’s Foundation required Foundation-building pellets, which could be obtained by exchanging Sect merits at the Meritorious Service Hall. However, for Xu ZiYan, someone whose current merit balance was at a negative, he naturally couldn’t go down that path to obtain a Foundation-building pellet. Thus, he could only think up a different way.

Other than those rewards, originally, the top candidate would have the ability to choose their own Master. Unfortunately for the unconscious Xu ZiYan, Luo Yun DaoJun ended up immediately kidnapping him. Xu ZiYan didn’t even have a single chance to protest……

In a flash, three days passed. Sure enough, Xu ZiYan’s legs recovered their perception. During these three days, Luo Yun DaoJun hadn’t reappeared again, although he did pass on a message to them. He told them that after they checked in with the Sect Leader, they should immediately go find him.

Xu ZiYan rubbed the lower parts of his legs. Right now, they were made out of compact muscles and were very strong, and even doing a few casual kicks could create wind. Unable to contain his joy, Xu ZiYan bounced around a bit. His legs were incomparably flexible, and he felt no residual effects at all.

“ZiRong, let’s go. It’s the perfect day to go and retrieve all our rewards.” Xu ZiYan said with a smile stretching from ear to ear.

The feeling of regaining use of both his legs really felt too wonderful. In addition, when he got up early that morning, the harsh bitterness from before had completely disappeared as well. Right now, his legs felt as if they had never been wounded before. And with his body’s current strength, it even felt as if they had gotten a bit stronger than before.

The two brothers walked along the only small path, leaving the mountain to hurry toward Qian Yuan3 Peak. Only after actually walking over did they realize just how far away the Tian Luo4 Peak they lived on was from Liu Guang Sect’s main Peak. In all honesty, if it were not for how Luo Yun DaoJun would occasionally strengthen his sense of existence in front of the Sect Leader and those other Elders, they would probably forget there was still another Peak here.

It took them a full shichen!

Only then did Xu ZiYan arrive at Qian Yuan Peak after walking from Tian Luo Peak. Unless there was an emergency within the Sect, it was forbidden to travel by flying on their swords. Only the disciples of the Peak Lords from the seven main Peaks were entitled to receive a red-crowned crane from the Spiritual Beast Garden to use as a transportation pet.

Originally, if Xu ZiYan had worshipped the Sect Leader as his Master, he naturally would have also received that kind of treatment. However, Luo Yun DaoJun’s Tian Luo Peak wasn’t one of the seven main Peaks. Rather, everyone had practically forgotten Tian Luo Peak existed.

After arriving at Qian Yuan Peak, Xu ZiRong announced his identity to the disciple guarding the entrance. The moment that disciple heard his name, his expression immediately turned into one of sympathy. It seemed like the news of a Meridian Condensation cultivator snatching Xu ZiYan from the Sect Leader had already spread thoroughly……

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  1. 拖油瓶 (tuōyóupíng): derog. term for a child whose mother brings into a second marriage.
  2. Measure of time, equals two modern hours.
  3. 乾 (qián): one of the Eight Trigrams 八卦, symbolizing heaven.
    元 (yuán): primary, fundamental.
  4. 天 (tiān): sky
    罗 (luó): to gather, collect.

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