The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 22

Finals finally ended and I’m back! And I’m finally doing a single easier non-STEM course for semester two, so it’s finally vacation time! Rubs my hands because I can finally TL now kjashdkas. Today’s actually my birthday LOL (that’s why the site banner changed back to longevity noodles!) so I’ve been translating non-stop so I can get some chapters up today //o// (For those waiting on the next Heavenly Official’s Blessing chapter, despite my best efforts and allnighters, I’m only around 1.5k charas done out of 8.2k. T.T It’ll be a few days late, I’m sorry!)


On the unfortunate side though, #3 (the editor for this project) has recently left. Let’s bid them a fond farewell! I’ll do my best to keep the chapters as readable as possible though! Please point out any grammar errors you guys might find in the comments and I’ll get them fixed asap!


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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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