Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 20 (II)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 20 (II): A Thousand Miles in a Step, Lost Within a Sandstorm






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  • ‘these people were at times like bewildered flying chickens or scared jumping dogs’ Hahaha. That’s the perfect description, XL. Those three are like little kids quarreling!

    XL is always taking care of San Lang. It’s so cute.

    Thanks for the chapter!

    • 😂 😂 😂 Well you can say that again

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    • Cupcake hualan says:

      Ikr? Lol

    • lol grab on to something “firm and reliable”

    • Hahah definitely

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  • thank you taking the time to translate heaven officials blessing ♡

  • Love this! The two of them are adorable…

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  • Hehe, grabbing onto something firm and reliable…
    San Lang certainly is both =P

    Thanks for translating!

  • FlamekThunder says:

    Thanks for the chapter!

    He said, “Watch out for sand getting into your eyes and clothing.”

    I think you guys should watch out more for the sand getting into your noses and mouths, lol x’D

    • Anakin Skywalker sand meme is revived 😁😁😁

  • I like how San Lang is considered firm and reliable by ruoye. Lol I mean he is but still that’s hilariously cute.

  • Ruoye know that San Lang is much sturdy, reliable, very stronk than any tree. XD good job Ruoye.

  • Minh Trang Vu says:

    thank you for the new chap!

  • The soon to be son in law has been accepted into the family by Ruoye. Father Ruoye has acknowledged the reliability of San Lang and decided to marry Xie Lan off to him. ₍՞◌′ᵕ‵ू◌₎♡

    Thank you for taking the time out of your busy schedule! 💕💕

  • Na-Tiyana Davis says:

    Thank you again for the wonderful chapter! I really love San Lang and XL’s interactions, subtle but so cute.

  • fingerguns4ever says:

    Omg bless you~ I’ve been looking forward to this sm 💞

  • Thank you for the update!

  • Thank you for translating this. Very much appreciated!

  • Thank you for the translation! So cute! Xie Lien is totally Party Mom. XD I adore his earnest sweetness.

  • AsylumEscapee says:

    We stan matchmaker Rouye. xD

  • San Lang is steady and stable… Is this a hint for the MC? XDXDXD ofc it is XD thanks for the chapter!

  • Love! How did we know it would wrap around hubby?? Thx for the update!!

  • Thank you for the update!
    I just became a subscriber.

  • Kieran Night says:

    Thanks for the Chapter!
    Poor XL was the most worried but was the first to be carried off. Good opportunity for hubby x3

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    Thank you so much for your hard work!!! ❤

  • Thanks so much for translating this!

    I love Xie Lian. He’s been through so much yet has adapted beautifully to circumstance \u/

    Can’t wait till those two get their happy endo

  • Is it just me or i can’t find the next update?

  • so what i’m getting from this is that ruoye thinks san lang is husband material… sturdy AND reliable! lol

  • Ruoye best wingman

  • This is wonderful, thank you! The chapters appear to be getting longer, it must be so much work to translate. *heaps praise*

  • ruoye is like literally giving xie lian dating advice, i laughed soo hard

  • Thank you for translating. Every chapter leaves you wanting more. I laughed when I read about how Xie Lian was spinning around in the air.

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  • I really think that Nan Feng and Fuyao are actually the gods in disguise that used to work under XL which is probably another reason they are adamant that they didn’t drink the water. Additionally, I think they betrayed XL somehow and now they are trying to make up for it. Their shocked expression about how XL lived previously too I think says a lot.

    Im loving the XL and SL’s interactions. It’s really the cutest and I think SL is just so flustered to get the attention from XL.

  • Nyx Ensalada says:

    San Lang is sturdy and stable hahaha

  • LMAO he got blown off by the tornado and became a kite hahahahaha our poor xie lian so unlucky! 😭😂

  • XL sure does get his share of fuck ups poor baby

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