Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 12 (II)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 12 (II): A Ghost in Red Sets Fire Upon the Military and Civil Temples






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  • hmm if he were a heavenly official who jumped down, would he still be able to listen in to the communication array? 🤔
    poor Hua Cheng, having to become a Gu to escape a deadly city!

    • Base on the synopsis, Hua Cheng (ML) probably jumped down because Xie Lian (MC) was no longer in heaven. Maybe.
      Thanks Sakhyu!

      • that could be a pretty big spoiler and doesn’t really have to do with my comment 😰 thankfully I already know the character backstories so this doesn’t ruin anything for me…

        • It will only be a spoiler if I even read it already. I can’t read Chinese and I get lost in a raw TL. It is just mere speculation on my part. I’m very sorry for disturbing you then. True, it has a flimsy connection to your comment. I should have added “On the topic of ML stepping down…yadda…yadda.” Please ignore any of my comments from now on and I’ll endeavor to avoid yours. 🙂

  • Ah thank you so much for the new chapter and for your hard work, and your editors as well♡♡♡ I’m glad we can finally know more about Hua Cheng I love him so much ahhh what a presence ♡♡♡

    I can’t wait until we get into the flashback parts so excited!

  • Thank you for the long chapter! 😀

  • Thank you for translating this. Im excited for them to meet.

  • Silence is Golden says:

    XL priority with the butterflies lol

  • They are very pretty and very cute :3 Also, wouldn’t it be a twist if Hua Cheng was actually the boy Xie Lian saved back then, in earlier chapters before he ascended, the part which doomed him to his unlucky-ness? Haha the thought just popped into my mind, I mean, it couldn’t be… Right?

    Thanks for the updates~~

    • ✧◝(⁰▿⁰)◜✧ very good speculation skills my friend

  • Well, butterfly dude was super nice to Xie Lian unlike all those other rude people so he’s already miles better in my book. Those dudes in the God chat, dicks most of them, meanwhile butterfly teenager was a complete gentleman.

    Wouldn’t it be interesting if somehow all or almost all of the rumors were true.

    • Agreed. He even went out of his way to escort his wife towards that temple so the blood won’t dirty him. He’s a good husband even if he isn’t a good person.

  • Thank you so much for the update 😀

  • I’m unspoiled about this novel, but… looks at our gentle protagonist that wears white clothes, looks at a white-clothed calamity with an unknown face… guys? I’m having a very weird gut feeling here.




  • Uwaaaaah Xie Lan is such a cinnamon bun keke he called those butterflies cute.. though butterflies are really cute hahaha

    Thanks for the chapters!~ 🙇🙇

  • Someone commented about Hua Cheng possibly being able to listen in on the spirit communication array, and honestly I want that — Hua Cheng pls be aware Xie Lian thinks your butterflies are cute. Xie Lian is such an interesting character already and now knowing more about the ML, I’m super intrigued where this story is heading. All I’ve heard about this novel is that it’s the one that hurts the most from MXTX’s novels, and that’s ominous considering how MDZS is lmao. But I can already see the groundworks for an amazing plot with some great themes.
    Thank you for the long chapter, you’ve worked hard🥰

    • Could explain how he knew where the Crown Prince was and that he was in danger.

  • Thank you for the update!! Also;
    All the gods : //panic and scared
    Xie Lan : ??? I think he is cute??
    Me, crying : just get married already

  • I just found this story and I’m loving it so far 🙂 The mysteries are exciting and characters are funny and interesting. I’m really looking forward to reading more. Thank you for the translation!

  • Xie Lian, are you into cute bad guys?😅 Many thanks for this chapter.

  • Xie Lan, you’re such an easy-going guy hahaha. But I guess with his pretty pleasant experience w/ the butterflies, it makes sense to think they’re pretty cute!

    Thanks for the chapter!

  • Hmm…🤔

    I think the oddest origin story is probably the correct one. He probably jumped dowbto chase after the Crown Prince but which time? The first one when he fell? Or the second one when was quickly kicked out again?

  • Wow this is pretty interesting. Im completely intrigued with all three of MXTX’s novels!

  • Thank you for the update!!!

  • So many theories about Hua Cheng~ but I personally like the latter better~

    Thank you ♡

  • Thanks for the chapter! I love this <3

  • If all the rumour was true, then it would be somewhere along the line of Hua Cheng being a bullied and deformed child born without a right eye when Xie Lan took notice of him -just like what he did with Mu Qing, and gave him a chance of honour to become a soldier of Xian Le country. Later when Xie Lan ascended he got heartbroken and cultivated like crazy, managed to ascend himself, only to find Xie Lan descent on his own to protect his country and followed The Crown Prince without any second thought and mourned for the lost of his kingdom.

    Later when Xie Lan became the laughingstock out of three realms, he decided to teach the Heaven’s Officials a lesson himself and thus the infamous challenge happened. That would explain why he had some animosity towards Mu Qing and Feng Xin when they bumped into each other. Moreover since most of this author’s novels revolved around scums shouting ‘great speech’ in the name of ‘righteous cultivation’. Along with Fu Yao’s testimony that there really isn’t anyone you could really trust in the Heavenly Court.

    I’d like to question how the Demon Lord Bai Wuxiang who wiped out Xian Le Country got eliminated as well.
    *also wondering what deathly power those ‘cute’butterfly has in stock for them to be named Deathly Spirit Butterfly*

    Well this is only my imagination running wild, since as much as I enjoy guessing, I never managed to predict a novel’s plot (◐∇◐*)
    The ML’s dreamy entrance in chapter 8 might just be the product of his moodswings;;

    The plot just keeps getting more interesting thoygh I have to keep a note so I won’t forget everyone’s name what with the wholeload of information..
    Thank you for translating this super long chapter! (●´з`)♡💕💕

    • Imo the way XL described them when he saw them they were really cute and beautiful like a silver crystals which they can be very sharp and able to hurt the rivals …idk ….

  • Thank you for the update.

  • Ohhhh. I just discovered this novel, and I’m in love. It’s so interesting. Thanks for translating it!

  • Hello! I’d like to know the pinyin for Black Water Submerging Boats if possible. Many thanks for the translation!

    • Hi! The raws for that is 黑水沉舟 which is hēi shuǐ chén zhōu — it’s kind of a literal translation and might not be the best but its what me and my TLC decided on for now (though its subject to change if we find a better one!) Thanks for reading! <3

      • What about ‘Black Water Sinking Boats’? Sounds better and more ominous.

  • Well, scary or not really depends on the person. Maybe the owner of the butterflies likes you, so he presented himself as cute?

  • everyone: this “young man” you met is an extremely scary individual!
    xie lian’s thoughts: scary? but he has cute little silver butterflies… and he held my hand…

    xie lian, never change😹

  • Yea it’s cute …cuz they are all your hubby ❤

  • BellaEvilSide says:

    Awwww, I like this Hua Cheng fella already, and A LOT!! He seems interesting in a good way😁🤭

  • Hua Cheng sounds so fierce, I’m happy. He must’ve gone through his own suffering all this long too. I believe one rumour may be true of his jumping down from heaven, maybe after Xie Lian descended? Can’t wait for them to properly meet up. Xie Lian is already fascinated lol

    That you for the chapter!

  • Hua Cheng was wiping the floor with these officals

  • The author has the best one-liners at the end of each chapter. It’s just *chef’s kiss*

  • Bangtan London says:

    I’m glad we knw more abt the ML. I can’t wait until their interacting. The way the author made him sound sooo powerful n so smart. I’m interested to see if when we meet him again if he will be like that. I have a feeling he will actually be a good guy. The reason why his so feared didn’t sound bad to me. I’m hooked.

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    What if that bandaged teenager is Bai Wuxiang??

  • Well damn ofcourse your future hubby is cute

  • Yes Yes, your hubbies pets are cute but only for you. Everyone else is looking to die.

    Thank you for the chapter.

  • Ahhhh re-reading this just makes me happy, all the characters are really good and going back to the start sorta gives me this weird feeling since the development hasn’t all happened but yasssss it’s the best

  • I was totally about to dose off reading this at 4 am in the morning ,but when i read the word Hua Cheng..my eyes were widely opened !!

  • heavenly officials: hua cheng is bad and here are all the reasons you should avoid him and also never speak of him again
    xie lian: counter offer, his butterflies are pretty cute

  • Those butterflies did look cute and pretty but dayyuumn HC literally kicked thirty three godly asses down to earth huh? 😏🤭

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