I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 1

New project!!! And uh, I lied lol. Instead of taking up the one I mentioned before, I found this BL story which is much easier in language than Promotion Princess, so I might not even need a TLC.

As for the update schedule…ahhh. I found out after I took the project and claimed it that this story is 475 chapters long?? 4! 7! 5! Chapters! Long! I wanted to do an update every other week like Promotion Princess, but then it’ll take me over 16 years to finish it……..so! I’m going to try and do weekly updates, and see if I can squish in extra chapters after the promised update per week. In any case, there’s a ‘buy me a coffee’ button at the bottom of my page, so donations might just equal more extra chapters ORZ.

(because for example, 1 chapter takes me approx. 4 hours to translate, and a coffee from Starbucks that is approx. $5 lasts me an extra hour into the night, so, yeah…)

If anyone has a Novel Updates account, please consider going over to the NU page for this project and rate + review! <33

Thanks guys, and here’s the first chapter!

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