I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 5

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As a cultivator, his senses were previously very keen. Yet he was actually stupid enough to look at Xu ZiYan with killing intent. If the other found out, it would amount to him courting his own death!

Right now his strength was too weak. Rather than exposing Xu ZiYan’s hypocritical mask, it would be better to feign civility and get through a year here.

Gently shaking his head, Xu ZiRong softly replied. “No……Nothing.”

Seeing how Xu ZiRong was obviously very nervous, but had still put in the effort to keep up a ‘there’s no need to worry about me’ appearance, Xu ZiYan couldn’t help but laugh a bit. He used some force to rub the younger’s head, turning the other’s neat hair into a chicken’s nest.


“It’s okay, in front of big brother there’s no need to try and be brave! I know you have just arrived here, so it’s certain you’ll be very anxious. Don’t be afraid, from now on there’s big brother to take care of you.” Xu ZiYan said as he rubbed his head, smiling.

Xu ZiRong was dazedly gathered into Xu ZiYan’s embrace. A teenager’s chest was not very broad but it was exceptionally warm, and even allowed him to feel a nostalgic illusion.

“Big brother!” Vexed, Xu ZiRong broke out of Xu ZiYan’s warm embrace and looked at the other with a face full of complaint. It was remarkably alike to the manner of a spoiled child.

Only he himself knew that his annoyed tone wasn’t faked. Rather, it was particularly directed at that feeling of yearning he had just experienced.

That was a complete joke. How could this kind of thing appear in the body of a blood devil? These weak emotions, they had long been abandoned by him!

“Yes yes, I know you’re already an adult! Ha ha ha……” Xu ZiYan laughed himself silly. In fact, an eight year old in his eyes was completely a child. If it was modern times, an eight year old child still wouldn’t know which corner to go in order to play in the mud. It was nothing like what happened here, where you had to start practicing at six, and by eight you would have already understood many truths of reality.

So much that for some of those early-maturing children, you could totally consider them as half an adult or a shorter one.

The concept in Xu ZiYan’s heart, where eighteen years old was what he considered to be an adult, simply did not work here.

But that was also out of the question! Xu ZiYan had completely thought it through. Others could interact with an eight year old as if they were talking to an adult, but he definitely wouldn’t do it!

Children, you see, were meant to be loved. Other than some necessary education, letting them enjoy their childhood was the most important!

Children were clearly children, so why make them bear the burden of adults? What other people did he couldn’t control, but as the little brother of Xu ZiYan of course he was going to pamper Xu ZiRong for a few more years!

“Young master, the water has been boiled.” The maid outside the door announced in a crisp tone.

Xu ZiYan frowned slightly, but very quickly smoothed out his expression. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, the maid currently speaking was called Ruo Qi. Apparently, she had been attempting to seduce the original Xu ZiYan only two days ago.

This was simply nonsense!

As a child of twelve years old, even if the people here started training when they were young and matured early as well, the body of Xu ZiYan only experienced his first wet dream this year. What was wrong with the people of Xu family? The child hadn’t even grown up when they started playing this kind of hand. Ah, this was what you called playing the rhythm of death!

Looking through the original’s memories, it seemed like it hadn’t been much longer before the former Xu ZiYan bedded her. This was something Xu ZiYan absolutely could not accept!

Fuck, this body was only twelve years old ah! Minors are forbidden sex!

“I know, you can go now.” Xu ZiYan replied coldly.

The maid outside the door paused for a moment, before quickly retreating. In the past, during Xu ZiYan’s bath time, he would always let this maid help him. However, Xu ZiYan’s sudden change in attitude gave her some unease, thus the moment she left she immediately rushed over to the study room of the Master’s courtyard.

After listening to the report of Ruo Qi, Xu Xiao didn’t say much, and only told her to wait for two days before trying again. If Xu ZiYan still remained unmoved, they would extinguish these kind of ideas.

Ruo Qi anxiously departed from Xu Xiao’s study room, her heart completely unwilling. If she could successfully climb into the young master’s bed, even if she didn’t have status the Xu family still wouldn’t mistreat her. However, she was too afraid to go against the Master’s words. Now the only hope could be found in these next few days, where she would try and seize the opportunity to attract the Young Master’s attention onto herself.

Ruo Qi left with a tangled, preoccupied mind, and thus did not know that after she left, Xu Xiao smiled in satisfaction.

This woman was originally one he had picked to give to Xu ZiYan. Other than letting him understand the ways of the world, he also hoped that in the future he wouldn’t be distracted by women.

He didn’t have much feelings toward Xu ZiYan, but he did harbour a lot of expectations. He didn’t want his own son, after going out into the real world, be tempted by women and thus forgetting to cultivate.

Rather than let something like that happen, wouldn’t it be better to prepare and give him a variety of girls when he was home? As long as he had a taste, even if other beauties appear the temptation wouldn’t be as strong.

Other than Ruo Qi, Xu Xiao also prepared three stunning beauties for Xu ZiYan. Apart from that, he even found two delicate and pretty young men.

In order to nurture his own son, he could say he spared no pains or effort. However, Xu ZiYan’s performance today made him feel a bit bewildered.

In any case, being able to resist a woman’s seduction was of course a good thing. It was still better to let Ruo Qi try once more though, and if she still wasn’t successful, Xu Xiao could just take out the other beauties he had prepared.

If Xu ZiYan was really able to resist the temptation from all those people, it could be considered that Xu Xiao’s training had succeeded.

Gently dropping a black Go chess piece onto the chessboard, Xu Xiao said in a good mood, “An Sha, come accompany me with a game of chess.”

In the empty study room, a certain spot in the room abruptly warped. A middle-aged man in a gray cheongsam walked out, and holding some white chess pieces, set them down against Xu Xiao’s tit for tat.

Xu Xiao raised his head, and seeing that middle-aged man with a cold expression, smiled slightly. “My son is quite good, huh?”

That middle-aged man’s gaze was cold. “ZiYao’s son, naturally he’s good.”

Xu Xiao raised his eyebrow. “Wrong, ever since she married me, she was no longer ZiYao but Lady Xu!”

The middle-aged man’s face sank, and he no longer spoke anymore.

Xu Xiao laughed ‘haha’. Seeing how his own former hated rival had no choice but become his secret guard, the frustration in his heart all disappeared. Thinking back, the former Master Xu was really wise. If it wasn’t for the existence of this man, it wouldn’t have been so effortless for Xu Xiao to break into the Meridian Condensation stage.

Right now he was already at the peak of the middle level of Meridian Condensation stage. As long as there was an opportunity, he could break into the later level of Meridian Condensation stage. Looking at how he was only a bit over thirty, this could already be considered as a very amazing achievement.

“Get lost,” Xu Xiao gave the other man a cold sneer, yet that middle-aged man who was abused didn’t have a single reaction.

At the moment the man was about to dissipate into the air, Xu Xiao suddenly opened his mouth. “Wait.”

The middle-aged man paused before he expressionlessly looked at him.

“From today onwards, you must protect ZiYan. If I think about it, you would enthusiastically protect my son, right?”

The middle-aged man’s hand clenched into a fist before it suddenly loosened. “I understand.”

His words were barely finished when the middle-aged man pushed open the door to walk outside. The moment he walked past the door, his whole body faded away into thin air.

Xu Xiao didn’t feel any shock. After all, the ability of the middle-aged man was just a concealment skill from the Xu family.

In fact, this was just a relatively high level camouflage skill. In the eyes of a Meridian Condensation cultivator, it may still hold meaning. But if one met a Golden Core Formation cultivator, it wouldn’t be of any use.

Thinking about how that man could only honestly protect his own son, Xu Xiao couldn’t resist a cold smile. So what if that man’s talent was astonishing in those olden days? Now, he was but a poor bug that was stepped under Xu Xiao’s foot.

Unhurriedly picking up the scroll in his hands, Xu Xiao leaned onto the couch before sitting down. Right now his cultivation has already reached a bottleneck, and thus he needed a breakthrough opportunity. Reading extensively to accumulate experience also had some chances of letting him break through.

The things that happened on Xu Xiao’s side, Xu ZiYan naturally did not know. He also did not know that there was a late-stage Foundation Establishment cultivator who was stealthily by his side, and who would protect him no matter what.

At this moment, Xu ZiYan was just fighting to take off Xu ZiRong’s clothes. However, the other kept struggling, making it a rather thorny problem.

“Be good, just look at how dirty your clothes have become. If you don’t wash them lice may appear.” Xu ZiYan persuaded in a kind and advising voice.

Xu ZiRong had a face full of shame and anger, choking so much that it was red.

This wretched bastard! He actually dared to humiliate him in this way! Taking a bath was just taking a bath, so why the heck was Xu ZiYan taking off his clothes? Did he think he didn’t know how to bath himself???!!!

In order to not give himself away, Xu ZiRong naturally couldn’t erupt into curses. He could only clutch his own clothes with force, his whole face red. Because he was struggling so much, the edges of his eyes were covered in some misty water, and he looked like the spitting image of a young girl who was about to be assaulted.

“Be good, ZiRong, it’s only a bath. You’re a boy so what are you doing, acting so unreasonable?” Xu ZiYan’s kind and advising tone had no effect, and so he could not help but feel some impatience.

Xu ZiRong resolutely shook his head. “I’ll wash myself, big brother, you can leave.”

“Nonsense!” Xu ZiYan’s complexion changed. Let’s not talk about if an eight year old child could cleanly wash himself. Just seeing those bathing tubs that could accommodate two or three fully grown men, Xu ZiYan was afraid that if Xu ZiRong wasn’t careful enough he would drown in there.

“I don’t……”

Xu ZiRong didn’t even finish speaking when he was shocked into a daze by Xu ZiYan’s next actions.

He only saw Xu ZiYan reaching out, before he pulled the very weak and thin Xu ZiRong into his embrace. Then, he put the whole person onto his thigh and pulled down his pants, before ‘Pa! Pa! Pa!’, he spanked Xu ZiRong’s white and tender butt three times1.

“Children must be obedient, if you’re not obedient then you must be spanked! Do you understand now?” Xu ZiYan had a face filled with seriousness. He believed that pampering a little brother was a big brother’s duty, but discipling him was also his responsibility. Today was the first time the siblings met, so he must establish his own authority. Otherwise in the future, if by any chance his little brother was over-pampered by him and would refuse to be disciplined, then that would certainly be troublesome.

With small children, it was a must to let them know: if you were obedient there would be candy to eat, if you weren’t then you must be spanked ‘pi pi’.

Xu ZiYan simply wanted to give his own quick-wittiness a thumbs up, but he was unaware that the face of Xu ZiRong, who he had sat onto his thigh, had already turned thoroughly green.

The author had something to say: Ah ha ha ha ha……the children who are not obedient must be spanked ‘pi pi’!

The demented author who wrote to this point had to laugh like crazy.

1. OK before people start freaking out its quite normal in Chinese (and I believe Asian in general) culture to spank kids when they’re small as a discipline method. It’s never hard, and at most it’ll sting when you get slapped but it won’t hurt after. Usually parents do this, although older brothers can discipline younger siblings since there’s that saying about how the oldest brother is like his siblings second dad.”

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