I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 42

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This was the so-called, ‘when brothers are united in one mind, they become capable of exhibiting amazing power by working together’. As brothers, Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong trained together and lived together for many years. Their tacit understanding stat had long been leveled to MAX. Collaborating together to make a move, beating someone up as a group, or doing things like a 2 VS 1 duel…… Xu ZiYan didn’t feel any pressure at all.

“Let’s go and personally experience Wei Qing’s strength,” Xu ZiYan decided.

Xu ZiRong indifferently nodded his head. As far as the Blood Devil Lord was concerned, Wei Qing was nothing more than a youngster who had cultivated the whole Qi Condensation Stage. Even if Wei Qing possessed genuine dragon blood, it was impossible for him to be a match for Xu ZiRong. Perhaps Wei Qing would be able to pressure Xu ZiYan a bit, but for Xu ZiRong, he truly couldn’t even be considered a plaything that would alleviate his boredom.

The two brothers turned around, ready to leave immediately. However, the Yu Hao who was still tied up quickly began shouting, “Ah, can’t you guys let me down?!”

Xu ZiYan abruptly turned around, his bright eyes looking as if they were about to burn a hole in Yu Hao. Yu Hao suddenly couldn’t help but pull back a bit as he shrunk into himself. His gaze began evading Xu ZiYan’s eyes as he gave two hollow chuckles. “Uh…… It’s alright if you don’t want to release me.”

“We’ll let you go, why wouldn’t we?” Xu ZiYan said with a beaming smile on his face. Hearing his brother’s words, Xu ZiRong raised his hand and prompted that net made out of vines to immediately disperse. Yu Hao fell down from the tree and let out a shout of pain, “Ouch!”

“I almost forgot,” a calculative glint flickered across Xu ZiYan’s eyes. “Since you intended to follow after us and muddle across the river valley, that means you’ve collected enough jade pendants, right?”

Yu Hao immediately choked on his spit. In his heart, he really wished he could give himself two hard slaps. His mouth was basically courting a beating! What ‘let me down’ ah? After the two brothers left, couldn’t he have just used his small knife and slowly wear down the net himself? Why had he yelled at those two and made them return for him?!

“Come now. Don’t try hiding it or tucking them into your pocket,” Xu ZiYan shoved his hand toward Yu Hao before he gave Yu Hao a ‘you understand what to do, right?’ kind of expression.

A mouthful of blood was stuck in Yu Hao’s chest. With a dejected face, he took out four red jade pendants from his pocket. “Here! I only have these four! My own jade pendant had long been snatched away by Wei Qing, so these are the ones I managed to obtain from other people.”

Xu ZiYan nodded his head with a face full of smiles. “Thank you. In the future, if I get the chance to, I’ll invite you out to eat.”

In a gloomy tone, Yu Hao said, “Forget it, forget it. Let’s just say I was unfortunate. In the future, don’t let me come across you two again.”

Xu ZiYan didn’t get angry at those words. Instead, he just pulled Xu ZiRong’s hand and dragged him away.

Not long after they left, Yu Hao swept away his gloomy aura. After looking around in all directions, he quietly disappeared back into the forest……

“Big brother, he should still possess some jade pendants. Why didn’t we take them as well?” Xu ZiRong asked as he stared at Xu ZiYan with incomprehension.

Xu ZiYan reached over to rub the top of his head as he explained, “When it is possible to let people off, you should spare them. Although that person’s strength wasn’t the greatest, the way he moved and his knowledge of martial arts is pretty good. It isn’t necessary for us to force him into a desperate state.”

Xu ZiRong nodded his head, looking as though he had only half-understood Xu ZiYan’s words. This was the Liu Guang Sect, not his palace. Although crushing others with absolute strength was quite convenient, it was also easy to leave behind hidden dangers.

Of course, it would be a different story if Mister Blood Devil could silence someone in a neat and efficient manner before destroying their corpse to get rid of any clues. However, in the Liu Guang Sect’s exam, they were not allowed to kill others. In addition, following the Liu Guang Sect’s rules would allow the two brother’s future days in the Sect to pass a bit more smoothly.

Xu ZiYan and Xu ZiRong travelled very quickly. Although they did encounter other candidates, the moment those candidates saw them, they began running away as fast as possible.

If the two of them wanted to chase after them, they would end up wasting too much time. In addition, perhaps those candidates had already long lost their jade pendants. It wasn’t worth wasting the time to catch them.

After spending almost two shichen, the two of them finally reached the West River Valley on the morning of the next day. If they looked at the West River Valley from a distance, the two sides of the mountains that made up the valley’s walls didn’t look too tall. On one of the highest rock peaks, the silhouette of a person wearing a golden changpao could be seen sitting there.

Xu ZiYan pulled Xu ZiRong’s hand before he pointed at Wei Qing’s figure. With a serious expression, he asked, “ZiRong, do you know what that is called?”

Xu ZiRong blankly shook his head.

Xu ZiYan began explaining as he gnashed his teeth. “That kind of behaviour is called acting like a piece of (beep). Those who act like a piece of (beep) are usually the ones who like courting a lightning zap. In the future, you absolutely cannot do something this foolish, understand?”

Xu ZiRong: =.=

“Wait here for a bit and watch big brother put on a show for you. One that will explain what ‘courting a lightning zap’ means.” After he finished talking, Xu ZiYan began gallantly and spiritedly walking toward Wei Qing.

Although, before he left, he still hadn’t forgotten to instruct Xu ZiRong, “After Wei Qing and I begin fighting each other, quickly run across, understand? As long as you bring across those jade pendants, it can be considered our win.”

Xu ZiRong: ……

That was right. Xu ZiYan was very shamelessly going over to challenge Wei Qing without carrying any jade pendants. In reality, he was actually not confident that he could face Wei Qing. After all, in the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, Wei Qing was an ultra-powerful character. If he hadn’t died in the original’s lifetime because of a mishap during his exploration in a secret realm, Wei Qing might have become a part of Bai Hua’s group when Bai Hua and his husbands became the leaders of the entire Xuan Yu region.

Eh? Xu ZiYan suddenly remembered that the novel had mentioned Bai Hua exploring that secret realm as well. In addition, within the secret realm, Bai Hua encountered a guy who had drooled over his charm. However, this guy was extremely powerful. In the end, Bai Hua relied on and worked together with Mo ZiYuan to lead that guy to death. Bai Hua led that guy into a powerful demonic beast’s lair, and then took advantage of the time when both man and beast had suffered great losses to finally kill off that guy.

Ah ah ah! Xu ZiYan finally remembered everything! In that book, it said that Bai Hua received genuine dragon blood from this guy’s body and then used it to open his spatial bag. After that, Bai Hua’s cultivation progress became smooth sailing. Did this mean…… the person described in the novel as ‘the super powerful guy that had drooled over Bai Hua’s loveliness’ was Wei Qing???

Xu ZiYan’s head was full of black lines. In all honesty, his contact with Wei Qing had been minimal thus far. However, according to the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, Wei Qing was quite a haughty person. A person like that would fiercely kill someone because they coveted their beauty? No matter how Xu ZiYan tried wrapping his mind around this, he still believed something like that was impossible……

The most interesting thing was, for some reason, although he had received all of the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, he couldn’t see Bai Hua’s face no matter what. It felt as if Bai Hua’s face had been enveloped with a faint cloud of mist.

Even in those scenes, the ones that made Xu ZiYan wish his dog eyes were blind and those super close-up scenes, Xu ZiYan still couldn’t see Bai Hua’s face. But contrary to what one might expect, Xu ZiYan was able to very clearly see Bai Hua’s body……

“When all is said and done, what kind of beauty was capable of being this alluring?” Xu ZiYan rubbed his chin, completely puzzled.

He was truly puzzled. After all, in modern times, he had seen every type of beautiful woman or handsome guy there was. However, he truly couldn’t imagine how beautiful Bai Hua had to be in order to make three geniuses become so crazy about him. After all, those three had been blinded by Bai Hua’s beauty to the point that they were willing to share their lover with other people.

╮(╯_╰)╭ Ahh, he just couldn’t understand a harem world.

“Big brother, what are you saying?” Xu ZiRong asked with an innocent expression.

When he heard that, Xu ZiYan was immediately startled. So it turned out he had just said something out loud? Shoot! Wasn’t this leading his obedient little brother astray? That was completely out of the question. No matter how gorgeous that Bai Hua was, Xu ZiYan definitely couldn’t allow Bai Hua to meet Xu ZiRong face-to-face!

Although the original text had mentioned how Xu ZiRong hadn’t felt anything for Bai Hua, the book kept hinting that it was because Xu ZiRong had an unmentionable illness.

In other words, it wasn’t that Xu ZiRong didn’t react to Bai Hua’s beauty. No, it was because he couldn’t react to it.

Regardless of whether the things the book said were true or false, Xu ZiYan couldn’t take risks over this. Currently, he raised his precious baby brother into a tender white and pure child. Thus, Xu ZiRong’s body had to be one-hundred percent healthy.

Xu ZiYan was rather confident in himself that he wouldn’t be attracted to Bai Hua. However, if by any chance Xu ZiRong was unable to stand the temptation of Bai Hua’s beauty and fell in love with him, Xu ZiYan would worry himself to death ah!

He must decisively separate the two of them! It would be best if he could make it so that the two of them would never meet!

That was right, Xu ZiYan had to introduce more beautiful girls to ZiRong! His little brother had to be straight! As straight as a pencil!!

“Big brother……” Sensing that he was being ignored by Xu ZiYan, a flash of gloom passed through Xu ZiRong’s eyes.

“Ah? Oh, it’s not important, I was just talking to myself,” Xu ZiYan patted Xu ZiRong’s head to comfort him. “Alright, big brother will go and take care of that Wei Qing now. You have to be careful as well.”

As he watched his big brother’s back walk further away, Xu ZiRong’s expression became even more gloomy.

Beauty? Alluring?

In some place where he hadn’t been present, his older brother actually encountered a beauty?? An alluring one that had even attracted him??

Damn! Which cheap woman had managed to get that close to his brother without his knowledge? Had his brother also liked her?

When he thought of this, Xu ZiRong immediately became startled. In all these years, Xu ZiYan hadn’t ever expressed any interest toward women. This had actually made him forget that Xu ZiYan could now be considered an adult man.

In the past, Xu ZiYan had been the one who kicked out the sex servant Ruo Qi who had been prepared by Xu Xiao. And after that, Xu ZiYan never asked for this type of request either.

However, just because he hadn’t requested something like this didn’t mean Xu ZiYan hadn’t wanted it. Could it be? Did his big brother want women now??

A flash of blood-red flickered past Xu ZiRong’s eyes. No! His brother was his!

Xu ZiRong didn’t care whether or not his brother wanted women! Xu ZiYan was the gift God had given to him. His entire body, his soul, and all his emotions belonged to Xu ZiRong. They belonged to only Xu ZiRong!

“Who is it?!” Xu ZiRong yelled in a severe tone. His eyes, the ones currently dyed red, vigilantly watched the shrub not too far away from him.

A breeze lightly blew past, making the bush produce the sound of rustling leaves. However, there was no sign of a human’s figure anywhere near that bush.

“Since you’re not coming out, don’t blame me for being impolite,” Xu ZiRong laughed grimly. Then, he released all of his frustration.

Since a punching bag had delivered itself to his door, he wasn’t going to be polite!

With a loud bang, three thick vines appeared and began ferociously lashing out on the big tree beside the bush.

These vines weren’t the thin vines that were only as thick as a thumb. Instead, they were blood coloured vines that were as thick as an adult man’s thigh. A dense and concentrated aura of power and cruelty surrounded these vines.

In these years, Xu ZiRong hadn’t only cultivated the Wood Element martial arts that could only be used to support others. No, these vines that had been integrated with his Blood Sea Heart Sutra were his genuine trump card.

“Damn! What the hell are these things?!” After the big tree was whipped by his blood vines, a black silhouette suddenly fell down from the treetop. Because the dangerous vines had struck so close to them, their expression was still one that showed lingering fears.

Xu ZiRong expressionlessly stared at them. However, he had already suppressed the ruthlessness in his heart.

Although he would really like to dismember the unlucky guy in front of him into thousands of pieces in order to vent his feelings, Xu ZiRong still remembered that this was Liu Guang Sect’s exam site. If he really killed someone, it would be impossible for him to cover it up.

As he stared at this black-clothed cultivator, Xu ZiRong suddenly revealed an ice-cold smile. He remembered this person’s scent. Xu ZiRong would always be able to smell the scent of the blood of a person he had hurt before.


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