Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage — Chapter 8

Chapter 8: “Hua Che was so startled, he even dropped his water bag!”

Wen Yuan was just about to use an open flame spell when Zuo Qi stopped him.

“It’s still early ah? Already butting in for a mere Soul Sucking Bat, are the standards of Ling Xiao Temple this low?”

Unlike Zuo Qi, Wen Yuan was a good person. He replied frankly, “If we wait any more, someone will die!”

But Zuo Qi disapproved with contempt. He said with a sneer, “Seeking immortality and pursuing the Dao is an arduous path to undertake. If they can’t even pass a small trial like this, how can they face demons in the future? How would they confront their own heart demons, or survive their heavenly calamities?”

Hearing this, Wen Yuan was at a loss for words. “But……”

Lu Yao hurried over to explain, “Young Lord Wen, please be at ease. When night fell, I deliberately made the flames of the bonfire burn exuberantly. As long as they are clever and quick-witted, they will understand what my foreshadowing actions meant.”

Wen Yuan still didn’t feel very reassured.

Zuo Qi snorted disdainfully, “Hah, even the Sect Leader’s eldest disciple is this stupid and cowardly. It’s no wonder Ling Xiao Temple is now in such a slump.”

Meanwhile, Chu Binghuan flew over before landing in front of Hua Che.

“Stand in front of the bonfire and don’t move.”

“Come stand around the bonfire.”

The two of them spoke practically at the same time.

When their gazes met, the atmosphere surrounding them became somewhat stagnant.

It wasn’t strange for Chu Binghuan, who had grown up in a famous sect, to know common sense about the cultivation world. But Hua Che had not yet worshipped a sect or formally began training, so how could he……

Chu Binghuan asked, “You know that the Soul Sucking Bat is afraid of fire?”

“These things are called Soul Sucking Bats?” 

Looking as though he was scared witless, Hua Che pointed at the “moths” that were randomly flying around. He trembled once before saying:

“They really look so scary ah! But, uh, I saw Immortal Master Lu let the flames of our bonfire burn pretty prosperously. He even prepared a lot of firewood, and just this amount will be enough to keep the fire burning for at least two days. I thought, maybe something afraid of fire would approach us, so that’s why he made these preparations in advance.”

Needless to say, Chu Binghuan knew Hua Che was clever and quick-witted. It was natural for the youth to discover these clues.

After everyone who had originally been panicking saw how Hua Che and his companions were safe and sound, they all caught on to what was happening. One after another, the people drew closer to the bonfire.

The Soul Sucking Bats didn’t dare to approach the flames. They could only hover around them with reluctance.

When Wen Yuan saw how everyone had discovered this trick, he finally let out a sigh of relief. Throwing out an open flame spell, he instantly annihilated more than twenty or so Soul Sucking Bats.

Wen Yuan said, “Remember, fire is the weakness of Soul Sucking Bats. This can somewhat be considered as one of your first classes before you enter the sect!”

Zuo Qi sneered, “To be scared into this state for something as small as this. What a group of trash.”

Elbowing Lu Yao, Zuo Qi said, “The only people who can barely meet the standards is that person wearing red, the one wearing white, and Mu Rongsa ah!”

Lu Yao was dazed, appearing somewhat lost in thought. He said, “That young lord wearing white……”

Zuo Qi was too lazy to even raise his eyes. “What’s the matter?”

“I keep feeling as though he’s different from the others. I can’t explain it.” Lu Yao said. “Senior-apprentice brother is experienced and knowledgeable. Do you know if he’s a cultivator from a famous sect or family?”

Zuo Qi: “How could that be possible? Other than the moron Mu Zhaoyao, why would a cultivator from a famous sect come to Ling Xiao Temple, this lousy place? They’ll have to be sick ah!”

Zuo Qi thought for another moment, before saying, “You’re acquaintances with that red-robed guy?”

“Yeah. He saved me once when I was young.”

A smile was hidden within Zuo Qi’s gaze. “His aptitude isn’t bad, and he wasn’t flustered in the face of danger. Plus, his appearance……is really quite good. How about we bring him back to our Shang Qing?”

Lu Yao felt his heart move, but he was still a bit worried. “He’ll have to be willing to go with us ah!”

Zuo Qi: “Don’t joke around. We’re from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect, why wouldn’t he be willing?”

Lu Yao: “If he was willing, he would have gone straight to Shang Qing Immortal Sect. Why would he have come here to Ling Xiao Temple?”

“Hey, do you want him or not? If you do, just snatch him away. Or……” Zuo Qi smiled naughtily. “Are you afraid of his outstanding talent, and how he would directly surpass you and become your senior-apprentice brother after he arrives at Shang Qing Immortal Sect?”

Lu Yao was startled. Panicking, he pushed Zuo Qi away and said, “Senior-apprentice brother, don’t talk nonsense.” 

Night passed as everyone discussed their options. Since the disciple selection examination only required one to survive for three days, in addition to how strolling about the mountain was dangerous, the people decided they might as well stay at their current spot and wait until time was up. 

Meanwhile, Lu Yao felt a bit flustered.

Inviting Hua Che to Shang Qing Immortal Sect was a pretty good idea. He knew Hua Che’s talent was outstanding, and his spiritual roots were also unusually good. 

Hua Che worshipping Shang Qing Immortal Sect would be the same as a dragon returning to the sea. He was bound to leave his peers in the dust, harvesting a splendid reputation for all of eternity.

Zuo Qi’s provocation had been unnecessary. Lu Yao knew his own aptitude was extremely mediocre. 

Even if Hua Che didn’t come, sooner or later there would be other people who would surpass him. 

After all, merely half a year ago, Zuo Qi himself had still been calling Lu Yao “senior-apprentice brother”.

If Hua Che could enter Shang Qing Immortal Sect, could this be considered as repaying Hua Che for his life-saving grace during their childhood?

When Lu Yao thought of this, he immediately felt as if it was impossible for him to do anything less. Lu Yao walked over to Hua Che’s side, before he asked bluntly, “Qingkong, do you want to enter the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?”

Hua Che was so startled, he even dropped his water bag!

Lu Yao—who always pretended to be close to him on the surface, but was actually jealous to the extreme on the inside—actually invited him to the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?

Hua Che had been startled into chuckling. Sure enough, teenagers weren’t sensible at all ah. 

If Hua Che really wanted to repeat his disastrous mistake and enter the Shang Qing Immortal Sect again in this life, after Lu Yao grew up, wouldn’t he hate his past self who had invited over his own rival?

“You……” Hua Che restrained himself from smiling. “You’re sure you want me to come?”

Lu Yao nodded sincerely. “If I personally step in, I can even beg my dad to take you in as the Sect Leader’s disciple!”

Hua Che didn’t know what expression he should make. Eyes filling with uninhibited pleasure, he bent down and picked up his water bag. “I think I should still……”

“There’s an earthquake!”

Nobody knew who had been the person yelling, but indeed, the ground began tilting without any warning. Those who didn’t have the time to react began rolling downhill. After hitting the stone wall, they immediately fainted.

Hua Che’s body swayed. He subconsciously grabbed onto the tree trunk beside him, but who would have expected the old pine tree to begin splitting into two from the inside? As the ground also cracked open, sand and stones began crumbling down.

However, right at the very moment Hua Che lost his balance, someone reached out to hug his waist. Turning to take a look, he came face to face with Chu Binghuan.

Flying upwards via sword, Chu Binghuan brought Hua Che to a safe place as big slabs of stone began rolling down the slope.

Suddenly, a huge monster crawled out of the ground.

That thing was pitch-black from head to toe. With scales reflecting a slightly gloomy glow, it was at least a hundred zhang1 tall.

It was actually a giant python!

Wen Yuan’s complexion immediately changed. “The Suzerain!  How could the Suzerain become agitated like this?!”

A deserted mountain like Qingcheng Peak that wasn’t occupied by an immortal sect was considered neutral ground. In addition, since it wasn’t supervised by any cultivators, it was home to many demons. 

Among demons, those with strength were revered, while the winner was king. Without a doubt, the lord of  Qingcheng Peak was precisely this python. Thus, the cultivation realm gave it the name “Suzerain”, implying that it was the master of this territory.

The python began circling around them. Da Hu didn’t have enough time to dodge, so he got scratched by the python’s scales. The youth was so angry, he immediately began cursing.

Holding back the panicked Wen Yuan, Zuo Qi sneered, “Now this is an adequate test.”

Wen Yuan anxiously said, “Immortal Master, that is the Suzerain ah! It’s the master of this entire Qingcheng peak! The trifling Soul Sucking Bats can’t be compared to it at all!”

“What are you panicking about?” Zuo Qi said in a malicious tone. “Since we came here to personally guide you, then we must do a good job. We can’t take this task but not do work, right? Watch carefully, at how our Shang Qing Immortal Sect sets the standards of the disciple selection examination!”

Wen Yuan: “Immortal Master, if you do this, they will all die!”

“Shut up!” The noise was giving Zuo Qi a headache. He pushed Wen Yuan over to Lu Yao, before yelling in a loud voice, “Everyone, listen to me! Whoever can kill the Suzerain will pass Ling Xiao Temple’s examination. Otherwise, you can all become the Suzerain’s lunchtime meal!”

Wen Yuan: “This won’t do.”

Lu Yao was a bit worried. “Senior-apprentice brother, isn’t this too risky?”

“You both know nothing!” Zuo Qi rolled his eyes. “As cultivators, if they can’t even deal with a small thing like this, how could they have the face to live? They might as well all die!”

“You can’t be like this ah, Immortal Master!” Wen Yuan struggled out of Lu Yao’s grasp, but then he slipped and fell flat on his face. 

Normally, since they were all cultivators, they should have called each other “Daoist friend”. However, Shang Qing Immortal Sect was the leader of thousands of sects. Thus, disciples from other sects had already become used to copying the mortals and calling their members “Immortal Masters”.

Wen Yuan yelled desperately, “Not all of these students are cultivators. Like Lin Yan, he’s still a normal mortal ah! Immortal Master, we’re all people raised by our parents, we can’t be like this!”

“All your twittering is annoying me to death!” Zuo Qi waved his hand and threw out a Silencing Spell. Wen Yuan immediately choked.

Zuo Qi continued arrogantly, “So softhearted. It’s no wonder your Ling Xiao Temple has been established for hundreds of years but still appears so useless. It’s because all the disciples under your Sect are each more incompetent than the next! Since they had the guts to come here in hopes of worshipping your sect, then they should have thought of the consequences in advance. If they’re afraid of death, they should go home earlier to drink their mother’s milk……ah!”

Hua Che ruthlessly punched Zuo Qi’s face!!

Other than the rustling sound of the slithering python, the entire scene became deathly silent.

Hua Che’s complexion was frosty, while his deep and serene phoenix eyes were flickering with gloominess. He grabbed Zuo Qi’s collar before lifting him off the ground. “Not respecting life at all, is this what it means to be a brilliant disciple of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?! To consider other people’s lives as worthless, are these the customs of the Shang Qing Immortal Sect?” 

Everybody was flabbergasted.

Wen Yuan was dumbstruck, while Mu Rongsa was tongue-tied. 

Zuo Qi, who had been beaten, was also completely stunned. It took him a while before he reacted. “You……You dare to hit me? You actually dare to hit me!”

A tiny, insignificant Ling Xiao Temple disciple……no, wait! He was just a trifling young brat!

This brat actually dared to beat an Immortal Master from the Shang Qing Immortal Sect!

Zuo Qi’s gaze revealed killing intent as he summoned his spiritual weapon. Unsheathing his sword, he slashed at Hua Che’s vitals2.

Hua Che’s complexion didn’t change. Tilting his head slightly, he effortlessly dodged out of the way. The instant Zuo Qi struck a second time, everybody sucked in a breath of cold air.

Just when Chu Binghuan was about to rush over, he saw a ray of light flash by Hua Che’s right hand, starting from the hollow of his palm. Immediately following that, an ink-coloured, black bamboo xiao clashed with Zuo Qi’s sword, producing two crisp jingles.

Chu Binghuan felt his heart lurch. “Embracing Snow.”

What happened afterwards dazzled everyone’s eyes.

Hua Che began blocking Zuo Qi’s sword strikes one after another, and even returned all of them. His body moved like lightning,  while the xiao in his right hand flew all over the place. Without revealing any weaknesses at all, he accurately beat Zuo Qi’s back, waist, and thighs.

With a blood-curdling scream, Zuo Qi vomited blood before sinking to his knees.

Mu Rongsa was completely stunned. It was hard for him to suppress the excitement in his heart. “So—So cool ah!”

Hua Che pressed his xiao onto Zuo Qi’s shoulders, making the youth feel as if he was carrying the weight of a mountain on his back. Just like this, Zuo Qi couldn’t move at all.

Hua Che’s eyes looked bewitchingly bright as he turned to glance at Lu Yao, who had long become dazed by the fight. Although there was a smile on Hua Che’s face, his tone was extremely fierce. “Many thanks for Immortal Master Lu’s wonderful idea, but I! Don’t! Want! To! Go!”

Suddenly, Mu Rongsa’s heart skipped a beat.

—— “Realms don’t determine everything. A Foundation Establishment cultivator can even beat a Nascent Soul until all their teeth fall out, do you believe it?”

—— “If there’s a chance, I’ll let you experience it.”

  1. A Chinese measure of length, one zhang is equal to 3.3 meters.
  2. The raws are more specific. This is the point located  the midline of the back of the waist. Here’s a picture: https://pic2.zhimg.com/bf46be4e7c914bd2152285979ac11a59_b.jpg

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