Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 21 (III)

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This part had been a horror to go through, me and my TLC practically treated it as a battle as we struggled over how we should translate some of the idioms and terms. Chapter 22 has already been translated by Lily and Maru is starting the translation check! Although, let’s wish Lily some luck for her finals too, which she’ll be fighting against till mid-June! She’ll be finishing up chapter 23 before retreating from the translation scene until then, so Maru and I will do our best till Lily comes back!

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  • Thank you for all the hard work! We all appreciate you guys so much and good luck on your exams. I feel the pain I just finished all my finals yesterday and will also be attending summer school. Everything is all good though because i’m in school for a good reason! Good luck to everyone! Love you guys so much ❤️

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