Update: I’ve Discovered Hell is University :)

Thought I should probably give all you sweet readers a quick update: I went happily into my insane programs all cheerily, swearing to remain on top of my game so I can breeze through school while translating on the side……..and then I found out the profs released a lot of the textbook infos after class started (are they stupid??? where is their common sense???). Since it took a while to find some textbooks, I am now like…3 weeks behind in textbook readings for half my courses (aka, biochemistry, human physiology, biology profs, thanks a lot). That means like…over 500 pages of science jargon I’m behind on right now. //spews blood//


Updates will resume after I pull all-nighters for a week or two and get caught up……….Thanks for all the support guys and sorry for being so slow, I love you guys so much!!

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  • Take your time! ❤ And be careful not to overwork yourself! We are cheering for you~

  • Tricia Margareth says:

    Thank you for your consideration. Hope you can breeze through your study.

  • Take care of yourself!! Yeah university can be pretty rough starting out, especially for people in STEM fields (lol I’m happily studying languages, none of that nasty science-y stuff for me). Please don’t worry and do your best to get back on track with school without sacrificing your health!!! Sending you good vibes~

  • Scorpiongeminis says:

    A classic of the university professors, take it easy, we will support you from the other side of the screen ✨✨✨

  • Goodluck! We’re cheering for you. Honestly you can just focus on uni for now. We readers totally understand how hard it is to have to focus on studies. I still need to get like two more textbooks and catch up on some readings that were assigned 😓. Take your time because school is really important. Thank you so much for working so hard to translate for us to read😆. Goodluck on catching up with your studies!

  • I’m in high school and I already feel attacked, I wonder if I would physically wither and die if I get to Unversity. At least the teachers in my school are pretty nice.

    Good luck on your university and your all-nighters!

    May the BL Gods bless your soul and give you energy!

    (Don’t worry about us, focus on the important things first then us >♡<)

  • You Can do it!!!!! Don’t be sorry about being slow, your education comes first! :3

  • I know how you feel. I’m in my fourth week and finally found my last textbook, so I’m behind as well. Take your time catching up! We’ll root for you! 🙌

  • Good luck and many hugs, stay healthy!

  • I know how you feel. Professors are like hell spawns >_<. Good luck! take your timet ! Stay strong and healthy!

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