I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 11

AHHH. This super post is going to be mainly a post of thank-you’s! First of all, everyone, please thank alexfilia, MoMoePom and LaDyViL from NUF! They bought me the 55k item on NU forums, which translated into 17 coffees from Tony!! Next, please thank Anonymous and Anonymous who bought more coffees for me as well! I decided to suck it up and instead of buying coffees to drink, ta-da!! As some of you may have noticed, Sakhyulations now has its own custom domain!!!

With that being said, I’m sure you noticed the new website outlay. Me and Snowy both liked the old one, but with a custom domain I was accepted into the WordAds program. So aha. If you wish to support Sakhyulations please Buy Me a Coffee at ko-fi.com (need to save up paypal moolah to buy Christmas gifts in two weeks orz) or turn of any ad blockers and whitelist Sakhyulations.com. There’s no need to click on any ads since I get paid by traffic impressions, so I would really appreciate it if you spend half a split second to make sure the ads show up on your screen.

That being said, to show my appreciation to all you wonderful peeps who made this custom domain possible, I’m preparing a I’ve Led the Villain Astray surprise for next week! Look forward to the surprise! //winks//

And finally, last but not least, here’s a BL recommendation! Most of you probably know BC Novels, but in case you don’t, they currently have two BL projects! One is called The Reader and Protagonist Definitely Have To Be True Love, and the other is called Everyday the Protagonist Wants To Capture Me. Reader x Protag is their main project, but I’m totally biased and love Everyday the Protag more. That’s because in it stars the story of a transmigrated villain older senior brother as he deals with the cute protag junior brother…sounds familiar? Plus, MC senior brother even has an older brother with a brocon!! If you guys like Villain Astray, you definitely have to check those projects out!~

Your lil trusty plant Sakhyu’s done rambling now, sorry for the long post. Here’s the next chapter!

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  • thanks for recommendations!! XD
    but I also read them!! especially the reader and the protagonist, I love it!! hehehehe

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