The Promotion Record of a Crown Princess Chapter 7

Translated by: Sakhyu

TLC’d by: Luen (ILY <3)

Here’s the next chapter!! Thanks to everyone who commented and favourited here, I’m really happy to see people enjoying the chapters. If you find some time and have a NovelUpdates account, please consider leaving a rating or a review for this novel! Ever since my translation it seems like the rating has dropped…//sweats// It’s not because of my translation quality right? Right?

Anyway, here’s the new chappie! Chapter 7~

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  • Definitely not sak! 😁

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    • Ahaha thank you! This is my first project so I was a bit worried, but thanks for the support!

  • knighteagle22 says:

    Thank you for translating this novel.

    • Ahh thanks for the support!! /o/

  • Thanks for picking up this story. Quite interesting twist.

    • I’m super glad you liked it! <3

    • !!!! OHHH. Thank you so much aha. <333
      I'll add that as a footnote later!

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