Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 13

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 13: Clothes Redder Than Maple, Skin as White as Snow






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  • Thank you for the update!!!

    • Ellen Maxfield says:

      i think think it’s hysterical that Xie Lan is literally the grandpa of the spirit realm

  • Thanks for the update!!!
    Ohohohoho! I wonder who (hua cheng) this mysterious (our lovely ml) teenager could be (xie lian’s husband~~)

  • Thank you so much for the update!! Aaah ~

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  • Holy crap, that’s the person himself! XD
    Very tempted to read the raw… but but ..

    • mahi lancelot says:

      its really wonderful finding translators commenting here n there~XDD

  • Ohhhhhhhh!! They are talking to each other! How peaceful and cute scene.
    But poor Xie Lian, nobody wants to be his friend. Boo Boo.
    Thanks for the chapter!

  • first order of business: build a temple
    second order of business: catch up on heavenly gossip

    buncha snobs on the communication array! I, for one, would love helpful advice on back and leg pain xD

  • Ohmygod ohmygod ohmygod the (imagined) visual is too much–
    It seems like they don’t know each other? It actually come off more interesting than all of Hua Cheng’s rumours being true XD
    Thank you for the chapter! 💕💕💕

  • That is definitely Hua Cheng~ ahhh so happy he made an appearrance in this chapter ♡ however reading the earlier part of this chapter make me sad *sigh*

    Thank you ♡

  • AHHHH i cried.
    I thought this was a novel that could live by itself without an ML cuz he has not appeared in so long.. and now that ive seen him again.. i felt like i missed him so much T^T

    I hope they part again cuz distance makes the heart grow fonder and the tension is awesome.
    It makes their moments so much more precious. QAQ

  • xie lian still seems so happy go lucky even with all the haters in the god chat haha. real cute; a good days work!

    thanks for the update ♡

  • “…Those pair of eyes were shining like stars..” Bing He’s eyes are also described that way, right? Is Hua Cheng actually related to Bing He?😏 LOL
    I also want to quote another beautiful bit about their meeting, “The two of them were currently passing through the fiery and splendidly colourful maple forest…” Yep, my heart is ready to be burnt with the fire of joy and pain of their story 😍😍
    Many thanks for this chapter~❤️‍

  • Ah, the ML appears lol. We’ve been waiting so long~!
    Okay, this is kind of a wild guess, but my prediction is that it turns out that Nan Feng and Fu Yao, the two minor gods who work under the two gods that used to know Xie Lian when they were mortals, are actually those two gods in disguise. Why? The text mentions that they have mannerisms that seem familiar to Xie Lian, and I guess because they get really offended at some of the insulting names like broom sweeper like they’re taking it personally? It’s not a lot to go on, but it gives me this weird feeling. Of course I think they didn’t have that much power in the mortal world in the last arc, so I mean I also don’t know… But I think it would be really funny!
    Also thank you for the chapter sakhyulations!


  • What I like about MXTX is the way she wrote scenes like this and readers can imagine it. Many artist also produce a lot fanarts of the iconic scenes, just like this straws cart scene I CANT STOP SMILING :DDD Thank you for the translations!!

  • I love the writer haha her storytelling is really interesting and keeps me coming back. Thanks again for translating Sakhyu

  • Jingle Belle Rock says:

    The ML has arrived! Yeay!

    Thank you for translating! Hope your suitemate falls into an open manhole and drowns in sewage so you can get some sleep!

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    aaah… Hua Cheng appeared and talked

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  • Adorable cinnamon roll Xie Lian, one day you’ll be able to chat without making it awkward!

  • ML!! 😂

  • Finally, they meet and have a conversation! Poor Xie Lian, having to dedicate a temple to himself, though it’s kind of hilarious really. And endearingly pragmatic. Perhaps he should try to rebrand himself as the God of Acquiring Miscellanea? People might even worship that.

  • Silence is Golden says:

    Thank you for the update!

  • Pfft yes, ask away about the man himself. He’ll gladly tell you about himself.

    Aww Xie Lian, having to mark your own temple. Lol but all the awkward silences.

  • Thank you for translating this chapter! I look forward to see what’s going to happen next.

  • Abhilasha Joseph says:

    Ohhh the hubby is excited to speak to his love huh?? Thx for the update!!

  • Oh, I love Xie Lian being so easygoing, but his past must have been tough. And that teenager looks so breezy, but he must’ve really planned this to seems so casual.

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • I love Xie Lian so much lol blowing up the group chat with inspiring quotes and advice, reminds me of my dad lmao.. thanks for this chapter!!!

  • Thank you for translating! The worldbuilding in this novel is amazing AND engaging, which is usually something that’s hard to balance with all the exposition sometimes. I’m loving the characters too, especially Ling Wen, who I need more backstory on bc it looks like she’s the only immortal who doesn’t scorn our sweet MC. I’m glad I found this novel, as it’s shaping up to be super awesome and sometimes heartwrenching (Little Ying, sob sob).

  • it’s just hilarious . From the first time i loved xie lian from his honest personality, i don.t know hua cheng yet but he seems to be intersting i still see him turning in those beautiful butterflies also thinking like xie and this…scene with fiery forest and leaf on hua cheng armis also gorgeus. great translation that shows scenery. undobtfully MXTX mark.

  • Lol asking the ghost himself. Xie Lan is so cute as usual, the way he tries to set up a temple for himself and catching up heaven’s gossips. Thank you for translating!

  • yukitachibana01 says:

    The 👢 .😁😁😁…

  • Well, Xie Lian can always become the god of poverty…

  • When your bae finally knows about your existence 😀

  • shouldn’t there be a part where heavens officials are telling xie lian about how hua cheng burned these temples? i just have feeling that something is missing…but maybe i’m mistaken..

  • if the last two paragraphs aren’t love at ‘first’ sight, then idk what is! eyes shining like stars, indeed✨✨✨

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  • I know I’m late but this is sooo good !! I’ve been reading the raws first and then coming to this site to see the reactions and you’re doing a great job translating!! the author writes so well and man… the way hua Cheng speaks is so hot lmao it doesn’t translate through English the same way which is a shame but I’m definitely looking forward for more 😍😍😍

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  • BabyLovesDogFood says:

    I feel like a fool smiling crazily with heart shaped eyes.!!!!

    • He chuckled twice~~

      Deja vu.

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  • from this chapter ,which not just set us on the fact he is 800y/o but have a behavior of a kind oldman, he’s a good person but still oldman with a reduced feelings due to his age, then how can i then believe in a sweet standart Mo Xiang’s BL, when two others novels of hers have a youthful( sensual) main charachters

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