Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 9

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 9: The Mountain’s Locked Ancient Temple, The Forest of Hanging Corpses






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  • RenTheWitch says:

    Xie Lian cutie pie, underestimated, but highly intelligent! Im starting to think those two gods are the Martial Gods that had issues with him in Heaven, but pretend they arent to help him out? tsunderes!! tsunderes i say!
    Ty for the hard work, i love this author ^O^

    • ME TOO!! their names are similar (nan feng – nan yang?) plus their relationship is like how xie lian describes feng xin / mu qing acted
      too similar!
      it’d make sense for ling wen to send the powerful gods/XL’s ex retainer to guard him, but ‘can a god just vacate his seat like that’ …… is what kept me from being sure

      • Hahaha I’m gonna stay mum about this so I don’t spoil, but glad you guys are already trying to unravel the mysteries! <3

        • translator, in this case not saying is the same as agreeing! ♡ฅ(ᐤˊ꒳ฅˋᐤ♪)
          (so cute!! sooo cute!!!! they’re like little brats in front of XL)

    • Many thanks for the support, I really appreciate it!! *^* Also, as for your guess, I won’t say anything so I don’t spoil haha~

  • I can only imagine how hard this scene is to translate — great job, Sakhyu~ 💖I’m excited for the most-meeting ML scene next!

  • Thanks so much for the update! Everything about this mystery is finally coming together. And also I’m so glad that youngster got smacked unconscious, he was just insufferable. and speaking of insufferable, those men too, who was groping the “freshest” corpse, maybe that was the bridegroom LMAO. if so, the bridegroom is gonna remember their nasty touches. wow i really like the classic “hide a tree within the forest” trope. shivers!

    I look forward to the next chapter~ Hope youre having a great weekend!

    • Thanks so much yinrin for all the support and coffee QAQ <3 Yeah, I felt so refreshed when the youngster got smacked unconscious!! Highlight of the chapter, ahahaha.
      Thanks so much and I hope you had a great weekend too!

  • Ooohhhh, is the ghost bridegroom a dead bride? The unknown actual first bride. Ohh my, that’s so interesting and surprisingly simple like Xie Lian said.

    I actually couldn’t wait anymore and went to the spoiler forum link you have the day before and wow. I love this novel! Also wow, I didn’t think Qi Rong would be mentioned this early! It also makes me think that Fu Yao and Nan Feng might be Feng Xin or Mu Qing in disguise (I skim the early chapters of the spoilers so I’m not sure)! I hope so! I really, really hope so. Rereading the 8 chapters so far woth the knownledge of Spoilers makes me feel more sad and touched at how strong Xie Lian is. His friends, please, come back~

    Thank you so much for translating this lovely, very lovely novel! It’s your birthday yet it’s us who get to receive these wonderful gifts. Thank you so much. I hope you have a really nice week ahead and happy birthday!

    • Thank you so much for the birthday wishes and this awesome comment, and all the support!! ^o^ I’m really glad you’re enjoying this so far!

  • Wow! Thank you so much for the translations!
    This series has officially become one of my favourites 💕💕 Can’t wait for the heavenly ML to officialy appear XD
    And Happy Birthday to you!! I wish you greatest happiness 🎂🌈

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and all the support! QAQ <3 I'm super glad you like this series this much, I really enjoy it too!

  • Juliana Liman says:

    Thank you for the update…aaaaah…. We are getting closer in seeing the ml… I cannot wait

  • Thanks for the chapter and happy birthday 😀

    • Thanks for the birthday wishes!

  • For some reason whenever Nan Feng and Fu Yao appear together I end up rolling from laughter 😂 And this time they even started questioning their life 😂😂
    As for Xie Lian, he is such an awesome baby sheep, even though he had a terrible past, he still wants to help people. Even if they ignore and doubt him. We only had some overall view about what he had to go through so I can’t wait to know more details about how from this litte naive prince he came to be his present self!
    Also Hua Cheng! Come on, grab your wife already! 😄

    • They’re really quite a comical duo, I gotta admit that haha! And yeah, getting so close to the main lead! //wipes fists for battle hahaha// Thanks for the awesome comment and all the support, I really appreciate it!!

  • Devangana Dutta says:

    Thank you for the chapter!! And happy birthday 🎂 🎊

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and all the support!! <3

  • I really love MXTX’s novels.. they contain interesting riddles and nicely woven plot <3 and intelligent shoushous huehuehue Xie Lan <3.. and ML is near yay~

    Thanks for the chapter!!~ 🙇🙇 take care!~

    • Same, she’s definitely one of my favourite Chinese BL writers! Xie Lian holds a special place in my heart too <3 Thanks for the comment!

  • HAPPY BIRTHDAY 🎉 I hope you had an amazing weekend and thank you for all your hard work translating❤ I feel spoiled from so many updates and goodies 😄

    I can’t wait for the ML ahhhh!!! MXTX writes such suspenseful and addicting novels. Even only 9 chap in I’m hooked… same thing happened to with the Founder / GDC novel too 😅

    • Thanks so much for the birthday wishes and all the support! ^o^ I’m super glad you’re already hooked, haha! And yeah, I can’t wait for the ML too!! Will fight the hard fight for him!!

  • Thank you so much for translating this novel!! My own Chinese skill is too low to be able to read the raws easily, so I’m extremely thankful that someone else has taken it up and is doing such a great job!! Keep up the good work, and happy birthday!

    • Super glad you’re enjoying it, thanks so much for the support and the birthday wishes!! Yeah, when I first started reading MXTX works last year it had been super difficult too, but now it’s gotten a lot easier haha. Gotta practice I guess! Hope you enjoy the future chapters as well! <3

  • Realmente amo esto. Thanks for the chapter ♥♥♥♥

    • Glad you liked it, thank you! <3

  • thank you so much for the chapter. We really appreciate your blood, sweat and tears <333

    aaa can't wait to get introduced to ML officially!

    • AHAHAHA you’re the only one who said that so far, really glad you like it! Thanks so much for the support!!

  • Woooooooooow I did not expect that XD I mean, it did pop into my head like ‘Maybe the ghostbride is hiding as a bride himself like Xie Lian did haha… Yeah nah possible but not that likely’ so I abandoned the idea. Who knew that’s exactly what happened tho? Can’t wait until the ML is properly introduced X3 Thank you for the chapter!

    • Wow, you’re smarter than me, because I didn’t expect it at all until I got to that point haha! Super glad you enjoyed it, and yes, I will fight the good fight for ML’s appearance!! Thanks so much for the comment and support!!

  • ExtraPenguin says:

    Thank you for the translation! It’s really interesting how the plot thickens here, and I can’t wait to see the resolution! Be glad you sent Fu Yao off to play cavalry, Xie Lian, even if it was for the wrong issue lol.

    • LMAO yes Fu Yao is out of the picture for now, but the mystery gets solved by chapter 10! Thanks for all the support Penguin, you’re the best!

  • Ahhhh thank you for the new chapter!!! Can’t wait to see how all the mysteries tie together~ Xie Lian said it was way too simple but not for us lol…but can anyone remind me who Qi Rong is?

    • Qi Rong hasn’t appeared yet in the story, so that would be a spoiler haha! Thanks so much for the comment and support!!

  • Thank you so much for the chapter! I can’t wait to learn about the mysterious silver butterflyman :333

    • Thanks so much for the comment and support!! Haha yes I will roll up my sleeves for battle so we can get to the mysterious butterfly owner!

  • I had a feeling it was a chick. Ugly bride takes out everyone? So it not a bridegroom wanting a bride but a bride wanting a beautiful body?

    But why the freakout? And who is Qi Rong?

    • Everything but that last question gets explained in chapter 10, hope you enjoy it then! Thanks so much for commenting, I really appreciate it!

  • whoaa… what a long chapter indeed! Thank you for your hard work~~♥️♥️♥️

    • Glad someone noticed haha, thanks so much for the comment and support! <3

  • What would yo do if another group wants to translate Heavenly Blessing with faster and consistent schedule?

    • ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

    • Curious–but what other group? Is this group actually fluent in Chinese, or is it yet another MTLing group?

  • GOT7-IGOT7-Jacky says:

    Fu Yao reminds me so much of the hotblooded hardheaded Jin Ling from GDC lol. And him bickering non-stop with Nan Feng is quite similar to Jin Ling and Lan Jingyi. I love tsundere dorks hehe ❤

  • If Mr Villain only has 3,000 hairs on his head, he must be pretty bald. A full head of hair is at least 100,000!

  • It wasn’t until the comments that I realized his two assistants might actually be his two ex best friends. That’s so incredibly tsundere and sweet I’m gonna cry.

    And yes!! I love an OP silver butterfly ML with a terrifying reputation!!

  • “Thus, when those two looked at him, it made their hearts shake tremendously. They found this scene hard to believe; it made them feel uneasy from head to toe as they began to doubt life itself”

    This is the most exaggerated ‘no homo’ reaction I’ve ever read. Get a grip, you ridiculous boys, there’s a ghost mystery happening!

    • GhostNebula says:

      I’m actually looking for this comment haha, it’s as if they were attracted to the “bride” Xie Lian teheeee

  • I’m gradually reading this translation and so far, even at this early stage the story and the characters are really enjoyable! Thank you so much for translating this, I’m glad that I can read it thanks to your group. <3

  • interesting!! 💕 thank you!! ☺

  • Interesting development and characters! from start, I felt that those two helping Xie Lian are those 2 grumpies in heaven lol but then Ming was in the communication portal like a guard all the time, only one way to find out haha

    Thank you

  • Thank you for the chapter.

    Detective XL cracks the case, gotta love it. Too cute.

  • So thankful to chance upon exiledrebelsscanlations for GDC and this site for HOB. Excellent translation skill. I can understand chinese as well and would like to salute plus a standing ovation for the awesome level of English translation in both sites! Thank you so much for the tedious but absolutely fantabulous work of translation.

  • Sorry for this , but I think little Ying is that ghost bridegroom , she seems to be the most suspicious out of all of them .

  • At this point, I’m extremely excited on how HC and XL meet again 😍😭

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