Marriage, Bridegroom, and Sweetheart Chapter 9s!

Finally posting early at a normal time instead of an ungodly hour. Are you guys proud of me? 😂

Thank you to Fuchou for your lovely review on NU for Marriage! Also thanks for all the comments last week—I know I sometimes don’t reply but believe me when I say that a single comment really makes me day haha. The moment I see one, it immediately motivates me to go and translate a few thousand words! 😤 (That’s probably why I end up not replying lol)

This week’s chapters are all quite interesting. Chu Binghuan finally kicks some butt after Hua Che’s face slapping, while we get to know the hilarious matchmaking in Ghost Bridegroom!

He Huan, why are you trying to match the two main leads?! Qianren, why are you throwing your lover to Former Sweetheart’s ML?! What a close call!

Anyway, I’ll stop blabbering so you guys can read it yourselves! Please let me know what you think too, hehe!

Everyday, the Demon Lord is Escaping His Marriage Chapter 9

Ghost Bridegroom Chapter 9

Former Sweetheart Chapter 9

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