Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 10

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 10: The Mountain’s Locked Ancient Temple, The Forest of Hanging Corpses






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  • Thanks for the update, and cheers you on for the next two!! I’m so excited for the ML’s introduction.

    Omg the bride’s broken legs… ugh now i kinda feel bad for her, just a bit. After all, she still killed 17 other ladies :/ I’m glad though that the mystery is solved lol, just has to be resolved.

    Take care!

  • I want those to ex-subordinates to beg MC to take them back! ^-^

    thanks for the update!

    • RenTheWitch says:

      im starting to think they are just tsunderes lol

      • Imagine if they actually purposely set it up so that a capable character from their side will look after this child. Even if the helper themselves don’t know.

        • Hell hath no fury like a woman scorned.

          Whoever first thought of this is truly experienced. A woman on the edge is capable of doing ANYTHING for her vengeance.

  • Ooooh that was scary.. it’s kinda scary to find a kneeling ghost.. hmmm.. and dressed in bridal clothes haha

    Thanks for the chapter!!~

  • Juliana Liman says:

    Thank you for the update

  • not only our beloved (ex) crown prince, we readers will thank you so much too <333

    the image of kneeling bride hopping around is somewhat pitiful actually — but really, hell hath no fury like a woman scorned indeed orz

  • Nooo I nearly started crying when his performamce speech slipped out 😢 I always thonk how Xie Lian’s must have been so hard 😢
    Also the thing with not kicking lady’s face, he is just too kind and pure for this world 😶😍
    Aaand, Hua Cheng, it’s high time 😁 Can’t wait!

    Thank you for the chapter! 💕

  • Thank you for the update! Can’t wait for the 3rd brother to appear hohoho (ノ´ヮ´)ノ*:・゚✧

  • yuuki kuran says:

    Thank you for the chapter! Can’t wait for HC to appear! 😍

    • Rumani Sengupta says:

      Have u read the original novel….. ???

      • For those of us who can’t read chinese, we ARE reading the novel.

  • Thanks a million for the latest chapter. I screamed with joy LOL 😂 I am so into this novel right now. Thank you for your hardwork ❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍❤️‍

  • Ahhh so excited to finally meeting the ML. Saw a fanart of the blood ‘rain’ scene and it’s oh so glorious <3

  • Ah Xie Lian, you’ve had a rough time on the road.

    Feels bad for Xuan Ji, the guy just played her and she also had her legs broken.

    Thank you so much!!!! I’m eagerly waiting for our sweet sweet ML.

  • Who is she?
    Thank you for the chapter!

  • This was a very interesting chapter! We saw Xie Lian being sharp and figuring out WTF was going on with the brides, and the backstory of the jealous jilted lover was interesting as well. Nan Feng is off bride-catching, but perhaps Fu Yao will turn up and be useful at some point soon. Thank you for the chapter! <3

  • Thanks for the chapter! Oh wow, that’s so sad, I mean… I understand the feelings of wanting to have ‘him’ be the only one in your life, but he just left her like that? D: so heartless QAQ But then again, it’s 4 AM and my mind isn’t as comprehensive (?) as it’d be in… When I’m more awake, so I might be misreading something here…

  • Many thanks for the chapter! There is definitely some bad luck involved with the perfect timing in which his spiritual energy decided to run out XD But the MC is still quite stoic about this fact, “Next time, it seemed that he had to ask his informant to say the main points first.” – very practical XD

    I’m reporting that candles were lit and wish that your leaves be green enough to make a lot of energy for you! <3

  • RenTheWitch says:

    All the gods look down on Xie Lian, but he is super smart and strong, if he had divine power of his own, who could stop him lol?

  • Thank you so much for the translation ~
    I love how Xie Lian is still a gentleman even towards a bride corpse. And he seems to really respect the fairer sex, understanding that it’s quite normal to want to be the only partner of a man. ❤
    I’m curious about Xie Lian’s ‘habit’ to ask for tips when he was leaping and tossing the veils though! Could it be that he used to work as something like a geisha? ><
    A bit more until the ML official introduction! Can't wait for the ML to 'court' Xie Lian! XD
    The longer the chapter is the better for reader like me haha Good luck on them though! For thr ML! XD

  • I recently decide to read this novel and it coming out really really good. Thank you so much for updating? Is there a schedule or are you just updating whenever you can?. I hope you can continue doing a great job. Hwaiting!

  • Jesus…how did she get that injury?

  • Omg it’s really good! Thank you for translating this series, the author is my favorite!

  • I’m glad I recently picked this up! Whatever the author writes, it’s always so good! Thank you so much for translating, much appriciated! Will be looking forward to the next chapter 🙂

  • i’ve seen some fanarts of this recently and i need more. Thank you for translating <3

  • This story just pulls you in! Its awesome! Thanks for all your hard work x3 Much appreciated ❤❤❤

  • Hello, Thank you for translate this story!! I’m waiting for the next chapter whenever it comes , have a nice day and thank you again for your work!

  • Hi! Thank you for translating this. I just started reading this novel and it is great. Xie Lian is smart and im excited to see the ML.

    The pictures are great and it is creepy.

  • this is so suspenseful!!! thanks for the translation

  • Seriously Xie Lian is so clever and funny, the way he made those two corpse brides fight, plus his performance lol love him
    That ghost bride with no legs sounds scary though.

    Thank you for trans!

  • Well done XL in solving the mystery. Have to feel for the ghost bride, thinking she got a bad deal at some point, yet she killed 17 other brides so the empathy stops short.

    Thank you for the translation

    • Oo the fight is really cool here, i shouldnt have done it but i laughed when he made the bride k/ll each other-

  • The only novel that made me feel giddy even before started reading it!! I really wana jump to the part where they can actually meet n see each other officially,.. its so much suspense ..

  • Thanks for the translation . The story is getting a a bit more creepy than normal , but meh , I still like it

  • Besides the fact that the ghost bride killed 17 brides , I feel kinda bad for her and no legs?! ☹️😕

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