Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 20 (I)

Many thanks to Robo and Chel for the coffee! (I really needed them this week omfg)

Hey guys, here’s the chap! For those that weren’t informed by Sakhyulations’ twitter , the entire team were caught up with real life last week (I had midterms, Lily was mia and Maru had complicated fam issues), which is why this is a bit late. Sorry everyone! ;w;

That being said I just had my advanced organic chemistry midterm an hour ago and our whole class collectively died. Like wow. I would feel extremely depressed right now but it was an 8am midterm and I was awake by 6am so I feel too sleepy to feel sad LMAO. In fact, after I post this I should nap till my afternoon classes before I drop dead during my 2 hour commute home kjashdkdh.


In any case, because chapter 20 is pretty long (and chapter 21 is even longer holy smokes), its split into two! We’ll try to get the second part up soon! Special thanks to eik who helped me check the translation a second time since I had been too busy, I love you fren!! ;w;

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3


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  • Good luck with everything, and don’t sweat the late posts. Real life comes first! Make sure you have a nap before your classes. Hopefully, everything will resolve itself in the best possible way for you and the rest of the team.

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