I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 17

Day #6! And I’m pretty sure you guys will all notice the new naming system I used (Xu Zi Yan = Xu ZiYan and Xu Zi Rong = Xu ZiRong). Another translator informed me that ZiYan and ZiRong should be one word, and it is easier on the eyes when we get introduced to the other Xu family children. In addition, I noticed that most of you use this kind of naming in the spoilers thread, so I spent a few hours today changing all the previous chapters so everything remains consistent…rip my eyes…Kept the second syllable of the name capitalized since that was what a few of my friends liked aha.

BTW, thanks for the nice doodle reception lol. If I get more inspiration I might doodle them more, I really like drawing pretty ZiYan and ZiRong….

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Thanks everyone and here’s chapter 17!

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  • Thank you for the trouble of editing – that’s very nice of you😇😇😇

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