I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 7

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“Yo, why are you covering that up? It’s such a tiny thing, are you really afraid of letting big brother see it?” Xu ZiYan laughed a bit, before horridly flicking Xu ZiRong’s little ZiRong in a teasing manner.

Xu ZiRong’s whole body went stiff, and the words replayed in his mind over and over again: “Such a tiny thing…….such a tiny thing……”

There wasn’t a single man who would tolerate being criticized by other men as ‘small’, even if at this moment Xu ZiRong was truly quite tiny.

After that, something that was even more shocking happened. Mister Blood Devil’s respected little ZiRong was actually flicked by someone. It! Was! Flicked! By! Someone!

The magnificent blood devil lord, the one with the highest devil arts cultivation!

He——was molested!!!

“Mm, this one looks a bit too big, this one looks too ugly, ah, this one looks about right.” Completely unaware that his actions just then had angered the blood devil lord, Xu ZiYan thoroughly searched his trunk for clothes that Xu ZiRong could wear after he bathed.

Xu ZiRong fiercely glared at Xu ZiYan as he tried to resist the urge to get revenge. Because that wouldn’t do! At least he couldn’t do it now!  If he wanted revenge against Xu ZiYan, he at least needed the appropriate power. With the strength of his current cultivation, to provoke Xu ZiYan now was the same as bringing humiliation onto himself. Tolerance! He can tolerate it!

These acts, every single thing Xu ZiYan did to humiliate him, he would remember it all. When he obtained the ability, he would certainly return the favor for everything!

“Let’s go with this one, ah.” Xu ZiYan finally found a piece of clothing he wore when he was young at the bottom of the trunk. Measuring it against Xu ZiRong’s body, mn, it was about the same.


Although this baby blue chang pao wasn’t made from some expensive kind of fabric, it was very comfortable. Xu ZiYan had originally found some skin-tight undergarments he had never wore before from the side of the trunk, but after he roughly measured it with his hand he still gave up on that piece.

With this type of close-fitting clothes, if it didn’t fit it would for sure be very uncomfortable. In the very least, right now he felt that the close-fitting clothes he was wearing could in no way compare to the undergarments he used to wear.

Loudly telling the attendents outside to prepare some undergarments for Xu ZiRong, Xu ZiYan turned around. At a speed comparable to a running stream, he lifted Xu ZiRong up and dumped him into the water.

With the sudden attack, Xu ZiRong hadn’t even reacted yet when he was already thrown into the tub. Too late to try preventing it, he fiercely choked on a mouthful of water.

Then with the sound of splashing, Xu ZiYan also jumped into the tub. He lifted the Xu ZiRong who he had almost choked to death as a result of his rude actions before seriously saying: “You see, if I wasn’t here, you just might drown in this wooden tub.”

Xu ZiRong roared in his heart: If it wasn’t for you, bastard, who threw me into the tub, how could I drown!!!

However, his face didn’t leak a single bit of his true thoughts. Xu ZiRong wiped his face before softly saying, “Big brother is right.”

“En, so obedient!” Xu ZiYan felt overjoyed. He picked up some soap made from Chinese honey locusts from the stool on the side, before he efficiently washed himself till he was all clean. Then, in the middle of Xu ZiRong’s ineffective refusals, Xu ZiYan cleaned him from his head to his feet until the younger was sparkling clean.

Through this bath, Xu ZiRong’s body was completely seen by Xu ZiYan. From the top to the bottom, inside and outside, almost everything had been touched by Xu ZiYan once. Even his little ZiRong didn’t escape the other’s poisonous hands.

During the bath, Xu ZiRong also glanced at Xu ZiYan’s crotch. He slightly curled his lip. In this aspect, his little ZiYan wasn’t much bigger than his own! In the future, it would become even more uncomparable!

After leaving the bath tub, Xu ZiRong picked up the undergarments that were just delivered and quickly wore them. He now understood: Xu ZiYan was currently treating him like how a girl would treat her fabric dolls. The other wished he could do everything for him. In fact, Xu ZiRong could guarantee that when he was wearing the clothes by himself, he saw Xu ZiYan show a regretful face!!!


“Thank you big brother, washing up felt very nice.” Xu ZiRong said in a whisper. Even if his heart had already vomited so much it was about to vomit blood, he still kept a calm face.

“Tch, a small child must take a lot of baths!” Xu ZiYan’s mouth nagged like this, but his hands already lifted a towel to help Xu ZiRong dry his hair.

Xu ZiRong’s hair was both black and thick, and in his hands were as smooth as top-grade silk. Xu ZiYan nagged on one side, while helped him dry his hair on the other. The Xu ZiRong at the moment looked as if he was a lotus that had just broke the water’s surface. Delicate eyebrows, red cheeks that were inflamed because of the warm air, and black yet thick beautiful hair. If it wasn’t for the fact Xu ZiYan had just personally helped him bathe, he would have really wanted to doubt a bit if the other wasn’t actually a girl.

Xu ZiRong didn’t know what the other had thought of, but Xu ZiYan suddenly grabbed his shoulders before the older seriously stared at him.

Xu ZiRong’s heart suddenly jumped. He didn’t know if he had accidentally exposed something, for Xu ZiYan to look at him like that.

“ZiRong, you look very beautiful.”

Xu ZiRong’s mask had a small moment where it cracked, but it quickly returned to normal. He would have never imagined that Xu ZiYan, with his serious face, would tell him this when the other opened his mouth!!!

Xu ZiYan did not notice Xu ZiRong’s unusual look, and only sincerely and earnestly said, “ZiRong, you must remember, afterwards when you leave the house you must be very careful. There’s a lot of strange uncles who love pretty children your age, and they might do some very bad things to you. So if big brother isn’t by your side, you must be very careful.”

Thinking about it, he also added another warning. “If someone touches you here……” he pointed to Xu ZiRong’s lower body, “or here”, he also pointed to the other’s butt, “you must start screaming, okay?”

Xu ZiRong put on a face as if he had half-understood, before nodding hard. His heart had suddenly became a bit cold. The things Xu ZiYan had said were things he had of course already known. In addition, he also clearly remembered how, a bit after he had arrived at Xu family, he was tricked by a child from a branch clan and went outside. In a small alley, he was trapped by a very disgusting man.

He didn’t know whether or not that man appearing there was a coincidence, but he remembered the look in that man’s gaze.

At that time, if a person hadn’t came when he started yelling for help, he didn’t know what that man would have done to him.

After that man ran away, even after he turned into a blood devil he didn’t find him again. So even though he didn’t know whether that man and the ‘big brother’ in front of him had any connections, he still decided to place the blame of that matter onto Xu ZiYan’s head!

“If you really encounter that kind of person, don’t hesitate and kick his lower body hard. How much strength you have, use it all. Don’t be afraid to kick him to death or disable him. If there are any consequences, big brother will take responsibility!” Xu ZiYan’s expression was very serious. This was because he was very clear that this kind of thing had a huge psychological shock on a small child.

In fact, he extremely loathed those perverts that liked to play with children. Because Xu ZiYu had also looked very pretty, he was also targeted by this same kind of pervert. After that pervert was pummeled by him, he was sent to the police, and after investigations reality was that the children this pervert had played with before numbered over a dozen. This made Xu ZiYan really regretful. If he had known earlier he would have hit the other even harder, and if he hit the pervert so much so that the pervert could no longer take care of himself, that would be good too.

According to the original’s memories, that man who trapped Xu ZiRong was indeed someone former Xu ZiYan had found. The Xu ZiYan today naturally wouldn’t do this kind of thing, but it had reminded him that this cultivation world had the same type of perverts. His little Rong was this adorable, so some pervert might really target him.

Mm, the strength of him the big brother must be even stronger in the future. Otherwise his wish of protecting his little brother might not even be fulfilled!

Xu ZiRong didn’t know that such a topic actually aroused Xu ZiYan’s motivation. But the distance between the two were very close, and he felt that the other’s aura had suddenly changed. It seemed to be——a breakthrough in his state of mind.

Xu ZiRong’s heart felt cold. In his last life he already knew that Xu ZiYan’s talent was godly, but it still wasn’t this good!

The new change in his frame of mind allowed the imposing manner of his body to suddenly increase. Though Xu ZiRong’s cultivation was not yet high, his eyesight was still very good. Seeing that Xu ZiYan’s moment of insight was enough to allow the other to attempt a breakthrough, Xu ZiRong quickly opened his mouth to try and interrupt this advancement.

“Big brother……”

Xu ZiRong’s sentence wasn’t even finished when he was interrupted.

Xu ZiYan tightly held his hand, and his expression was very serious. “Don’t worry ZiRong, big brother will for sure protect you. No matter what, if big brother doesn’t fall down, there will be no one who could harm you!”

After Xu ZiYan finished saying those words, his momentum reached its peak and all the spiritual qi in the courtyard was absorbed into his body.

With a ‘ka’ sound, Xu ZiYan’s aura froze, before the spiritual qi suddenly gushed out of his body——he reached the sixth layer of Qi Condensation stage!

Xu ZiRong stared at that pair of clear eyes and concealed the shock in his heart.

With all the experience he had acquired from his last life, and the things that allowed him to have much more experience than ordinary people, he could tell just from someone’s body language if they were lying or not.

And his shock at this moment was because he did not see a trace of falsity in Xu ZiYan’s eyes. In other words, Xu ZiYan really vowed to protect him.

This——how could that be?!!

In Xu ZiRong’s brain appeared a speck of confusion. The impression of Xu ZiYan in his mind and the Xu ZiYan in front of him was way too different, to the point he already began to feel some puzzling emotions.

He slowly nodded his head, but this was just an instinctive reaction. But in Xu ZiYan’s eyes, it seemed as if this little brother had finally approved of him.

He rubbed Xu ZiRong’s small head and smilingly said, “ZiRong really is my little lucky star. See, the moment you came, big brother broke through.”

Xu ZiRong forced himself to lift the corners of his mouth, before revealing a very ugly smile. In the past the things he were always called by, other than devil it was demon star. Being called ‘lucky star’, this was really the first time he heard it. The thing that made him feel even more gloomy was that he already used his chance to interrupt Xu ZiYan’s sudden enlightenment, but he didn’t expect the other to still break through! It really let others feel a lot of resentment!

“Alright, you should go and rest a bit. When it is time to eat I will wake you up.” Xu ZiYan rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head, before he pushed the other to his bed.

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