Marriage, Bridegroom, and Sweetheart Chapter 12-13s!

I’m not sure if everyone saw my updates on my twitter, but I had to take a hiatus last week because I was feeling a bit sick. I promised to try and do a double update this weekend, but I’m one chapter short. Sorry…apparently translating 15k characters in 2-3 days is my limit hahaha… 😥

Actually, I was planning on doing the last chapter of Former Sweetheart today, but I ended up being informed halfway through that I!!! Finally got offered a position by a professor in their lab!!! Which means I’ll officially be a graduate student in September, hell ya! 🎉 Been interviewing non-stop since May, I’m really so relieved that I’m finally done with this lol! But because of this, I had to work out some logistics with my department today instead of translating. 😭

I’ll make it up to you guys and do the double update for Former Sweetheart this weekend instead!!! 🙏🙏🙏

Anyway, thank you to everyone who left comments last last week, and to the two lovely Somebody’s for buying me all that coffee ! I really appreciate all of you so much, you guys were my only motivation as I cranked out these chapters like a typewriter after I felt better lol!!

Without further ado, here’s this week’s chapters!!

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 12

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 13

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 12

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 13

Former Sweetheart Chapter 12

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See you guys next week~! Also for the sake of me translating non-stop for the past few days, please gimme some comments. 😂

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  • Thanks for the chapters, and congratulations!

  • Is it just me or it’s happening with others too
    When ever I click on the link for Everyday the demon lord is escaping his marriage
    Some other novel is opening 💔 I read few chapters but now even those links are not opening

    • Oops, been fiddling with the site lately and I think the links broke! I fixed the ones in this update, hope it works now!

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