I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 35

Special thanks to Jade for helping me set up the chapter page (no time ORZ ;;) and Sunny for that much, much needed coffee ;;;;;

It’s almost 5am, I just spent so many hours studying for my midterms (have one tomorrow and one on Friday (it got moved up a week) rip rip rip I want to cry QAQ) Wanted to poop out a Heavenly Official’s Blessing chapter as well before my midterms but I still have a chunk of translating left, sorry guys (。•́︿•̀。). Managed to stock this chapter though for you guys, I hope you’ll like it!!!

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Enjoy the chapter ! <3 I want to sleep but I doubt I can sleep before 6am now…. ;;;;;


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  • The link goes to chapter 34. Thanks for your hard work and good luck with exams. Take your time 😁

    • ORZ fixed TY to you and XD for telling me–//crais lmao You guys can see how out of it I was yesterday x.x

      • I can totally get it. I was gonna publish a chapter last night but honestly kept falling asleep. Wasn’t gonna happen for me. Too old for late nights lol!!!!

  • Good luck on your midterms this week!!!

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