Heaven Official’s Blessing — Chapter 5

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QAQ I finally finished this chapter. Actually, I finished it a while back, but I didn’t get a chance to post it ORZ. Heading into the most busiest 2 months left of school…….Although, I’m excited for next week because two translators and an editor who lives nearby me are coming to visit! I’ll share pictures of our food next time haha~~ Can’t believe I’m meeting someone from the translation community!

This chapter is a bit shorter than normal, but after this I think the chapters only get longer hahahaha….great for you guys but it sucks for me lol. This chapter also ends on a cliffy, so, well. I’ll try my best to poop out another chapter sometime soon.

Also, please welcomeeeee… *drumrolls* Jade, the new editor for this project! She’s already gone through the previous chapters and given them an edit, and this chapter is edited already too. Thanks for joining amazing Jade!!!

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Enjoy the chapter guys!


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