OKAAAAAY. SO. Realized a few days ago that none of my scheduled posts actually, uh, happened? I think it was because my wifi was weak or something….? After checking a few days ago, I found out that nothing saved.

And….I was stupid back then and instead of saving the edited version into my file like I usually did, I just copied it over to wordpress and edited there. Which means I have to edit everything over again. Rest of the release spree chapters are long TLed, but I’m smack in the middle of midterms and I really have no time to edit them or post them. I need to study. Fudge. Akajhdksajdha why did I not study more two weeks ago QAQ

Long story short, I’m so sorry for the lateness of those releases and you’ll most likely get them either this Friday or Saturday. Thank you for the patience….and the coffee orz. Pulled two allnighters last week (my first ones two) and if it wasn’t for the coffee I don’t think I would have managed to get out of my bed those days….

See you in a few days!!!

0 thoughts on “Update

  • Good luck 🍀

  • take care of your body too!!
    if you get sick because too busy then the update will delayed again! hehehe
    i will waiting patiently!! (。・ω・)ノ゙

  • Ehh, it’s pretty horrible that your work on edition was wasted because of the weak internet 🙁 Well, good luck with your studies <3

  • Oh, so that’s what happened… XD I thought that the update sprees is over… Do your best! Well you have a good memory so, I think you’ll be fine… xD

  • Ah Midterms. Good luck with them. I just finished my Finals and boy am I glad to have them done. Take it easy for this week and do your best in those exams. You can do this!!!

    And that whole dilemma with WordPress sounds frustrating. But thanks for TLing regardless.

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