Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 11 (I)

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The First Arc: Blood Rain Reaching Towards a Flower

Chapter 11 (I): The Mountain’s Locked Ancient Temple, The Forest of Hanging Corpses






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  • Omg there’s finally an update!! Thank you so much for the chapter!! I’m looking forward to the upcoming ones 🙂

  • Wahhhh this chapter! Little Ying ;–; we only knew you for a short time… Ugh, glad that brat got what was coming to him.

    Thanks to you all so much for the update!

    • Lol ever since he appeared, I was waiting for the villain (xuan ji) to kill him like how the weak extra characters are usually killed first just to signify that th enemy is already close by. He was so damn annoying.

  • Thank you for your hard work! ( ● ♡ ● )

  • thank you for the update <3

  • at first I felt pity for Xuan Ji but then she ripped out that guy’s still screaming skull…

    poor Little Ying T_T

    • Jamless Llama says:

      lowkey happy……still pretty gruesome, but still- xD

    • Lol i was almost satisfied when xuan ji killed the annoying guy that i almost sided with her, but she killed little Ying. Although it was partly lil ying’s fault for acting thoughtlessly, she didn’t have to kill her.

  • Thank you for the update. :'( it is so sad that she died.

  • Little girl… ;_; ty very much for part 1, amazing translation as always! must have been hard!

  • me: “I like that character.”
    character: *dies*

    Thanks for translating, I was so happy to see the update mail <3

  • DragonSlayer1417 says:

    Thank You for the Update!!!!!!
    I was silently thinking in my mind that guy was gonna die because his attitude was calling for it to happen but……..dang, even I find that horrifying. And it’s rare for me to feel scared when reading!
    Little Ying, ……why couldn’t you have survived~!!!!!!!????? ;_;

    Again, thank you for updating!

  • thank you so much for the update!
    I’m sad that little ying died, I thought that surely she will live through this first arc ;__;

  • Jingle Belle says:

    Poor little Ying. I liked her. She should have got to live. The little jerk that abused her, I’m glad he got what he deserved.

    Thank you for translating this for us!

  • Nooo lil Ying ;o; she’s like the nicest character I’ve seen so far lel, other than the MC. :3 Thanks for the update! //Squats in a corner and repeatedly refreshes the page for moar

  • Thanks for the chapter. Amo esto, lo amo desde el fondo de mi corazón. Esperaré por la proxima actualización con ansias ♥♥♥♥

  • Thank you for translating!

  • So happy to see an update! Thank you very much for the hard work.
    This chapter was a great mix between horror and angst. The scene of Little Ying death was so touching yet pathetic too… Such a waste of a good heart.

  • Thanks for the update!!!! Also how sad :(((

  • Uwaaaaang….
    Little Yiiiing
    And this series supposed to be light hearted?!
    Hell, chapter 11 is alredy tearjerker

  • T.T what sad ending for Ying..

    Thanks for the chapter!!~

  • Hi thank you so much for the hard work you do, for taking time to bring this amazing story to us. I love it a lot and only found out about it after you started translating, so thank you!!! Thanks for translating even though uni has been ew to you.

    Feels bad for little Ying, she was kind. She was a good person that got hurt from trying to help out others, fate was mean to her. I wonder if Xie Lian feels responsible, as he was in charge of fixing this and had the power to stop her from getting hurt in the first place.

  • Thank you Maru! Thank you to everyone here who helped in the translations!

  • Noo, she died. ;_;
    Impatient to see more of the ML but I know itll be worth it.
    Thanks for the update!

  • 😭😭😭

  • Finally I decided to give a try at this novel and I find that…it’s actually great!
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  • What’s with that author and always breaking my heart with side-characters’ storys? T-T However I still love torturing myself in this way and cannot say how grateful I am for your translation work 🙂 thanks a lot.

  • by the Gods this novel is so awesome!! And your translation is really good!!! Uwwaaaah i am so excited to read more of this novel I fell in love with Grandmaster a little while ago and now I’m just devouring any translated novels by the author ;w;

    Uwaaah if you need any help at all like with proofreading or editing or like anything at all please let me know!! Totally willing!! (tho I sad cause I know nada about chinese TTaTT)

    Please keep up the good work! Excited for the second part of this chapter XDDD

    • Hiii! <4 Super glad you like it!!

      I currently have two editors and a proofreader for this project haha so I don't think I'll need more staff for it anytime soon, but if I ever need some I'll be sure to give you a holler! Thanks so much for offering and for all the support (and coffee LOL)! <33

    • Hiii! <3 Super glad you like it!!

      I currently have two editors and a proofreader for this project haha so I don't think I'll need more staff for it anytime soon, but if I ever need some I'll be sure to give you a holler! Thanks so much for offering and for all the support (and coffee LOL)! <33

  • thank you so much for translating ill be looking forward to the next chapter this chapter made cry a bit. little ying resembles like a-qing a bit;; :,(

  • GOT7-IGOT7-Jacky says:

    No No No Little Ying why do you have to die TAT Gosh this author and her ability to break your heart into pieces when it’s just the start of the story ugh

  • This is my second time reading this.. I know whats going to happen but i still in pain and crying for little ying TT

  • :((( this is rather crude… Still se wasshe was a brave little one, even if people told her off, she’d still talk back or maker her way smh.

  • I can’t believe she just died… Why is that?? Why she had to die? This arc is somewhat really sad, and it is just the beggining! 😞

    Thank you for the chapter!

  • little ying… :'(

    thank you for the hardwork 💕

  • Re-reading everything again because I like suffering. Good thing there’s Shi Qing Xuan to gladden my heart but this last chapters 😢😢

  • Aiyaa this is so sad, ah 😭😭😭😭 rip ying shijie ….your bro will miss you ….

    MXTX shijie ….you really making me run out of tears huh 😭😭😭😭

  • thank you for chapter

  • Who’s cutting onions?

  • I hope I won’t judge anyone by their appearance ever again.
    She really didn’t have to die,though…

  • This made me cry so hard. Poor little Ying. She tried so hard and was so kind.

  • Ugh just in tears. 😭

  • How does a cheater and player like General Pei becomes a God?! Can heaven not see what a jerk he is?

  • Bangtan London says:

    Poor little ying and I have a feeling the boy with the burnt fac is going to have a big role.

  • kurodaisy09 says:

    I actually cried at the end.. I’m so sad for the bandaged teenager and the little Ying..

  • oh my, that was just icky , poor Little girl

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