The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 19

I-I’m still alive…

Been a bit dead lately because of some health issues plus getting ready for university. I’ve applied for like financial aid and scholarships etc but I’ll still be so in debt for this year. //dies a bit inside//

Anyway, please thank amazing Luen for tlc’ing and editing this chapter like always! Luen just got sick recently so please wish them well wishes QAQ <3

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Enjoy the chapter guys! <3

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  • We are glad you are alive 😍😍😍 Good luck with uni…! Can relate with this pain…

  • Glad to hear that you’re alive, even if not really flourishing at the moment. Good luck with everything that you need to do and I wish a lot of health (generally – health is important!) and a speedy recovery (from current health troubles) for both of you! <3

  • Thank you for the chapter. It made my day. Hopefully the prince treats her better soon

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