I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 12

Urggg….I think I’m dying….my auntie visited this month and I have such bad cramps, I had to skip two full days of lectures. Pretty sure I passed out this morning from anemia as well, cause I wasn’t tired and was listening to a recorded lecture and next thing I knew, I woke up 4 hours later………….

So yeah, sorry. Would have gotten this out earlier if I could ORZ……

On the bright side (for me at least), a hundred thanks to Anonymous who got me a coffee!!! Used it to get a cup of hot choco…hot choco makes my cramps go momentarily away ahh….

ALSO. Are you guys ready for your surprise?? HMM HMM. Thanks to the coffee influx last week, I decided to….RELEASE 2 WEEKS WORTH OF CONSECUTIVE CHAPTERS! That’s right, for the next fourteen days, I’ll release one chapter of Villain Astray everyday in thanks to alexfilia, MoMoePom, LaDyViL, and the darling Anonymous ppl who bought me coffee last month! So yup, yup, everyone, go bow down to them in thanks!!

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And now here’s your long awaited chapter lol. See you guys tomorrow!

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  • Take care of yourself 😮cramps are the worst . I usually just drink hot tea to ease them.

    Also, did Christmas just come early (ㆁωㆁ*)❤
    Thank you Santa Sakh!!(๑•̀ㅁ•́๑)✧☃

    • Thank you ;;w;; I didn’t have hot tea at my residence but now I’m prepared at home!!! LOL, I’ll try to do something fun for Christmas too…Thanks for the support!!

  • I had hideous, hideous problems with THAT FUCKING BITCH AUNTIE!!!! Things that helped me the most: I take progesterone daily (it definitely makes me more depressed though), have an acupuncture treatment weekly, don’t eat anything colder than room temperature (I cheat sometimes), take magnesium and chlorophyll with copper daily, eat tuna daily (Omega 3), for acute pain use a heating pad (BLESSED IS THE HEATING PAD) and drink fennel tea.

    I think my endometriosis had uterine tissue growing in my back and intestines. Some things that didn’t work for me: phyto-estrogens, raspberry leaf tea, oona (cramp bark extract), birth control pills with estrogen in them, Chinese medicine herbs. From my research these things have helped a lot of people, but they didn’t work out for me and my particular problems. I eventually gave up on Western medicine fixing it and went over to Traditional Chinese Medicine, acupuncture, nutrition and keeping things warm. Through the combination, I am no longer incapacitated with pain so BOOYAH.

    • Yeah, I do acupuncture and traditional Chinese medicine now rip, I just couldn’t the past few days since I was at my residence and my aunty decided to surprise me and come early…

      Thank you so much for all these suggestions!!! I’m going to try them out and see if anything changes orz.

  • Thanks for the chapter. Btw I saw the tag at NU it says ‘siblings not related by blood’. But they are related right.. as they have the same father (regardless the soul switch). So.. it should be incest..

    • //coughs// the tags are right, I assure you. It’s not incest. //cough// same father //cough// not //cough//

  • Buy some heatpacks and stick on your cloyhes overnight. When you wake up it may burn abit but it’ll feel better. Take some panadol/painkiller?

    • I’m gonna look for some heatpacks but I can’t take painkillers since my doctor told me I should gauge how bad it hurts orz. If it gets really bad then I should seek medical help, but that means I can’t take pain killers or else I wouldn’t know aha.

    • Ohh!!!! Thank you very much, I might try these out ahh~~

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