The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 19

Hi everyone, I’m sure most of you noticed another group translating Halo lately. A reader told me when I was almost done chapter 19, so it came as a shock to me as well ahahahah….Not going to lie, I’m pretty upset and so stressed right now since it was disheartening to see this the moment I came back from exams. I spend an average of six hours per chapter, and sometimes I wonder why I’m translating in the first place if the project I work so hard on gets poached the very moment it becomes popular :joy:


I honestly don’t know what to do since we’re both fan-translators, so they’re not in the wrong either….I guess there isn’t anything I can do? In any case, I’ll continue translating for now and see if things will work out, since I really do love this novel. For those that decide to stick with me, thank you very much, you don’t know how happy it makes me. And for those who decide that they like the other version more, thank you very much for sticking with me till now, I appreciate every one of you!

Anyway, on to the chapter, which I’m posting early because I’m moving out to my new university summer residence this Sunday. Wish me luck packing, guys! I don’t have a mealplan this summer, so here’s to buying a bunch of frozen dumplings and hope I don’t starve to death……

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • Do you have Ledi’s Discord? I thought that they can’t have their translations listed on NU if they poached it (3 month rule and all).

  • TokioftheBel says:

    I like your translations very much

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