I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 21

Oh, so a few of you have already read my weird scum villain fic? What a surprise! I’ve been thinking about posting it all here along with any future fics for scum villain/FOD…what do you guys think? It’ll probably be placed under the tab ‘my writing’, which would replace original novels. Original novels will instead be a sub-tab of that instead……

Oh, righty. Did a quick and ugly sketch of what I thought adult XZY would look like lmao. You could see when I started to give up on it….


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Here’s the chapter for day #10, woot!!

0 thoughts on “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 21

  • Face so cute~ Nice drawing! lawl but the clothes and hair doesn’t have the level of detail of the face x’D

  • ‘quick and ugly sketch’— i AM cRYING

  • I’ll take anything! ^_^

  • This is what you call a quick and ugly sketch? Then what do you call my masterpiece, ‘a sketch that shouldn’t exist’? T.T… I wish I had even a percent of your ability to sketch… So, where can I read the fanfic??? xD

  • Please continue the Scum Villain fanfic! I can’t wait to know what happens next!!!!!!!!

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