Ghost Bridegroom — Chapter 17 Part 2

Chapter 17 Part 2: “Men are different people during the day and night.”

After covering up the scar on his neck and then changing out of the tattered robes he wore when he died, the current Zhuge Qingtian merely looked like a pale but delicate young man. While walking on the road, it was no longer possible to identify him as a malicious ghost.

Bi Qianren thought, since he had left home to travel around the jianghu, there wasn’t a point in staying indoors the entire day to meditate. Thus, he brought the ghost with him for a stroll on the streets.

As for all the people from the Sky Master Mansion, who were extremely nervous because of Qianren’s actions, Bi Qianren wanted to express:

As a demonic cultivator, he had no intentions of helping the righteous way save manpower.

Accordingly, the Sky Master Mansion had switched on all the surveillance spiritual seals in the city, and were ready to dispatch troops at all times to handle any potential sudden changes.

Jiangnan has always been a good place, one endowed with a natural beauty that nurtured many people of talent. Here, every single city all had their own, unique scenery. 

And because Jiangdu was on the very edge of the seacoast, it took form with an exotic bearing:

Within the city walls, drooping poplar trees coiled around the shore, looking both intricate and fine. But outside Jiangdu city, one can find raging, fierce waves beating against the coast, vigorous and grand.

The buildings of Jiangdu inherited the delicate and precise structures, characteristic of Jiangnan. Particular and specific attention was given to every single rock and piece of wood, all tastefully chosen. 

However, compared to other cities, Jiangdu had a somewhat imposing atmosphere, one that appeared encompassing, as if you could survey the other side of the world. And with regards to the scenery, it naturally was superb.

During their stroll, Zhuge Qingtian felt as if he completely didn’t have enough eyes to see everything the city had to offer. Even the glazed roof tiles under their feet were carved with decorations, appearing extremely fascinating to him.

The ghost sighed, “I’ve never crossed the street using the rooftops before. It really feels so novel!”

That’s right.

As a proud and aloof demonic cultivator, Bi Qianren had no interest in rubbing shoulders with ordinary people on the street.

Even if he left home to take a stroll, he had to stand out from everyone else. 

Since Qianren didn’t have the slightest intention of merging into the crowd, he directly chose to walk on the rooftops. Upon hearing Zhuge Qingtian’s words, the man merely replied in a light tone:

“As a dangerous person, you must be self-aware. If there’s nothing wrong, don’t run into the crowd.”

Their party was made up of a naturally demonic person and a fiendish ghost saint. If they really came in contact with ordinary people, he was afraid the Sky Master Mansion would need to conduct an inspection, checking every mortal’s body one by one tonight.

Although Bi Qianren didn’t mind being an inconvenience to the righteous way, he thought, with Zhuge Qingtian’s personality, the ghost would probably feel upset if he was shunned like this.

Thus, it was better to keep apart from the crowd from the very beginning.

However, this also meant that Bi Qianren had to endure Zhuge Qingtian’s exuberant curiosity by himself. They didn’t walk very far before the ghost saw a peddler on the street. 

Zhuge Qingtian immediately stepped forward to pull on Qianren’s clothes. The ghost said with excitement, “Wife, do you want to eat tanghulu1?”

Other than his own Master, Bi Qianren completely couldn’t imagine what kind of an adult cultivator would eat a snack like this for children. Without giving him a single look, he firmly refused, “No.”

Zhuge Qingtian’s real strength still remained an unknown variable, but his perseverance was definitely the strongest in the entire world. Only a moment after being rejected, he noticed a performer shooting flames at the end of the street. 

Eyes immediately lighting up, he once again pulled on the corner of Bi Qianren’s clothes before saying, “Wife, do you want to see magic tricks?”


Just like before, Bi Qianren refused without the slightest hesitation. The demonic cultivator’s attitude was extremely firm and resolute.

After all, as a Nascent Soul cultivator, what kind of spiritual tricks hadn’t he seen before? Why did he want to look at an ordinary mortal doing fraud?

Zhuge Qingtian noticed how this black-clothed man only continued walking on the rooftops, doing absolutely nothing else. Qianren didn’t show even the slightest interest in the scenery, nor did he spare a glance at the passing shops.

The demonic cultivator truly didn’t look like he was enjoying himself to the fullest during his rare outing. 

Secretly worrying over whether or not their very first stroll would end like this, in such a boring manner, Zhuge Qingtian couldn’t help but sigh. “Wife, don’t tell me you came out to buy makeup?”

The moment he said this, Bi Qianren finally stopped being so expressionless. Grabbing the malicious ghost’s head, he ground his teeth and said, “Are you trying to seek death?”

Luckily, Qianren didn’t want to kick the head he had wrapped himself flying once more. This was the only reason why Zhuge Qingtian managed to escape with his life.

However, the malicious ghost became distressed again. Although this made his wife no longer that indifferent, wouldn’t getting beaten after provoking Qianren be no different from what normally happened?

It was rare to go on an outing, so Zhuge Qingtian wanted the experience to be slightly happier ah……

Bi Qianren was able to become the last virgin man in the demonic way. Other than his own body’s peculiar constitution, the contributions of his unromantic and insensitive personality could not go unnoticed.

Numerous beautiful women in the demonic way gave it their all to try and stir Bi Qianren’s heart, but to no avail. Thus, someone at Zhuge Qingtian’s lowly level was truly unable to deal with his kind of indifference.

At this moment, the ghost could only sigh before saying, “Dear wife ah, we’ve already walked through three entire streets, but you haven’t even glanced sideways once yet. When all is said and done, exactly what can arouse your interest?”

Shooting him a glance, Bi Qianren’s reply quite conformed to his identity as a demonic cultivator. “Fights and brawls, demons and ghouls.”

To this day, what kind of a life did this person live ah? Did anything harmonious exist in his world?

Once again sighing over this black-clothed man’s degree of ferocity, Zhuge Qingtian began thinking in a positive light. 

This wasn’t too bad. In the very least, the ghost himself was within his wife’s interests ah!

Could this mean, compared to the beautiful scenery of Jiangnan along with its flourishing streets, Bi Qianren found Zhuge Qingtian more attractive?!

So it turned out that his wife actually liked him so much?

Personally watching the ghost cure itself until his face glowed with smiles, in just a single instant, Bi Qianren had absolutely no intentions of pondering just what this person’s brain had experienced. His intuition told him that the answer would definitely challenge his patience.

Like this, just when the truly abnormal stroll of these two people was about to finish, Zhuge Qingtian, who insisted on not giving up, was still looking all over the place for something interesting. 

Suddenly, a familiar silhouette entered his line of sight.

Anticipating that this time, Bi Qianren would definitely feel interested, the ghost decisively pulled on his clothes again before saying, “Wife, look, isn’t that Mo Pan? Why is he tugging and pulling at that person ah?”

The heir of the Sky Master Mansion more or less fulfilled the criterion of “fights and brawls”. 

Hearing his words, Qianren stopped walking and took a look in that youth’s direction. Sure enough, the boy in the distance really looked like Mo Pan. 

Bi Qianren thought, he couldn’t really do nothing but take a stroll. Since he found no interest in the secular world, he might as well take a look at the disputes in the jianghu.

Thus, Bi Qianren replied, “Go. Let’s take a look.”

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  1. This is a popular snack in china, sugar-coated Chinese hawthorn or other fruit on a bamboo skewer. For more information, check:

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