I’ve Led The Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 1

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When Xu ZiYan woke up, all he could think about was how his head hurt like it was splitting.

It was as if someone had taken a chisel and knocked open his skull, before they poured a bunch of memories into it. Finally, when it seemed like those memories could no longer be poured down, a hammer was then used to ruthlessly hammer in the excess left over.

“Wu……” Xu ZiYan let out a moan of pain as he cradled his head and rolled around on the floor.


He had never before thought that he would be someone who was afraid of pain, but the kind of soul tearing pain happening right now was really quite frightful.

“Fuck!” Xu ZiYan rolled around for approximately a minute before that acute pain suddenly disappeared as if it was never there in the first place.

He weakly cursed a bit as he lay paralyzed on the ground, his body so soft it felt akin to cotton.

The memories that were just forcefully pumped into him began to do their proper duties. Scene after scene appeared as if he was watching a film, and like that he finished watching a man’s whole life. If it wasn’t for the fact that this man and him had the same appearance, he would have really just treated it as watching a movie.

Forcefully propping himself up so he could get up from the ground, the glare of the sunlight made him slightly squint. Lifting up a hand covered in the granules of crushed stones, although he already had a premonition, Xu ZiYan still couldn’t help but blurt out a curse: “Fuck!”

The palm in front of him was very beautiful. Slender but powerful, a tiny bit of calluses could be seen from the tips of the fingers to the hollow of the palm. Thus, the owner of the hand ought to not be one of those pampered young masters.

Of course, it would have been even better if the palm didn’t look as if it was the size of an eleven or twelve year old’s. Then Xu ZiYan would have very happily acknowledged that he had just sleep-walked into this part of the forest, and so could very quickly return home.

“Damn……I was clearly just sleeping at home!” Xu ZiYan covered his face and slumped to the ground in defeat.

The sunlight that wiggled through in between his fingers only made him feel more irritated, and he suddenly aimed a fist at the ground: “Damn it!”

Making a ‘thud’ noise, the punch he had used to vent with had instead smashed out a gigantic pit in the ground.

Xu ZiYan was slightly dazed as he stared at that big pit, before he turned his gaze back to his fist and gulped with difficulty.

Although he knew that this was a cultivation world from the memories of the man who had the same appearance as him, however, the way a casual hit could create such a big hole, wasn’t it still a bit excessive?

Forget it, he himself had already turned into a small child, so what else could not happen to him?

Letting out a sigh, he stood up with a lot of effort. Other than the memories in his head, he currently did not know where he was, and he also did not know how he had appeared here. But the most frightening thing was how he did not even know who he himself was.

Uh……alright, you couldn’t say that he completely had no clue. Though he usually didn’t read those xuanhuan1 fiction stories, that didn’t stop a mother with nothing to do from discussing their plots. To transmigrate ah, to cultivate ah, these kind of things couldn’t be considered as foreign to him.

Combined with those memories that had just sprouted in his head, there was a ninety percent chance that he had just transmigrated into the body of the man who had the same appearance as him.


Lowering his head to look at his own body, Xu ZiYan silently wiped his face. The feeling of growing up again was really quite depressing!

His brain was still feeling a bit bloated, so he used force to shake his head and finally felt a bit better.

Hmm? What was this?

Xu ZiYan’s eyes widened in amazement. Before his very eyes was a square-shaped empty space floating in midair.

This space seemed to be separated from the space in reality, for when he attempted to move a bit, the space followed his movements. It was like having a fifty centimeters-squared invisible box that floated right in front of you.

Within this box was a single book, so Xu ZiYan very naturally reached in to take that book out.

This book was a paperback edition, and looked like a very ordinary novel. If you ignored the four men tangled together on the front cover, it was indeed very normal.

Xu ZiYan saw this cover and couldn’t stop the corner of his eye from twitching. Being a good man with a gay younger brother, in order to understand Xu ZiYu’s heart at that time, he didn’t skimp out on using a lot of effort to research these things.

Later, after confirming that Xu ZiYu became a homosexual naturally and wasn’t misguided by others into becoming one, Xu ZiYan gave up the idea of trying to set his younger brother back onto a straight path.

After all, a person’s fundamental essence was impossible to alter. If it had been someone who had maliciously led him it would have still been possible to change back, but if it was innate — let’s just wash up earlier and go to sleep ah2.

Despite how he was normally not fond of reading those erotic novels, this book had suddenly appeared. It was obviously not considered as something from this world, so Xu ZiYan inevitably succumbed to his curiosity and flipped open a page.

The thickness of this book was moderate, so Xu ZiYan spent approximately three hours to thoroughly read through the book once.

After finishing, and combining it with the memories that were forcefully pushed onto him, Xu ZiYan felt himself completely go crazy.

He had guessed that he transmigrated, but he would have never thought that the place he transmigrated to wasn’t some impractical world, but was actually the inside of some novel.

Ah, according to the contents of the book, he could still be reluctantly considered as one of the story’s main male leads!

Thinking back to the book’s (past) Xu ZiYan’s life, he only wanted to comment using the two words: ‘damn it!’.

Born to an enormous cultivation family and as the Clan Head’s eldest son of the first wife, together with the Lightning Heavenly Spiritual Vein3, this was an adequate portrayal of a winner in life.

Yet though he clearly had such great conditions, he always made life difficult for his own younger brother.

Speaking of this younger brother, it was another one of those cliché and melodramatic dramas.

The contents only consisted of Xu ZiYan’s father having a ‘true love’ in the olden days, both of them childhood sweethearts who had an affinity for each other. For the Clan’s interests, however, Xu Xiao’s father forced Xu Xiao to marry Xu ZiYan’s mother, and that ‘true love’ was forced away to distant and foreign lands.

But nobody expected that this ‘true love’, before leaving, had sex with Xu Xiao once. This resulted in a fruit being bore in secret, before she gave birth to their son Xu ZiRong.

If that ‘true love’ had just good-naturedly taken the money to bring up her son, that would have been fine. Unfortunately, a man who is never content is like a snake trying to swallow an elephant, and though this ‘true love’ had taken the break-up money, it wasn’t enough for her. Instead she wanted to, through this son, regain the love of Xu Xiao.

The end result was that this ‘true love’ died under her own greed, and Xu ZiRong was taken back by Xu Xiao to be raised in the Xu family.

It is reasonable to say that Xu ZiRong’s identity would never be able to threaten Xu ZiYan. Finding some corner to casually raise him would have been no problem.

Yet for some reason, (past) Xu ZiYan just did not like him. For both big matters and nonexistent ones, he would always find faults and mistreat Xu ZiRong and he even hinted to the Clan children to go and bully him. Every time he saw this kind of scene in his memory, Xu ZiYan felt extremely irritable. Towards such a soft and sticky little child, how could you harden your heart and lay down your hand??

Something that was even more infuriating was that in the middle of those memories, as the father of Xu ZiRong, Xu Xiao actually did not care about this child one bit. He was completely uncaring about how his eldest son bullied his youngest every day. There was even a time where (past) Xu ZiYan pushed a barely ten years old Xu ZiRong into a snake valley and he nearly lost his life, yet Xu Xiao only lightly scolded Xu ZiYan a bit.

When he saw that, had it not been the fact that Xu ZiYan was completely unable to change the events in a memory, he really wanted to rush up and give that old bastard a few slaps on the face.

Fuck! If you don’t like him you shouldn’t have fathered him!

You birthed a child but you didn’t bother giving them enough love, so it was no wonder how in the end Xu ZiRong grew up crooked. Turning toward devil arts cultivation, he even killed the whole Xu family as a blood sacrifice.  Even though he knew that there were many in the Xu family who were innocent, however, if there was a chance Xu ZiYan really wanted to tell Xu Xiao the words: served you right!

Fortunately, at that time the (past) Xu ZiYan was out travelling, or else he would probably be exterminated as well. After that, (past) Xu ZiYan looked everywhere for Xu ZiRong to exact revenge, and in the process he met a man named Bai Hua. Seeing Bai Hua for the first time, (past) Xu ZiYan became attracted to his elegant beauty and began to frantically pursue him.

However, he would never have thought that after he and Bai Hua experienced all sorts of twists and turns before promising each other a life-long marriage, he finally found out that Bai Hua already had two lovers, and he was only the third.

After (past) Xu ZiYan got through a painful time of tangled confusion, he still could not forget his love for Bai Hua. In addition, Bai Hua had been shedding tears non-stop as he recounted the deep love and attachment he had for the three of them.

Seeing how Bai Hua was unable to give up any of the feelings he had for them and could only cry painfully, (past) Xu ZiYan felt heartache and couldn’t bear to see Bai Hua grieve so sadly. He could only take a step back and thus chose to share Bai Hua with the other two.

The Xu ZiYan who had been watching the memory felt his face turn green at this point. At this moment, he didn’t even have the strength to curse out other people. Although he thought that homosexuality wasn’t very good, he wouldn’t be resolutely against it. However, this kind of thing with four people living together completely surpassed his bottom line!!!

If he was still capable of returning to his previous world, then he really had to sternly warn his younger brother Xu ZiYu. If you want to be gay then be gay, but if you dare create a threesome world with three men or something, he would definitely break your leg!

En! All three legs would be broken!

“Damn it, not reading anymore, so disgusting!” The latter part of the plot was mixed with a load of restricted content, and reading it made Xu ZiYan feel a burst of disgust. In particular was a scene in the book where all four of them rolled around in the bed sheets, and it made Xu ZiYan just wish he could delete that memory.

“It’s really beyond my imagination that as a man, he would be willing to share his lover with others. Fuck, isn’t this particularly disgusting. Someone already poked that place and then you continue to poke it yourself……Ah, I can’t, it’s too disgusting!” Xu ZiYan’s face paled in complexion. Being a straight-as-a-pencil man, this has gone a bit past his bottom line.

Firmly closing the novel and no longer looking at the memories in his head, Xu ZiYan felt that transmigrating to this world brimming with gay guys was simply the greatest evil of the heavens!

The author has something to say: poor straight older brother!!!

1. The ‘mysterious fantasy’ genre, mixing Chinese folklore with foreign elements.”

2. Basically this means it’ll save more time to just give up earlier since you won’t be able to do anything.”

3. In martial arts novels, this kind of spiritual vein is godly. It’s very, very rare, like one in a million kind of rare. Needless to say, it’s usually saved for the protagonist/main lead/biggest baddie, haha.”

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