The Embarrassing Days of Accidentally Wearing the Same Clothes as the Campus Prince Part 8


When the alarm that signaled the end of the college entrance examination rung, it was like the students had been liberated. Whether they did a good job or not, they all rushed down the examination building like triumphant soldiers.

At the school gate, parents swarmed in like a surging wave. They either held bouquets for their children or hugged them affectionately.

Tong Yao’s parents also came, but Tong Yao told them that there was still an unfinished matter between himself and a classmate.

That’s right, he meant the girl named “Red Dot Bean”. Tong Yao was going to go and meet her. 

Even if he didn’t like her, Tong Yao had to give the girl an explanation.

Tong Yao arrived at the school’s little forest grove. Red Dot Bean hadn’t come yet, so the little grove was very quiet.

In fact, Tong Yao was still pretty curious about Red Dot Bean. He wanted to know what kind of girl would like him, someone who had absolutely no amazing aspects.

As time passed, just when Tong Yao thought someone was playing a trick on him, he finally heard the sound of leaves being stepped on coming from behind him.

Tong Yao quickly turned his head——and then he almost bit his tongue off. 

The person who came here was Jiang Jinyue!

“Jiang……Classmate Jiang Jinyue, you also came here to enjoy the breeze, ahahaha……” After Tong Yao finished speaking, he immediately felt like he was being a fool.

Jiang Jinyue didn’t answer Tong Yao’s question immediately.

It seemed as if he had just completed some strenuous exercise. His chest was still heaving up and down, while droplets of sweat rolled down his pale yet clean face. 

Today, Jiang Jinyue finally wore his expensive and fitting clothes again. Seeing how Jiang Jinyue was no longer wearing the same clothes as him, Tong Yao suddenly felt an inexplicable sense of loss, as if the only connection between them had been broken as well.

After waiting for so long with no results, Red Dot Bean probably won’t come anymore. It was good that she gave up on her own.

“Jiang Jinyue, I’ll leave first. That……I wish you a bright future.” After saying this, Tong Yao immediately turned around and walked out. 

He felt so ashamed. After choking on the words “promising future”, Tong Yao actually felt tears well up in his eyes.

“Just now, my mother came here, so she delayed me for a while. Tong Yao, I’m sorry to keep you waiting.” Jiang Jinyue’s voice suddenly rang out from behind.

Tong Yao froze.

Jiang Jinyue continued, “Tong Yao, I’m waiting for your reply.” 

Tong Yao didn’t turn around because he was still trying to figure out what Jiang Jinyue’s words meant.

“I’m the one who wrote that letter. I’m ‘Red Dot Bean’.” 

When Jiang Jinyue finished speaking, he saw Tong Yao’s shoulders begin to shake. His trembling got more and more intense, and despite waiting for a long time, Tong Yao didn’t have any other reactions. 

Jiang Jinyue finally couldn’t resist stepping forward. He walked around to face the other boy.

Tong Yao cried. Tears as big as peas continuously rolled down his face, pitter patter. 

Upon seeing this, Jiang Jinyue was frightened. It turned out that even a man could cry like this. 

He knew that confessing to the same-sex was an unusual thing, but he didn’t expect it to be such a shock to the other boy. 

“Tong Yao, what’s wrong ah?”

Jiang Jinyue was at a loss. He raised a hand several times, wanting to wipe away the tears on Tong Yao’s face, but he didn’t know where to start. 

Finally, just when he gathered the courage to touch Tong Yao’s face, his hand was knocked away. Even the teardrop Jiang Jinyue caught with great difficulty was ruthlessly flung flying.

“Sorry, Tong Yao, I……”

“Is it interesting for you to play around with me like this?! So what if you’re the Campus Prince? So what if you have the best grades in the entire class?” 

Even if I liked you……so what? 

How could you use something like this to make fun of people……

Before Jiang Jinyue finished speaking, he was blocked by Tong Yao’s sudden roar.

And immediately after he finished yelling, he ran away.

“Wait, Tong Yao, listen to me!” However, Tong Yao didn’t stop to listen to him. Jiang Jinyue could only chase after the other boy. 

Although Tong Yao looked gentle and weak, he actually ran as fast as a rabbit.

Tong Yao knew Jiang Jinyue was right behind him, so he couldn’t stop fleeing.

He thought, Jiang Jinyue must have lost during a game like Truth or Dare with their classmates, and that was why he came here to make fun of Tong Yao.

However, Jiang Jinyue could tease any boy……except for him. Because there wouldn’t be another boy who liked Jiang Jinyue as much as Tong Yao did.

As he ran, Tong Yao suddenly heard the footsteps behind him stop. He thought it was because Jiang Jinyue had left. 

Turning his head to take a look, it was actually because Jiang Jinyue had been blocked by a group of boys at the corner. They were all from their class, and none of them looked easy to mess with.

But even though Jiang Jinyue was surrounded, he still maintained his cold attitude, with eyes filled with contempt.

“Mister Campus Prince, are you still trying to be so f**king pretentious? Haven’t you been showing off enough at school?” 

“In the past, there were teachers around to protect an obedient student like you. But now that the college entrance examination is over, we are all adults who have entered the society.” 

“As adults, having a fight isn’t something serious, right? Hm? ” 

The boy in the lead waved his fist and approached Jiang Jinyue step by step.

Jiang Jinyue furrowed his forehead and said, “It seems Sun Jiayu made the right decision to refuse your confession. ”

Sun Jiayu was the girl who confessed to Jiang Jinyue on 520, May 20th, that day.

Jiang Jinyue’s words obviously poked the sore spot of the leading boy. He grabbed Jiang Jinyue’s collar and roared, “What are you talking about?!”

“Stop! You’re not allowed to hit him!”

A few people turned their heads one after another upon hearing this voice. When they saw it was just Tong Yao, they immediately began to laugh with ridicule.

“Yo, I was wondering who came to be a hero. It turned out to be the little coward from our class.”

In fact, Tong Yao didn’t know where he got the guts to yell at these guys. He only knew Jiang Jinyue was about to be bullied by others. 

Tong Yao would never let Jiang Jinyue be bullied by anybody. While they insulted him, he quickly got in front of Jiang Jinyue.

“Tsk tsk, are we now playing the game where the hero saves the damsel in distress?”

The boys rolled up their sleeves one after another and said, “Then suffer a beating together!”

Fists began falling at those words. Tong Yao tried to block Jiang Jingyue from them and then tightly closed his eyes. 

But after a second, Jiang Jinyue pushed him back to protect him. Stunned, Tong Yao stared at Jiang Jinyue, who fought five against one before finally beating all the ferocious boys down. 

Tong Yao still hadn’t recovered from his surprise.

“You actually……know how to fight?” Tong Yao practically didn’t dare to believe that Jiang Jinyue, who was a precious treasure to him, could actually fight with such ruthless strikes.

“I didn’t know how to fight before. But after I encountered my little Superman, I began to learn.”




Hey, are you Superman?”

Tong Yao suddenly remembered an old memory.

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