I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 9

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“Tommorow, transfer Ruo Qi out of Liu Shang Court, and then move Xu ZiRong’s bedroom to the one neighbouring mine.” Xu ZiYan said sternly.

Ruo Hua’s heart trembled. Before today Ruo Qi had always been Liu Shang Court’s most favoured maid. So much that it was even faintly discernable to other people that she was almost about to fly off the branches and reach the heavens. But nobody would expect that her casual arrangement of Xu ZiRong’s bedroom would anger Xu ZiYan. This not only allowed Ruo Hua to once again become aware of Xu ZiYan’s unfeeling nature, but to also let her become aware of—— Xu ZiRong’s importance.

“Yes,” Ruo Hua no longer twisted her waist or fluttered her eyelashes. Instead, she fixed her gaze onto her toes.

After being transferred out of Liu Shang Court by the young master, it was certain that Ruo Qi’s coming days won’t be pleasant to live. Before not grasping the preferences of the young master, she did not want to accidentally provoke Xu ZiYan.

Raising his eyebrow and giving Ruo Hua a glance, Xu ZiYan felt very satisfied. He admired smart women the most. Wanting to use her thin wrist to attract his attention, this could be understood, but the most important thing was to be able to assess the situation.

Although some people said that extremely smart people never lived long, Xu ZiYan believed that if he had to get along with a group of idiots, then he would be the one with a short life! He would be infuriated to death!

“ZiRong likes pink, so decorate his whole bedroom in pink. You should also go and prepare some things children would like. On the way, bring back my Shuang Yu sword to me.”

“Yes,” Ruo Hua docilely replied. Though at the start she almost could not resist laughing when she heard Xu ZiRong liked pink, the moment Xu ZiYan mentioned his Shuang Yu sword her amusement completely became horror.

Shuang Yu sword was the gift Xu Xiao gave Xu ZiYan when he turned ten years old. The grade was not that high, but it was something quite rare, and it was a tool made specifically for youths to help them cultivate. Xu ZiYan practically regarded that sword as his baby, and normally nobody would ever dare to touch it.

Unfortunately, in the past two years Xu ZiYan grew too quickly and his figure changed a lot. Thus, that Shuang Yu sword was no longer suitable for him to use, which was why it was placed into his storage room. However, every now and then Xu ZiYan would personally return to do some maintenance on the beautiful sword.

Although Xu ZiYan didn’t explicitly say it, it wasn’t hard to infer the meaning of his previous words. He wanted to gift that sword to Xu ZiRong for the other’s self-defence. This approach had completely exceeded Ruo Hua’s expectations, but it had also allowed her to deeply understand Xu ZiRong’s position in Xu ZiYan’s heart.

In the whole of Liu Shang Courtyard, under the circumstances where everybody had thought that Xu ZiYan would loathe Xu ZiRong, he instead walked the opposite path. Truly, nobody could guess what was happening in Xu ZiYan’s mind.

No matter how you say it, Xu ZiYan had already sent a clear message to everyone through Ruo Hua’s mouth: Xu ZiRong was his younger brother, and he was also a much beloved little brother.

Ruo Hua’s actions were really quick. When Xu ZiYan completed his daily practice on his training field, she had already fixed up the bedroom given to Xu ZiRong.


Xu ZiYan glanced at that completely pink room and suddenly felt as if he was a blind dog. However, since it was something his little brother had liked, it wasn’t really too unbearable.

He contemplated the room furnishings and flipped through the clothes prepared for Xu ZiRong before gently nodding his head. This Ruo Hua had truly understood the meaning of his words. The things in the room weren’t all premium goods, but they weren’t things that would suggest they were treating Xu ZiRong unfairly.

“Alright, you can go now.” Xu ZiYan waved away Ruo Hua, before turning around to go back to his room.

Bypassing the screen, the sleep Xu ZiRong was getting on his big bed was still very fragrant. Xu ZiYan thought that if Xu ZiRong could open his eyes to see his new bedroom, the boy would for sure be pleasantly surprised.

He slowly walked to him and leaned over, before he picked up Xu ZiRong.

The body of the eight-year old was really too thin. In the bath before Xu ZiYan had already noticed this, but to be again confirmed here, some doubts arose in his heart.

Was that ‘true love’ of Xu Xiao mistreating Xu ZiRong? How did he even thin to this degree?

Xu ZiYan shook his head. The person was already dead, so looking into that now didn’t hold much meaning. He threw away that thought in his mind before embracing Xu ZiRong and walking over in big strides to the neighbouring room.

The ‘fast-asleep’ Xu ZiRong ensured his breathing was very even. After Xu ZiYan left, he began to organize the memories in his head.

From waking up after he died to entering the Xu home, he practically didn’t have any time to reflect on his experiences. After finally arriving at a relatively safe place, of course he was going to take the chance to organize his thoughts.

Right now he was only eight years old. Although he would be able to enter the first layer of Qi Condensation stage in three more days, that cultivation was really too weak. Don’t even talk of Xu Xiao, for even Xu ZiYan could easily crush him to death.

He must endure!

Tolerance, lying low-key, these were things he were so familiar with he could do it with his hands tied behind his back. In his past life, if he hadn’t been the very definition of low-key, he wouldn’t have been able to live that long.

Deeply taking in a breath before gently exhaling, Xu ZiRong slowly opened his eyes, his black pupils reflecting calm.

He was a child of eight years old, so he must display the innocence of a small child. Although the word was already something far away from who he was, he felt that with his acting he should be able to do it.

Currently the only thing that made him feel a bit uncomfortable was precisely Xu ZiYan’s attitude toward him. The Xu ZiYan now and the Xu ZiYan from his previous life were basically two different people. The other people in Xu family clearly didn’t change, so why would Xu ZiYan change so much??

Xu ZiRong felt a bit annoyed because he was unable to guess the reason behind Xu ZiYan’s big changes. With his rebirth, his greatest advantage was how he was now familiar with the development of many things. If everything followed what had happened before, he was confident in reaching Nascent Soul in a much shorter amount of time, and maybe even Immortal Ascension. When that happened——

Xu ZiRong’s gaze immediately became ice-cold. Lin Xiaotian, Mo ZiYuan, and also that Bai Hua. Those people, he would for sure not let them get away!

As for Xu ZiYan?

Xu ZiRong’s eyes squinted a bit. If it was that Xu ZiYan from the past, the moment he had the ability he would very impolitely slaughter him. He would extract Xu ZiYan’s soul and torture him day and night, so the other would understand the deep pain of a hurting soul.

But this Xu ZiYan……

Xu ZiRong felt a flash of doubt in his mind. Perhaps……this Xu ZiYan was also reborn?

Xu ZiRong’s heart startled in fright, but he then shook his head.

Impossible! If Xu ZiYan was also reborn, he was afraid that the moment the other saw him he would strangle him to death. How could Xu ZiYan be so good to him?

He could clearly remember that when Xu ZiYan tortured his soul, the other constantly cursed him out as he accused him of humiliating his lover.

It was truly funny. That Bai Hua bitch that pretended to be pure and virtuous, he saw loads of people like that. Even if someone gifted Bai Hua to Xu ZiRong he still wouldn’t accept him.

It was only people like Xu ZiYan and Ling Xiaotian who were so stupid, regarding a slut as their treasure.

The corner of his mouth overflowed with his ridicule. He really could not understand it. Although he loathed Xu ZiYan and the other two, he could not help but admit that whether it was Lin Xiaotian or Mo ZiYuan, they were all rare people with outstanding talent. How could they be stupid to this degree, and be so crazy about a man that even their intellect was lost?

Despite the men under his hands, his devil’s palace was so easily broken in by the three of them. The deeds of his first general Xuanyuan Hui could also not go unnoticed. He remembered that when Xuanyuan Hui died in his hands, the other could not resist glancing at Bai Hua a final time. Unfortunately for him, at that time Bai Hua was busy being lovey-dovey with Lin Xiaotian, so how could he spare time for that idiot?

His eyebrows furrowing more and more, Xu ZiRong could not help but suspect whether or not Xu ZiYan was possessed.

But even if the other was possessed, he still didn’t have a reason to be so good to him. You have to know, although he was an illegitimate child, he still was of Xu blood. Even if people didn’t want to harm him, they still wouldn’t be that good to him.

Cycling through different explanations, Xu ZiRong was still unable to find a reasonable theory to explain Xu ZiYan’s attitude to him. It made him increasingly more irritable.

Just when he was unable to suppress the anger in his heart, and when he was about to find a place to vent a bit, a small movement occurred at the door.

Xu ZiRong immediately closed his eyes and pretended to be asleep. Sure enough, the door quickly opened and someone walked in.

In the Xu family, the only person who could so openly enter Xu ZiYan’s bedroom, other than the owner himself there wouldn’t be any others. Xu ZiRong buried the anger he had wanted to vent away deep inside his heart and gentled his breathing so he could look like he was sleeping.

Xu ZiYan did not notice he was only pretending to sleep. Although his power was much stronger than Xu ZiRong’s, he wasn’t bored to the point of using his spiritual energy to check how deeply someone was sleeping.


He picked up Xu ZiRong, and walked step-by-step into the neighbouring room. Gently, he placed the other onto a soft bed, before he very carefully tucked him in to prevent Xu ZiRong from catching a cold.

After doing all of this, he softly said, “ZiRong, this is your bedroom ah. When you wake up you’ll have a surprise.” Xu ZiYan finished talking and quietly crept out, as if he feared waking up the sweetly sleeping Xu ZiRong.

After Xu ZiYan left, the room once again returned to a quiet state. Xu ZiRong did not open his eyes, but the sour and sweet feeling he had suppressed before appeared once more.

This kind of feeling made people feel a bit uncomfortable, but Xu ZiRong did not know why he would, contrary to what one would expect, really like it. It was like one of those old, burning-as-they-went-down type of wines. The first mouthful would be both spicy and bitter, but the aftertaste would let the whole body warm up.

The anger he had forcibly suppressed seemed to have also calmed a bit. But Xu ZiRong was also very clear that if he didn’t find a chance to vent it out, once others found the violence he hid in his heart, his troubles would be many.

The reason behind his sudden anger was unknown to him. It was as if his grievances began accumulating ever since Xu ZiYan had abused him in his previous life.

After practicing the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, this violent feeling became more and more strong. From time and time, he had to vent out the anger accumulated in his heart, or else there would be danger of going astray.

The author has something to say: Xu ZiRong has noticed there’s something wrong with Xu ZiYan, but he chose to ignore it……

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