Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 23

Thanks to all the anons and Aoneko Hime for the coffee!

I met a few of you guys at Anime North last month, it was nice meeting everyone! Got some goodies too thanks to Jiphee’s rally, both me and my friend had a lot of fun! I’ll take a pic of the goodies sometime after finals. Thanks to everyone who participated in it!!


There’s gonna be some changes with the staff — Maru will be taking a hiatus for an indefinite time to focus on irl responsibilities, and Lily will be off for a bit for school! That leaves me and Jade (who usually edits a week after the chaps are posted), so I’ll do my best to make everything readable ahahaha.

Sorry for the being so slow with this chapter, btw. Would have came out earlier but then my phys chem prof busted out the quantum unit and started throwing in so much calculus I hadn’t even seen before. I’ve been reading calculus wikipedia pages and dissecting my textbook in an attempt to wrap my head around those problems, rip. Why is there so much math in chem?! On the bright side, semester 1 is ending soon and I’ll only have one classics course in semester 2, so let’s hope July is kinder to me free time wise.

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • Hi, when will the new chapters come out for this book, its going to be nearly a month and not a new chapter has been released. Is there anywhere I can buy the english translated version of the book also, is there a thread where there are spoilers that tell people what is going to happen next?

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