Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 18

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 18: Within Pu Qi Monastery, Strange Tales of Ban Yue Pass






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  • Thanks for the latest chapter. It’s hilarious how Fu Yao always rolls his eyes to the sky like he’s always on the brink of seizure LMAO 😂😂 Also Nan Feng “The Mom” is overprotective as usual 😂😂

  • Cliffhanger!! DDD;

  • Oho ~
    Has the time for the formal introduction come?
    Thank you for the chapter! 💚

  • Did they recognize him?
    It’s nice to have some help considering how everyone treats him like an outcast.
    Thank you for your hard work 🙏

  • Anyone else convinced that the two “teenagers” are in fact the generals they represent? For all the fuss the generals made, I think they’re still pretty concerned about their former master.
    And dang… our ML is about to be outed before he could thouroughly secure a place in our MCs good graces.

    • i also think they are the generals in disguise! why would two unknown officials under them would go out their way like this for him? its too odd, and i think His Highness also thinks like this but pretends not to know lol?

      • Aren’t they from the Middle Heaven, they were even described as about to ascend, right?

        • Hmmm… I didn’t think of generals in disguise. I just assumed that it was a case of “voluntold.” The two had been wanting an opportunity to work on something and/or were causing trouble somehow, so the generals who were slightly worried about MC decided that this could kill two birds with one stone. Have somebody keep an eye on him while getting the troublemakers out of the way.

    • Spoiler:
      [redacted] Discussions are okay, but please don’t post spoilers in comments! That’s what the NU spoiler thread is for!

    • Jingle Belle Rocks says:

      I thought they were the 2 offspring of the generals.

      • they sure do act like their generals.

    • I was also thinking it was their alterego shape ! And now I think maybe they were this aggressive because he looks like the one who challenged the 35 gods! wouldn’t that be why they freak out? otherwise what reason would they have? Just because he wears red seems a bit excessive lol

  • I wonder why would the two reacted so violently? I thought it was mentioned before that no one knows how ML looked like?

    • its said he has at least 3 or 4 appereances, a youth in red, a child, a handsome man with an eyepatch, and so on, maybe they recognized the red attire?

  • this reminds me of the fanmade video for Heaven’s Official Blessing 😂

    “Where did you get pick it up? How can you just put it in your mouth?” -> it referring to san lang lol

    Damn Xue Lian is a pure cinnamon roll *w* must proteccc

  • OOooh how did they know?!

    And thanks for the chapter 😀

  • Hahaha.

    Everyone is so protective of Xie Lian. San Lang first and now the two other boys.

    Why the other Gods have to be so mean? Uff.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Cannot stop grinning… Maybe it’s because there this update XD woohoo~~ or maybe itsi because I just finished I assignment, like, 1 hour before the deadline… Must be the update. 😀 not in denial 😀 thanks for the chapter~~

  • Thank you for another chapter. <3 I'm so glad those two are back!!

  • I love Xie Lian with all of my heart but reading how the officials are to him and the way Xie Lian does things, as a result of his hard life, makes me so depressed ;_;

    I honestly wonder whatsw with these two boys that want to hang out with Xie Lian, like, why. It’s cute af but I’ll need an explanation.

    San Lan pls stay with Xie Lian forever ;_; dont let the kids rain on your parade.

  • The Wind Master was so generous lol
    I have a feeling the he will be a important character in the next few chapters :3

  • BlueberryBell says:

    hm maybe they’re the grnerals or maybe the generals secretly sent their best to help their old master out or maybe they just grew attached to Xie Lian since the last mission. Any way it was those two are complete Tsuns hahaha

  • This latest chapter is a lot of fun! That’s why I love 墨香铜臭’s novels! So many little details that actually create more dimensional characters and world-building that a lot of normal Danmei authors don’t create. Thank you for the translations, and all the great footnotes. 😍 And of course…cliffhanger. 😂

  • Aaaaaakkkk thank you so much for the update!!! ❤️❤️❤️

  • Ohhh!l Do they recognise hubby?? Thank you for the update!!

  • oh, these two! I missed them! Thanks for your hard work!

  • GirlWithRibbons says:

    UH OH this is getting interesting

  • Why am I thinking that boys are actually general in disguise? Would be so cute :)))

  • Does it update once a week like other stuff? Or randomly?? Thank you for the update~

    • Once a week on Sunday/Monday, but I’m running late on this update so it might get pushed to Tuesday if I don’t get it done today cry. Sorry bout that and thanks for the patience!

      • Do not worry about being late or something. We can wait. You take care of yourself first!

  • isn’t this spirit communication array literally a whatsapp group? xd

  • i feel so bad for xie lian…

    thank you! 💕

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    Ooohhh… accept it that you guys like to help Xie Lian…

  • Aww I really hope that Xie Lian got to eat his dinner.
    Also thanks for translating! <3

  • Damn this overprotective Nan Feng is so lovely hahah 😂

  • Pffft the duo returns ft. FY’s leJINdary eyeroll 🤣🤣🤣

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