Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 14

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 14: Clothes Redder Than Maple, Skin as White as Snow






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  • HuaHua is being shy cause his crush touched him? :3 ty for the hard work~~~

    • I wonder if there something else going there? Like it was physically painful to him or something.

      • MTX revelead the truth in her interview. I died when I read it. It was because Hua Cheng has a great respect and love towards Xie Lian and when xl touched him, he was afraid of being too excited about this, HC was just shy :3 how cute is thaaaaaaaat

        • OMG that’s so goddamn cute!!!!

          Excuse me, is that interview posted somewhere like YouTube or is it just the writing version of it? Where did you get that info? ( I just got so AHHH when you said that detail about Hua Cheng so I’d really like to find out more about it, please >w<)

          • It should be written interview since the writer/author is low-key person and hasnt revealed her face as of yet

    • i keep crying everytime hua cheng do something plssksdjsjsj he is so cute and sweet at the same time

  • “… He thought to himself, perhaps this boy actually really hated him?” ༼ຈل͜ຈ༽
    No, Your Highness. That Great Demon King who terrifies gods in Heaven and looks like a smooth charmer just felt so shy and hadn’t prepared his heart to be touched suddenly by the love of his entire existence LMAO I could laugh at this forever (ᗒᗜᗕ)՛̵̖ Thanks for the latest chapter~

  • Abhilasha Joseph says:

    No touching or just to shy to the touch??? thx for the update!

  • Thanks for the swift update!! <33

  • Hahaha, San Lang is so cool, calm and collected but then XL touches him and he’s all flustered. So cute.

    Thanks for the chapter!!

    Lily, Thanks for being a part of the novel’s team!

  • 小朋友 – I always see this translated as ‘kid’.

  • Thank you for the chapter!

  • Thanks for the chapter! I’m excited what follows for the two fated partners!

  • Haha, what bad luck to wander into the Ghost Festival! Thanks for the chapter~

  • Lily, welcome! 😀

    And thanks for the chapter 🙂

  • Yay!! Thanks for the update! San Lang is so adorable haha I remember acting like that with my crush. #relatable

    • Melledra Outlander says:

      Same XD

  • Ahhh~ sooo cute I love how ML is teasing him hehe thanks for translating everyone. Sakhyu, Lily im sending you two good vibes for your finals hell 😤😤 and wishing Maru a good break

  • Haruki Natsuyu says:

    First date of them and it’s already bad luck 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  • Welcome, Lily ~ 🎊🎊
    There are so much cuteness happening in this chapter, I’m just gonna drown myself in this sweet fantasy (灬♥ω♥灬)

    Thank you for the chapter! Hope you will do great on your finals! ♥

  • San Lang is so cool and suave and mysterious I love himmmm

  • Thanks for the update!! And welcome to the new translator~
    Good luck on your exams. ^^ Hope you all survive them.

  • Thanks for the chapter!

  • Hehe San Lang couldn’t stand the innocent touch of Xie Lian :3 he didn’t wanna defile his innocent pure hands *pfft* XD yeah I can imagine that. Hehe thanks for the chapter! My finals is, like, after New year’s, it’s annoying :”3

  • Thank you for the update

  • You’ve really spoiled us with translations lately- thank you for the hard work!!

  • A big welcome, a lot of good luck, have a safe trip and many thanks! : D

  • Thank you so much for the update! I just had to read this chapter several times, their interaction is just too damn sweet and I can’t get enough of wise and knowledgeable, yet so easily flustered Hua Cheng <3 and it was also so darn adorable how Xie Lian couldn’t look strraight (very much intended) at Hua Cheng and had to look away 😀 too precious!
    And the imagery in this and the previous chapter is so gorgeous! Thank you for the lovely translation job!

  • This was so sweet!! XDD
    Aaah I tried MTLing this chap before and San Lang was somehow translated into Saburo and I was like “wat?”
    But reading the note…. OMG Hua Cheng, are you REALLY the third son in your family or did you just deviously plan that to trick ur bae into calling you “sweetheart”? XDDD (AN ENDEARMENT BETWEEN LOVERS OMG!!!)

    He so smooth but so cuuute!!!

    Thank you so much for this sweet chapter!! XDD uwaah the cliffs thooo!!! XDD

    Good luck on your exams as well!!!

  • Thank you for the translation… Reading about Ghost Festival reminds me of a chapter in xxxHOLiC about it.

  • Thank you very much for the translation and the update!!
    The interaction between these two really make me smile aaaaaaahhh Shy HuaHua wwwww

    Really, the ‘San Lang’ name always made me imagining things like;
    Bing-mei : I miss Shizun sobs ;(
    Lan Zhan : …Wei Ying…. *inquiry 24/7*
    Hua Hua : ….im going out, its so gloomy here
    Bing-mei & Lan Zhan : oke good luck

    • Now that you pointed that out, god same. This novel is also making me miss The Untamed. X

  • Good luck on your exams! I’m in uni exam hell, too. Which is why taking a break by reading your novel translations. They perk me right up and give me warm, fluffy feels. XD kudos <3

  • Oh my. Our poor little God has such bad luck.

  • Thank you for the translation! I wonder what’ll happen next. 😆

  • Thanks so much for the translation!!! Love the story so far!

  • I cannot take it anymore… you two… just KISS already 😂

  • Aaaaahhh san lang is hua cheng right? Aaaaaah so cute!

  • What is there to be afraid of? If it were me, after giving away my ashes, I wouldn’t care if that person wished to break bones, scatter ashes or just toss it for fun.
    Ahhhhhhhh I love our ML!!!!!!!!!!!
    I guess someday he will give his ashes to XL

  • San Lang is so cute, all that coolness broken by Xie Lian one touch and the way he confessed to giving away his ashes to one he loved and consequences be damned was so sweet. Their interaction was really cute despite Xie feeling like he was disliked haha

    Thank you again 🙂
    hope you are all better now

  • Love your Translation work. Thank you very much.

  • They are both being very cute so far.

    Thank you

  • MXTX really likes her main characters oblivious, doesn’t she?

  • “but it can also be used as an endearment between lovers” HMM INCH RESTING..

  • Mushfeka Ferdousi says:

    “The backstory isn’t that impressive. It’s only because Hua Cheng had once eradicated another ghost’s nest, and just as he was done, it started raining blood all over the mountain. When he left, he saw a flower on the side of the road beaten rather pitifully by the blood rain, so he tipped his umbrella and provided it with cover for a bit.”

    i feel like the “another ghost” here is the one who caused Xie Lian’s kingdom fall. and maYYYYYbeEEEEEE the flower was white so it resembled of xie lian? mayBEeeeeeeeeeee?

  • Pffft one touch from XL and the supreme bigshot HC falls into major gay panic lol 🤣

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