The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 9

Translated by: Sakhyu
TLC’d by: Luen (who is super duper amazing!!)

Alrighty, here’s the next chapter! Many thanks to dear Luen who figured out the flowery language of the beginning orz. This chapter marks the first of the differences from the drama adaption (plot twist much??) but I’ll stop spoiling it for you guys lol.

On the other hand, is anyone here a BL (boys love)/danmei fan? I’m thinking of starting a new BL project called ‘所有人都暗恋我‘, or tentatively ‘Everyone Is In Love With Me’. It’s a hilarious wuxia one where the poor main character gets a system that allows him to see his favourability and relationship stats with everyone he knows. Anyway, I’m currently recruiting a TLC for it, one that is preferably good at flowery language and wouldn’t mind looking over things from Promotion Princess if me and Luen are unsure! Poor overworked Luen is my back-up TLC for this story~

Promotion Princess update schedule won’t change because of this considering I’ve stocked up on its translated chapters! If anyone is interested, please comment here, contact me on the Novel Updates forum (I’m Sakhyu there!) or shoot me an email at [email protected]!

Anyhow, here’s the long-awaited chapter you’re waiting for! clicky

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