I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 20

Alalala, please don’t hit me for this late chapter….on the bright side, I’ve finished TLing chapter 25!! So yup, you’re going to get a full week of chapters even if my midterms are smack in it HAHAHA. I’m going to start scheduling chapters in queue so if my posts start looking generic/I stop responding to comments this week that’s why.

Been binging on Founder of Diabolism fanfiction lately, my heart. I wonder, if I start writing FOD fanfiction, would anyone be interested? xDD I have this lowkey crack fic where your trusty TL Sak transmigrated in SQQ’s body from Scum Villain, but ends up looking like a young clumsy teen who is raised by his disciples…if I did something like that for FOD, would you readers stab me with pitchforks? Or write for pairings that’s not WWX/LWJ…? //slapped I want to see WWX paired with other people too cry…//

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Here’s the chapter for day #9, woot!! We’re finally at 20 chapters lol. I wonder when I can celebrate being at chapter 200? //coughs in despair//

Last thing ahh. I’ve noticed that the comments have been decreasing lately. ;;w;; It’s the weekend again, so for those who let the chapters stockpile during weekdays, please take some time to comment your thoughts! Like coffee, they keep me going…

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  • I’m all for the fic. I love the Villain Scum fic you wrote and ajust lookingat syourtsmalltiny summary mmakesemeexcited aaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaa.

  • Just wanted to say I love your fanfic where you transmigrated in SQQ’s body from Scum Villain. It’s so hilarious and I think you do a really good job in keeping everyone in character.

  • So sorry for not commenting earlier. In fact, your posts are like coffee to ME. Hahaha. Cannot miss a single cup a day!
    Thank you for posting regularly. N i am so cryshing on these 2 cuties ‘bro’

  • Hahaha… I’ll wait for any fanfics… and I am still waiting… waiting… and waiting for your original XD

  • Good luck for ur midterms.. 👍👍😸😸

  • I legit want to see how you’ll spin WWX and Jiang Cheng… that’s one hell of a relationship, altho WWX/LWJ is beyond forever and ever and ever and EVER. Good luck in your midterms!

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