Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 12 (I)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 12 (I): A Ghost in Red Sets Fire Upon the Military and Civil Temples






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  • what a horrifying plague! poor kingdom citizens back then T_T

    • keepcalmlemon says:

      At first, I thought it was because of deformed twin fetus joining into the body of suriving twins during pregnancy.

    • Yes, I would find that helpful as well. 😅

    • Xie Lian: protagonist

      Hua Cheng: the love interest, the silver butterfly guy

      Mu Qing/Xuan Zhen: the guy who had a clock fall on him in the beginning and cares about how his statues look. was friends with Xie Lian. the martial god who kept watch over the Southwest

      Feng Xin/Nan Yang: also used to be Xie Lian’s old friend, was his bodyguard. the guy who had his golden palace broken in the beginning. they stayed at his temple in the last arc. the martial god who oversaw the Southeast

      Ling Wen: the literary goddess, she’s been helping Xie Lian

      Nan Feng: one of the small heaven officials, works for Feng Xin’s palace

      Fu Yao: the other small heaven official, works for Mu Qing

      Emperor Jun Wu: the emperor lol, the one who asked xie lian for “help”

      Xuan Ji: the ghost lady whos obsessed with big General Pei

      Green Ghost Qi Rong: not much is known about him rn but hes helped xuan ji get power

      i hope this helps!! <3

      • thanks 💜

  • Thank you so much for the chapter!!~

  • Thank you for this chapter. It’s so funny how XL tends to ask/do things which make those heaven officials speechless LOL 😄

  • Oh my…they went deathly silent.

  • Thank you for this wonderful chapter!! We appreciate your work so much ♡

  • Thank you for the translation… So, in this part we only got the name. Okay, I’ll read the next part now, hoping more information will be revealed.

  • I literally had goosebumps all over my body reading about that face disease. Just typing this comment makes my skin crawl. This is how you write horror and wow the author does a great job at it. Thank you for translating!

  • Bangtan London says:

    Hua Cheng Ahhhh I’m screaming. I just luv wen we find out more n more abt him. This is so addictive.

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    That plague is creepy… also missed Fu Yao and his rolling of eyes…

  • Thank you for the chapter

    Now at least our boy knows his husbands name.

  • That human face disease is really creepy 😑

  • Holy crap why am I so excited

    • Mushfeka Ferdousi says:


  • Mushfeka Ferdousi says:


  • HC by the corner : snorts*

    Even the heavens are freaked by him lol 🤣🤣🤣

    I love the good English in this … Great work 💜💜

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