Ghost Bridegroom — Chapter 17 Part 1

Chapter 17 Part 1: “Men are different people during the day and night.”

Although Zhuge Qingtian didn’t appear to be really reliable, he was actually very easy to coax. As long as you satisfied his requests, he would immediately stop making a fuss. 

It was no different today. After having his wish of eating a midnight snack fulfilled, he quietly laid onto the bed and stopped pestering Bi Qianren.

Ghosts did not need to sleep, nor did they have to rest. However, in order to get through the endless years, they would occasionally enter a temporary dormant state, losing consciousness, to pass the time.

Zhuge Qingtian closed his eyes during his dormant state. Since he didn’t breathe, it appeared as if he had truly become a normal corpse.

But as Qianren listened to the rustling of the tree leaves in the cold wind, he actually became a bit unused to the seldom peaceful atmosphere. 

The youth lying on the bed stayed completely silent. Before he went to sleep, Zhuge Qingtian took off his shoes, untied his hair, and even used dental floss to clean his teeth.

All of his actions were the same as what living people would do before bed.

When he saw how the ghost had tightly wrapped himself in his blanket even though he was already incapable of sensing warmth, Bi Qianren merely meditated silently.

He didn’t remind Zhuge Qingtian of how, although it was almost autumn, normal people wouldn’t feel the slightest chill during these summer days.

Once a cultivator reached the Nascent Soul realm, they no longer needed to drink or eat. They wouldn’t feel the cold of winter, the heat of summer, or even the slight chill of autumn. 

With regards to ordinary people, cultivators were existences that had transcended worldliness, leaving behind all the worries of the secular realm.

But Zhuge Qingtian, a existence very similar to them, still yearned for an ordinary life that was within reach of any normal mortal. 

The complicated things that were very annoying to Bi Qianren, were instead what made up the only nice memories Zhuge Qingtian had. 

As he stood beside the bed and watched the way the youth was tightly hugging the corner of his quilt, Bi Qianren thought——

In this world, everyone’s way of thinking was different.

So perhaps, the things one truly couldn’t let go of wasn’t what kind of life they had experienced in the past, but how they had no choice at all in the very beginning. 

But no matter how much dead people tried to pretend, it was still impossible for them to return to how they were like while living. 

Zhuge Qingtian’s body was unconsciously hugging his blanket, but his detached head still remained on his pillow. Ordinary people would definitely find this a frightening scene, but Qianren had long been accustomed to it. He just shook his head.

Qianren inwardly thought, when other people slept, they would at most kick off their blankets.

Meanwhile, when this ghost goes to sleep, his head would directly fall off. Zhuge Qingtian was really rather special. 

In fact, Zhuge Qingtian was truly a very strange ghost. He clearly only had pitiful memories where people treated him cruelly, and after death, what he welcomed was just a lonely life devoid of any warmth.

But he still stubbornly used that playful appearance to make himself seem not even the least bit sad.

Everyone in the jianghu all said that the major Protector of the demonic way was a genuine demonic cultivator who was devoid of any emotions. They all believed Bi Qianren wasn’t interested in anything, as if he had no desires at all. Thus, the moment he passed his calamity, Qianren would become the demonic way’s most reliable blade.

But nobody knew that someone like him would indeed have some things he was fond of.

Bi Qianren, who had absolutely no favourable impressions for the world, actually really admired living beings who were earnest and worked hard.

Blocking some wind and frost for those young seedlings struggling to survive in barren soil, and then silently departing in the night. This was the only hobby Bi Qianren was fond of in his entire life.

Lightly placing that detached head back together with Zhuge Qingtian’s neck, Bi Qianren fished out a white piece of silk cloth, something people in the jianghu used to bandage their wounds. After tightly wrapping it around the youth’s neck three times, he pinched a cultivation spell with his fingers and sealed it onto the cloth.

Following that, Bi Qianren gave his masterpiece a gentle push. Only after confirming this head won’t easily fall off again did he stand up to leave.

But before he left, Qianren glanced at the sleeping ghost again. Under the moonlight, the youth’s face appeared tranquil and serene, as if he had really never experienced any trials and hardships. 

Bi Qianren ultimately couldn’t help but sigh, “Idiot.” 

As the moon and stars began to shift in the sky, the dark night finally ended. The meagre sunlight of early morning passed through the thin and yellow paper windows, falling into the room.

In the wake of the rooster’s first cry, the youth lying on the bed suddenly opened his eyes.

As if energy was bursting throughout his entire body, Zhuge Qingtian’s cheerful voice took the lead in destroying the silence of the room even before he got up.

“Wife, it’s dawn now, so I can talk again! What do you want to eat for breakfast? I’m really great at making pancakes!”

The sky had just brightened, but Zhuge Qingtian had already planned out all of the activities for the entire day. However, before he could begin to explain their itinerary in detail, the ghost finally realized that his head was being unexpectedly well-behaved today.

Zhuge Qiantian quickly went to the mirror to take a look at himself. The once frightening scar on his neck was covered up by a snow-white cloth. 

Seeing this, the ghost couldn’t help but feel startled, “Huh, my neck……” 

In regards to how noisy he would be after waking up, Bi Qianren had more or less been already prepared. At this moment, he merely remained in his meditative posture.

With his eyes closed, Qianren spoke in a calm voice, “This head of yours likes to frolic around too much. It’s better to tie it up.”

Hearing these words, Zhuge Qingtian immediately understood that this person took advantage of his dormant state to wrap up his wound. The quality of the cloth, along with the skill in wrapping it, were both very excellent, and it was impossible to even figure out where the ends of the fabric met.

It could be imagined just how careful and meticulous the person doing this had been.

After silently trying to imagine what expression Bi Qianren would have had while wrapping his neck, Zhuge Qingtian immediately regretted how he had obediently entered his dormant state. 

He was truly an idiot, didn’t he know how to pretend to sleep?

Perhaps Qianren would only show a gentle appearance one time in his entire life, and Zhuge Qingtian missed it just like that ah!

Touching his neck with his fingers, the ghost looked at the sitting black-clothed man with hope. He asked in a probing manner, “Wife……how about, you help me tie it one more time?”

Bi Qianren naturally ignored a strange request like this. Seeing how the ghost was naughtily trying to untie the cloth around his neck, he replied in a firm and cold manner, “If you dare to untie it, I’ll kick you into the moat.” 

The gentleness of the demonic way’s major Protector only existed at night. In the daytime, he was as savage and fierce as always. 

Completely believing that the demonic cultivator would really kick him flying, Zhuge Qingtian could only contemplate his pain in his heart.

This was precisely the result of not caring about his wife and going to sleep by himself ah! 

He really ate a huge loss!!!

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