I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 5

FIRST. I wasn’t planning to TL a chapter this quickly but !!!!!! //scREAMS// Got my first coffees from Mandy w and dear Anonymous!! THANKS SO MUCH GUYS. My motivation for this novel just went through a few roofs.

In addition, I woke up this morning and saw that the rating for this novel at NU is now 4.7!!! AAJDSAKDJAKDJAK THAT’S AMAZING??? I’m so happy??? You readers are too kind to me, thank you!!

Anyway, has anyone noticed my icon has changed? The new and chick icon is drawn by my dear itikky <3333 I feel so much more professional now lolol. Thank you bby!

With all of that out of the way, I have a question for you guys. For those who know people who visit aggregate sites/visit them yourself/just have issues, is there anything wrong with my website?? Hard to navigate? The theme? Anything? Thanks guys ;;o;;. I’ll try fixing it if I can.

Here’s your new chappy <33 TBH I wonder if I’ll lose readers after this chapter orz orz…in any case, XZY what are you teaching XZR……..

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  • (This is coming from someone who hates aggregate sites because they’ve made some translators quit translating from the loss of motivation.)

    No, there are no problems with navigating a WordPress site. I think that it’s a combination of many factors like:
    1. Some (new and old fans) people simply don’t know about Novel Updates.
    2. A small percent of readers are unappreciative and merely want it a congregated on one website.
    3. For some reason, they find aggregate sites more convenient.
    4. New readers of translations find out about this community through those sites and just stick with it.

    P.S. Have I mentioned how much I hate aggregate sites?

    • AHHH thanks for the detailed comment QAQ I’ve seen some aggregate sites with close to 1k views for this project, which kind of broke my heart a little orz. Was worried that my site was glitching or something…glad that wasn’t it! Thanks for the support ;;w;; <33

  • Idk what aggregate sites are, but I always read from the translator’s site! Cos I click the link from NU hahaha.
    And your site isn’t difficult or confusing to navigate at all, so don’t worry about that 😉

    Thanks for translating and sharing <3 <3
    This story is great and your translations are really good as well!!

    • They’re basically other sites where they copy my translation over xD. Kind of like mangafox with their manga, but with zero permission from translators…

      Glad to hear that!! QAQ Thanks for the support~~~~

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