Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 9

Chapter 9: “Chu Binghuan’s face didn’t change at all as he explained, “I’m very sorry. I am young and inexperienced, so my skills aren’t very refined.””

Lu Yao felt a burst of fear and trepidation. “Qingkong……”

Hua Che’s eyes were filled with mockery. “The ancestors of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect teach their juniors to behead demons and defend against evil, all to guard the peace and safety of the world for ten thousand years. But take a look at yourselves now! You’re truly getting worse generation by generation.”

“If you guys act so cold and indifferent to even the students hoping to worship a sect, why would we even hope you would subdue monsters or save our world with compassion?”

People like this weren’t even comparable to the demonic Fen Qing Palace Hall. At least the people there were completely malicious to their bones. Unlike righteous cultivators, who were so extremely hypocritical.

Lu Yao’s face flushed with bursts of heat as he watched Zuo Qi get lectured. For a moment, he felt completely out of his wits, unsure of what he should do next. 

Wen Yuan was practically prostrating himself in admiration. He tossed Hua Che a very worshipful look.

However, the python who had been ignored for so long finally acted out and spat out its very long tongue.

In a single instant, the python’s tongue rolled up two people for the beast to swallow. 

Don’t judge Lin Yan by just his appearance and think he isn’t very competent. In a situation like this, his first reaction wasn’t to flee, but to save people.

From who knows where, he fished out a bag of powder. While yelling loudly, Lin Yan sprinkled the powder onto the python’s tongue.

Seeing this, Hua Che completely lacked the strength to ridicule him. He really admired the bean sprout’s courage, but……

“This guy is a demonic beast. You’re really treating it as a normal little snake?”

“Ah?” Lin Yan still wasn’t aware of the current situation. Scratching his head, he looked as if he thought Hua Che’s words were mind-boggling. “My family’s farmland always attracts snakes. Using red orpiment powder would easily get rid of them every time!” 

Hua Che was truly defeated by the bean sprout’s innocence and naivety. 

At the same time, a harsh ray of light flashed by. The python’s tongue was suddenly split into two, which resulted in a dark green fluid spurting out from wound. Immediately, the surrounding flowers, plants, and trees began withering because of the green liquid. 

Everyone stared blankly, before they subconsciously looked over to the source of the flourishing True Energy—

It was actually that aloof, white-robed youth who didn’t talk much!

After undoing the Silencing Spell with great difficulty, Wen Yuan yelled, “It’s entire body is poisonous! Whatever you do, don’t be injured by it!”

Da Hu, who suddenly recalled he had already been scratched by the python, yelled: “F*ck!”

While suffering the pain of cutting its tongue, the python rolled all over the ground, causing sandy soil to fill the air. 

Taking advantage of this opportunity, Wen Yuan ran over to save people. Those two teenagers who had been captured by the python were covered in saliva from head to toe thanks to the beast’s broken tongue. Their current appearances made them look incomparably miserable.

Immediately sealing off some of their acupuncture points, Wen Yuan fed the two of them the antidote to the python’s poison.

Chu Binghuan turned around. After confirming Hua Che was really fine many times, he clenched his right hand. Immediately following his move, a silvery-white sword appeared in his grasp. 

The youth had long lost patience. Thus, unsheathing his long sword, Chu Binghuan decided to solve the python in the shortest time possible. 

Using spiritual energy to fly upwards, brilliant light overflowed from the white-robed youth as he held the Hearing Spring sword in his hand. But although Chu Binghuan slashed downwards in what seemed like a lithe and graceful manner, a bloody wound that was three zhang1 long immediately ruptured open on the python’s back! 

Everyone was completely dumbstruck. Wen Yuan didn’t even dare believe his eyes.

The mighty Suzerain was…..was cut apart as if the person was just chopping tofu?!

The python was in so much pain, it wasn’t able to do anything other than twitch helplessly. While carefully avoiding the poison that had splashed everywhere, Chu Binghuan landed yet another strike. 

This time, the white-clothed youth managed to hit the exact center of the python. With this attack, the Suzerain couldn’t even twitch anymore. It immediately dropped dead on the spot.

When its immense body fell down, the ground trembled three times.

Everyone: “……”

The strong gust of wind whistling by them made the white robes of the youth flutter in the air. Chu Binghuan’s sleeves had inevitably been stained by the poisonous fluids from the python. 

Since he had mild mysophobia, the youth lifted his hand and directly chopped off his sleeves.

Chu—cut sleeves2—Binghuan flew down from the sky. Strolling over to Wen Yuan, he said, “It’s alright now.” 

The white-clothed youth’s voice sounded clear and melodious, yet it was also completely emotionless, with not a single ripple.

Wen Yuan: “……”

Who am I? Where am I? What am I doing?

Hua Che breathed out a breath of cold air. Compared to his peers, Chu Binghuan was truly completely worthy of his fame. 

Even though the youth was cultivating the weakest medical path in the immortal realm, whenever Chu Binghuan fought, his opponents would end up wailing like ghosts or howling like wolves.

In his past life, Hua Che and Chu Binghuan were part of the demonic and righteous factions respectively. One’s notoriety made all of the outstanding heroes in the immortal realm feel terror-stricken, while the other had a marvelous reputation that made all the villains piss their pants in fear.

“Just now, that was……” Kneeling on the floor, Zuo Qi’s complexion changed in fright. His pupils contracted as he exclaimed, “Hearing Spring?! Isn’t that the Hearing Spring sword?!”

“What?” Lu Yao was extremely stunned. “Isn’t that the most important treasure of Yuntian Shuijing?”

Gnashing his teeth, Zuo Qi said, “Hearing Spring is a famous sword from ancient times. Although it has been passed down generation to generation in Yuntian Shuijing, no one has been able to unsheathe it before! Why does this guy have Hearing Spring, why can he use the Hearing Spring sword?!”

Zuo Qi struggled to stand up. Unfortunately, after staggering twice, he ended up sinking back to his feet again as he yelled, “Hey! Who exactly are you?!”

Chu Binghuan’s indifferent gaze fell onto Zuo Qi for a moment before moving elsewhere.

Zuo Qi didn’t have the chance to ask again. On the other side, Da Hu’s complexion was deathly pale. Weeping bitter tears, he hugged Wen Yuan’s thigh and bawled, “Senior-apprentice brother, save me ah! I’m poisoned, I’m going to die! After the poison triggers, I’ll really die!”

Wen Yuan was startled by him. But when he saw how Da Hu’s complexion was truly looking quite bad, he took a look at Da Hu’s bloody wound. Immediately, Wen Yuan turned pale from fright. 

“Oh no! The Suzerain’s poison isn’t something that can be solved with normal medicine. I need to bring you back to the Ling Xiao Temple for my Master to treat you. However, it’s so far away……before we arrive, you’ll already be……”

Da Hu only felt as if he was going to black out. “No no no! I won’t die, I don’t want to die! Save me senior-apprentice brother, save me……”

Mu Rongsa approached him before hitting the guy while he was already down. “I heard the disciple selection examination for Ling Xiao Temple is very stringent. Instead of worshipping the Sect, be careful of losing your small life!”

Wasn’t this exactly what Da Hu had told them while they were climbing the mountain?

“You!” Da Hu was so angry, the poison nearly triggered and killed him right there and then.

Mu Rongsa spread out his hands and said innocently, “Glaring at me is useless. In the wilderness like this, where are we supposed to find you a medical cultivator?”

Da Hu didn’t know if this was his retribution. He began to bawl loudly.

At this moment, Hua Che gave Chu Binghuan a look.

Although he didn’t say anything, Chu Binghuan understood what Hua Che meant. The youth expressionlessly walked over until he was standing behind Da Hu. 

Reaching out, Chu Binghuan poked the center of Da Hu’s back with a finger. Immediately, Da Hu vomited a mouthful of blood.

Wen Yuan: “This young lord……”

Chu Binghuan took out a thin, silver needle. Without even looking, he stuck it onto the back of Da Hu’s neck. 

The sword cultivator only felt his body numb from head to toe. As if he was completely frozen, Da Hu fell stiffly onto the ground. While maintaining this strange pose and his comical expression, the boy couldn’t even blink his eyes. 

After a very long time, Da Hu finally managed to stammer, “F*ck, I……can’t move……ha ha ha ha ahhhh, no, save……”

Hua Che’s expression was very complicated. “Are you……”

“I accidentally stuck it in the wrong place.” Chu Binghuan explained in a simple and blunt manner. After pulling out his silver needle, he picked a different place to poke this time.

Da Hu immediately screamed, sounding like he was a pig being slaughtered!

Chu Binghuan’s face didn’t change at all as he explained again, “I’m very sorry. I am young and inexperienced, so my medical skills aren’t very refined.”

Hua Che: “……”

As if I’ll f*cking believe you ah!

Chu Binghuan started learning about medicine at three years-old. At five, he had already tasted a hundred types of plants that had medical properties. 

At seven, Chu Binghuan began cultivating the medical path. By the time he was twelve, this white-robed youth’s skill with poison was already unrivalled in the entire Yuntian Shuijing.

So what nonsense are you blabbering about ah!

Fully aware that Chu Binghuan had done this on purpose, Hua Che felt a bit moved. Just a bit, a tiny bit.

In the end, Da Hu cried while simultaneously laughing.

“When I first poked you with my finger, I opened your eight meridians and odd channels. But then I accidentally stuck my needle in the wrong place. Thus, the spiritual meridians all over your body will feel incomparably itchy.” 

“Fortunately, Hua Che reminded me in time, so I changed the location of my needle, which will turn the itchiness into pain. This means, after I resolve the Suzerain’s poison in your body, you’ll be both itchy and painful.”

Chu Binghuan finished saying all of this in an incomparably calm and collected manner. In the end, he consoled Da Hu and said, “Endure it. You’ll be better in seven days.”

Feeling itchy and painful from head to toe for seven whole days?!

Da Hu collapsed. One might as well trigger the poison and kill him instead!

On the other hand, Hua Che trembled with fear.

So scary! Medical cultivators were so f*cking scary!

Lu Yao had a sudden revelation. Holding the Hearing Spring sword while possessing exquisite medical skills, a teenager who looked around sixteen or seventeen years of age……

After adding up all of these distinctive features, there was only one answer!

“Chu Tianyu.”

Lu Yao’s heartbeat raced.

Even if they disregarded how Feng Ming Valley’s Mu Rongsa ran to the Ling Xiao Temple, why did Yuntian Shuijing’s eldest young lord come worship the Ling Xiao Temple too?

This was extremely mind-boggling and shocking!

Suddenly, Lin Yan found two eggs within a crack in the ground. Using his sleeves, he wiped away the mud sticking to the surface of the eggs.

Following him, Mu Rongsa glanced at it and asked, “Could these be the Suzerain’s children?”

Lin Yan questioned, “Then what should we do?”

Mu Rongsa: “Cut the weeds and eliminate the roots. Otherwise, do you want to wait for them to grow up before coming after us for revenge?”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea. After all, they’re just two eggs.” 

Lin Yan couldn’t bear doing killing them. He asked again, “What if they’re not snake eggs, but bird eggs the Suzerain had snatched? Or perhaps, because of that earthquake just now, they rolled here from somewhere else. We can’t just kill them when we don’t know how to distinguish them. Isn’t that a bit……”

Holding his chin, Mu Rongsa thought about it. “You’re right. Then let’s just raise them for now. After it hatches, we can kill it then too.”

After the examination of surviving for three days ended, Lu Yao and Zuo Qi left. Wen Yuan brought everybody back to the Ling Xiao Temple. After meeting with his second junior-apprentice brother, who had been waiting for a long time, they gathered all of the injured students before sending them home.

Only Hua Che, Chu Binghuan, Mu Rongsa, and Lin Yan remained.

After settling down the four “surviving” children, Wen Yuan and his second junior-apprentice brother Zhuang Xiao Er went to see their Master Zhuang Tian.

As he listened to Wen Yuan’s lively and realistic retelling of the examination, Zhuang Tian’s initial carefree attitude turned into shock as he slowly paled. By the end, he directly tumbled off of his rocking chair.

Zhuang Tian’s bright and expressive eyes had widened enormously. In an incredulous tone, the man hollered, “Wha—Wha—What?? Did you just say Feng Ming Valley’s Young Master ran to our Ling Xiao Temple???”  

“There’s also the Young Master of Yuntian Shuijing.” Wen Yuan’s cold sweat was practically overflowing. Lowering his eyes, he said, “He has the Hearing Spring sword, in addition to exceptional medical skills. He ought to be Chu Tianyu.”

Zhuang Tian, who had just stood up, fell back onto the ground again.

“Why would he come here ah?” Zhuang Tian didn’t know if he should cry or if he should smile. “Isn’t it good to stay in his own home? Wouldn’t it be good to go to the Shang Qing Immortal Sect? Why would he come to a desolate place like here, to experience poverty and the hardships of life ah?!”

Wen Yuan was also very anxious. When he saw his Master’s sallow complexion, he nearly couldn’t bear being the bearer of even more bad news. “Master, hold onto the table.”

Gasping, Zhuang Tian stroked his beard. “What’s wrong?”

Wen Yuan: “There’s a disciple called Hua Che. After getting angry, he……he gave the Immortal Master from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect a beating.”

Zhuang Tian felt the scene before his eyes darken. “……”

Wen Yuan: “Master, these……these three disciples, do you……do you dare accept them?”

Zhuang Tian: “……”

This Master wants some peace and quiet.

  1. A Chinese measure of length, one zhang is equal to 3.3 meters.
  2. Cut sleeves is slang for calling someone homosexual.

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