The Villain’s White Lotus Halo — Chapter 15

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This chapter resolves the mini cliffy we got hit with last chapter! Which, btw, last chapter is all edited now, many thanks to #3!

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And of course, our editor + tlor theatre~ (might wanna read this after cause there are light spoilers!)

Little Theatre:

Sakhyu and 3: waving little swords in the air
Sakhyu: So I’ve been wondering…why do they use the word “pearl” on Luo MingChuan’s banners?
Sakhyu: At first I thought it was a shipping name, since they use the character “Ming”
Sakhyu: But there’s nothing from YBY
3: Maybe it’s an inside joke?
3: Like LMC is the pearl in the palm of their hands
3: Or maybe it’s a cute fan nickname?
Sakhyu and 3: waving their swords
3: I really want a shipping hankie

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