I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 23

In case some of you didn’t read my update, here’s what happened:

  1. I had set up all the rest of the spree posts and chapters with wordpress’ scheduled posting feature but I did it at my residence with its funky wifi. Apparently none of it saved.
  2. I was a stupid person and didn’t copy the edited chapters over to my edited file since I was doing it in a rush.
  3. Was halfway thru midterms when I found out, and didn’t have enough time to re-edit.

Anyhow, midterms are finally over so here I am, pooping out chapters!!! Also, MANY THANKS to everyone who bought me coffee!!! They’re literally the only things that got me thru the past two weeks. Like, I’m so dead now. My luck has also hit rock bottom; fainted a few days ago in the middle of my chem lab because I ran up and down the stairs like 6 times trying to find the room since I forgot where it was. They almost sent me to the hospital and now I have to do a make-up lab (at least, I hope they’re going to let me do one ORZ labs are worth 5% each….). Also, the less things we say about my midterms the better….so much tears. So. Much.

As always, if you wish to support me please Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com and/or turn off adblockers when viewing this site~~ WHICH REMINDS ME LOL. WordPress WordAds only gave me $2 for 50k ad impressions rip last month. P-Please. Turn off those adblockers. //sobs//

Here’s the next chapter, look forward to the one after soon! We’re finally at the turning point!! Does anyone wanna cry with me? xD

0 thoughts on “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 23

  • Ah…so that’s what happened. O.o
    Haha,when i somehow get a job one day I’ll make sure to buy you a lot of coffee. ;P
    You fainted though?You need a break :/
    So much caffeine can’t be good for your health TvT
    Even if I want you to update,I think you should take a break. Health over work ok?or health over hobby. 😛
    It’s still your choice of course,just abit of advice since fainting over being so exhausted really can’t be good.. >_<

    • OMG the first reader who’s actually concerned about me ;;;; //feels a bit touched.
      Uhhh, what happened was like. I forgot where my lab was and then went to the wrong building, and then I sprinted to the right one when it was freezing outside, and then I forgot where the room was so I ran up and down the stairs 6 times in like 3 minutes, and then I guess being that stressed and hot and everything just. Got to me after the adrenaline wore off? I’m not athletic btw so hahaha……THANKS FOR THE CONCERN THO. //kisses//

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