I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 16

Woot woot, we are at day #5!! Isn’t your translator doing a good job keeping up with her promised release spree? AHA rip me.

By the way, I got tempted by my friend Kosu into drawing my versions of Xu Zi Yan and Xu Zi Rong lol. And then my friends told me I should show you guys, so here they are! They’re only quick sketches though and I’m not that good at drawing guys sorry ORZ.


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Please enjoy this chapter guys!!

0 thoughts on “I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 16

  • Not that good at drawing?! Those are great! Plus, all I can draw are stick figures with squiggly hair, so you already beat me. XD

    • LMAO stick figures are great, my bio project was made out of stick figures in high school since I was too lazy to actually draw xDD I’m glad you liked it though!!

    • Hhhhng I’m glad you liked them, tysm ;;w;;

  • PREPOSTEROUS. THAT IS NOT GOOD AT DRAWING?! IS MINE TRASH THEN?! Nah jks 😂 But seriously that drawing is good even as a sketch.

    • AHH I’m glad you liked it!! But really lol I didn’t bother cleaning it up. Maybe I’ll do a proper character ref of them when I have more time, aha.


  • “some quick sketches” she says, “not good at drawing” she says.

    Shut up and take my full hearted adoration and fangirling.

    And lmfao I love how you added “actually a bro-con” and “actually black-hearted” 😂😂😂👌

    • TWT they’re really just quick sketches I didn’t bother cleaning up lol, but I’m super glad you liked them. And yeah, was gonna draw their inner selves but decided I should probably finish TLing my chap lmao.

  • A-another update i-im so happy THANK YOU!!! 감사해요~~~♥✨♥♥✨✨

    • Gonna do my best to get to 14 lol, thanks for the support!!


    not good at drawing, she says
    just quick sketches, she says

    *prints them out and hands them to the world to see* LOOKIT THE PRECIOUS


      I don’t even dare post this onto my art sites pfft. Maybe one day I’ll do a better sketch of them xDD Glad you liked it though!!

    • AHHAHSDJADHA THANKS I’m really glad you like it!!! <3

  • Wahh, they’re soo cute. How can you call that not good at drawing, it’s really good.

    • Askjahdakjd AHA it’s been a while since I’ve drawn, and I’ve always had a habit of making boys girly. I’m glad you liked it, thanks!!

  • Always so fun to read ^_^

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