I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 8

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Xu ZiRong felt that he really needed some peace and quiet in order to ponder over the sudden changes that had happened, and thus conveniently lay down onto the bed.

Xu ZiYan carefully tucked him in before smoothly asking, “Little Rong, do you have anything you want to eat?”

A slightly impatient Xu ZiRong almost threw out a ‘whatever’ before he abruptly remembered his current identity. Thus, he softened his voice. “I want to eat meat.”

Xu ZiYan’s forehead wrinkled a bit, and once again his brain thought up a lot of scenes where poor Xu ZiRong didn’t receive much care. Distressed, he said: “Alright, then tonight we’ll eat meat. We’ll eat a lot of meat.”

Xu ZiRong bashfully smiled once before squirrelling into his blankets. His two wide eyes kept blinking innocently at Xu ZiYan, as if his request had made him feel very embarrassed.

Xu ZiYan smiled before squeezing the other’s cheeks. It was both smooth and tender, and the texture was even better than watery tofu.

Xu ZiRong kept a smile on his face, but his heart already scratched down another mark for him to remember. Wretched bastard, he actually dared to touch his face. Because Xu ZiRong looked beautiful, in his last life a lot of people coveted him. But after his title as the blood devil became known, don’t talk about touching him, even those who tried talking dirty to him were so thoroughly erased that not a single speck was left!

He waited for a while when he realized that Xu ZiYan didn’t have any intentions of leaving. Slightly knitting his brows into a frown, he quietly whispered: “Big brother, you must be busy.”

Xu ZiYan shook his head. “I don’t have much things to do. Actually, when you go to a new place you probably won’t sleep well, so if someone accompanies you it might be a bit better.”

A strange feeling emerged in Xu ZiRong’s heart, something that felt both sour with a bit of warmth.

He pushed down this strange feeling before lightly biting onto his lower lip. Then, he faintly told Xu ZiYan, “Big brother, with you looking at me like this I……I……I can’t fall asleep.” After saying that he bowed his head as he adopted a look of guilt.

Xu ZiYan suddenly felt upset over his own carelessness. He was worried that Xu ZiRong wouldn’t feel accustomed to his new environment, but he forgot that right now he was part of those ‘unfamiliar’ surroundings.

Whether it was the memories of the original Xu ZiYan or the contents of that novel, it all made him feel feelings of pity for ‘Xu ZiRong’, this tragic figure.

As a child of an unwanted lover, he didn’t receive any care from the Xu family and was rather tortured. If we said it in a slightly exaggerated manner, if Xu Xiao never brought him back, perhaps Xu ZiRong would never become that twisted blood devil.

According to the description of the book, the blood devil was apparently unfeeling and cruel without the slightest bit of mercy in his heart. Later, in order to control the whole cultivation world, he even released a large amount of blood devil blood-sucking insects. The number of these blood-sucking insects was huge and they also bred very quickly. Only by controlling their mother bug could you completely eradicate them.

Back then, the reason Bai Hua entered the devil’s palace was to try and persuade Xu ZiRong to give up his plans. He never expected that the blood devil would refuse to admit he was the one behind it, and even kidnapped Bai Hua afterwards.

The blood devil’s behaviour thoroughly enraged Tianyu Sect’s Sect Leader Lin Xiaotian, Moyu Long Court’s boss Mo ZiYuan, and Xu family’s successor Xu ZiYan. The three of them, Bai Hua’s husbands, banded together to launch an attack against the blood devil’s palace.


Whether it was Tianyu Sect, or Moyu Long Court, or even the Xu family Xu ZiYan created again, at the end of the novel they all had enormous power.

With the power of those three families coupled with the people sent from smaller sects and families, and after gathering almost 90% of their manpower, did they successfully enter the blood devil’s palace.

It wasn’t necessary to give you the details of the battle afterwards. Under the full affront of the three of them, blood devil Xu ZiRong thoroughly lost. His spirit fell into the hands of Xu ZiYan, and in order to take revenge so he could appease Bai Hua’s anger, Xu ZiYan baked his soul with the Nine Yang Dark Fire until Xu ZiRong’s spirit scattered.


And then after that, the three of them plus Bai Hua used Xu ZiRong’s blood to attract the attention of the blood-sucking insects’ mother bug. In one fell swoop they destroyed all of them, and thus they became the world’s four Honoured Elements who thoroughly controlled the situation in the Xuan region.

The novel had Bai Hua as its protagonist, and it was natural that it would praise him to the heavens. Excluding the tragic and happy story of him, Lin Xiaotian, Mo ZiYuan, and Xu ZiYan, toward Bai Hua’s personality and conduct there was even more praise. The final ending of the novel was that the four of them became the leaders of their region, before living happily ever after.

It sounded very perfect, but it was in fact very fake……

Because Xu ZiYan deduced a lot of different things from the (past) Xu ZiYan’s memories.

In the very least, the blood-sucking insects invading the Xuan region had nothing to do with the blood devil. In addition, Xu ZiRong had no plans of controlling the mother bug in order to control the whole blood-sucking insect population.

In other words, Xu ZiRong was completely innocent in the matter with the blood-sucking insects. But whether it was Lin Xiaotian or Mo ZiYuan, or even the original Xu ZiYan, none of them had any thoughts of helping Xu ZiRong exact justice.

In their point of view, whether Xu ZiRong did it or not, that didn’t matter. In any case, they had wanted to use Xu ZiRong’s blood to attract the mother bug of the blood-sucking insects, and they had no intentions of letting him live. Dead was dead, so why would anyone want to argue for his innocence? In the cultivation world there were many people who died in injustice, let alone a blood devil who had previously humiliated Bai Hua. Just for this one point, it was already enough for them to shatter Xu ZiRong into a million pieces!

Xu ZiYan felt a bit depressed when he saw that memory.

Throughout the whole book, although Xu ZiRong’s personality twisted later on, he never did any mass killings without no cause. Most of the people he killed were the ones who had grudges against him. Occasionally there were other people who died by his hands, but they were the ones that coveted his beauty or his power.

In other words, Xu ZiRong never did anything that surpassed Xu ZiYan’s bottom line. The only time it did happen was the blood-sucking insect catastrophe in the book. In that disaster, too many people had died, but in the end it was proven that there was no relationship between this matter and Xu ZiRong.

An innocent child, was forced step-by-step by others to become the blood devil. Afterwards, he was killed because of a matter he didn’t even do. He didn’t even get peace after his death, for after he was killed his soul was drawn out again to be tortured: this seemed way over the top for Xu ZiYan!

Xu ZiYan also did not have the personality of a Holy Father. He was a bit violent, and also had a short temper. The Xu ZiRong of today has already been taken under his wing, so he would never allow others to easily bully his own little brother.

The main point was, towards Xu ZiRong he was to some extent empathetic. In addition, when he first saw him, he couldn’t help but think of Xu ZiYu. The Xu ZiYu at Xu ZiRong’s age was also a white, tender, and delicate pretty boy. He was unable to unfeelingly watch this kind of child be forced onto that kind of dead end.

“Alright, in that case big brother will leave. Have a good rest and sleep assured. Later big brother will come and wake you up.” Xu ZiYan smiled at Xu ZiRong, before he turned away and left his own bedroom.

He casually called a maid to his side and asked her to bring him to Xu ZiRong’s room.

The maid had delicate features, and her pair of elegant phoenix eyes widened seductively. Unfortunately, Xu ZiYan had always been very slow in the emotions’ field, and completely did not notice that this maid was fluttering her eyes at him.

The yard of Liu Shang Court was very big. Other than Xu ZiYan’s master bedroom, there were still a dozen empty rooms. The maid with the phoenix eyes who was throwing coquettish glances at a blind man couldn’t help but bite her lower lip. She cursed quietly in her heart, “Damn, it’s all because of Ruo Qi that fox, or else why would Young Master not spare me a single glance?”

Going through the winding corridor on the side with Xu ZiYan, and then bypassing the small martial arts training field, the phoenix eye maid leisurely walked in front of Xu ZiYan. She twisted her graceful figure, again trying to attract Xu ZiYan’s attention.

Although Xu ZiYan was a bit slow in the emotions department, he wasn’t a fool. When there’s a woman in front of you who was constantly stroking her hair coquettishly, it was something you can’t ignore even if you wanted to.

“Ruo Hua, do you not know how to walk?” Xu ZiYan asked in an ice-cold tone.

The maid called Ruo Hua suddenly stiffened, before she lowered her head, eyes reddening.

Xu ZiYan didn’t have any protective feelings for the fairer sex. Although he never talked about love, he had a loyal mindset for feelings of love. He was very envious of the feelings between his parents, and also hoped to meet a woman who would make his heart thump.

His talent was outstanding, so he was destined to attract the attention of a lot of women. But other than that woman who would let his heart thump, he didn’t want to have any emotional entanglements with anyone else.

Perhaps in this world, it was normal for a man to have three wives and four concubines. And even the protagonist of that novel had three distinguished men surrounding his side. But for Xu ZiYan, feelings were always the thing between two people. Add another person, and it would only tear apart a successful couple.

In fact, he was really confused about what had happened in that book. How could those three men tolerate other people and share their love? If it was him, he would rather give up his feelings than let his love be treated so cheaply!

“Young master, we’re here.” Ruo Hua said softly, her tone filled with hidden bitterness and her delicate face looking both lovely and pitiful.

If it was an ordinary person, they might really be unable to bear this lovely and pitiful face and would thus embrace the other to console them. Unfortunately, after Xu ZiYan inherited his parent’s estate, he could be considered as Mr. Perfect; tall, handsome, and rich. He had encountered seduction attempts made with skill much higher than her’s, and there were even some who stripped before climbing into his bed. This kind of small temptation was really not worth his time.

“This is it?” Xu ZiYan didn’t even glance at Ruo Hua before turning around to inspect the room.

This was practically at the edge of Liu Shang Court and there were at least two hundred to three hundred metres from his own bedroom. Although to a cultivator this distance was practically nothing, he was more concerned about how the attitude the people here had toward Xu Zi Rong was revealed.


“Who was the one who picked this room?” Xu ZiYan snapped.

Ruo Hua was scared by his sudden tone, before she stammered a reply, “It was……was big sister Ruo Qi.”

“Ruo Qi?” Xu ZiYan immediately remembered that beautiful woman. His face filled with black lines.

Fuck, wasn’t that woman the maid who deflowered the original Xu ZiYan?

The author has something to say: Xu ZiYan’s domineering side has leaked! A young master must have the aura of a young master!

Xu ZiRong silently wrote in his diary: Today Xu ZiYan touched my face, in the future I must return the favour and touch his face twice!


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