I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 46

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Xu ZiYan was so surprised, he almost couldn’t close his gaping mouth. Although he had some suspicions about the original Xu ZiYan’s memories, wasn’t this difference a bit too big??

For a narrow mountain path to suddenly become flat, open land…… original Xu ZiYan, what was wrong with your memories? Did they get modified or something?

However, Xu ZiYan had no clue that this so-called mountain path was not as simple as he had originally thought.

After all, just think about it. This place could be considered the location for Liu Guang Sect’s huge, mountain-protecting array. If they didn’t have any protective spells here, then wouldn’t the grand Liu Guang Sect be the same as those small-sized cultivation families?

Even the Xu family set up all sorts of spells and arrays around the main branch family’s residence to protect the place from enemy attacks. Thus, a Sect as big as the Liu Guang Sect naturally wouldn’t relax or fall behind.

When all was said and done, Liu Guang Sect was one of Xuan Yu region’s cornerstones of strength. A big Sect naturally had the air of an influential school. Countless spells and arrays had been placed at the location of the mountain-protecting array. Most of the time, these spells and arrays were turned off. But for the sake of the examination that would determine the inner disciples for the next generation, the Sect turned on a couple of those spells and arrays. Even the big shot elders at the Sect wouldn’t think of that as a waste.

In fact, the hot spring in front of the Xu family brothers right now was there because they had used a transportation array to move it out from within the mountains. After all, many elders had already set their sights on Xu ZiYan, since he was a disciple that was so outstanding.

However, although being favoured by the elders meant receiving numerous benefits, it also meant he had to experience an even more rigorous test.

Of course, this was quite normal. Compared to the regular folks, the elite needed to have more achievements under their belts in order to convince the general masses of their superiority. ╮(╯▽╰)╭

Xu ZiYan didn’t know that his previous behavior had already been noticed by a number of Liu Guang Sect’s elders. Currently, he was just staring at the misty hot spring in bafflement. In fact, Xu ZiYan didn’t really know what to do next.

Xu ZiYan definitely wouldn’t imagine that this was Liu Guang Sect’s way of showing them how much remorse they felt for making their candidates run around suffering hardships. Liu Guang Sect wasn’t nice enough to deliberately take out a hot spring just so their candidates could bathe and relax. However, Xu ZiYan immediately understood that wanting to detour around the hot spring would be a complete fantasy. After all, the mountain path from before had abruptly came to an end.


Xu ZiYan’s eyes suddenly sharpened. Just now, something seemed to have rose out from the hot spring before sinking back again. Whatever it was even caused a huge splash of water.

He exchanged glances with Xu ZiYan before the two of them carefully made their way over to the hot spring. A ray of lightning around his fingertips began moving around lively as Xu ZiRong pinched three green seeds into his palm.

Although Wood Element Martial Arts was indeed great for healing, there was nothing to write home about when it came to its attacking power. Other than the thick, blood-covered vines that relied on the existence of Xu ZiRong’s own blood and thus could appear anytime and anywhere, at other times, plants had to be in the vicinity if he wanted to use any powerful techniques.

Currently, Xu ZiRong couldn’t even spot a blade of grass in this hot spring. Since that was the case, he could only force the growth of seeds to create a small number of plants in order to be of any use.


The thing that had made a splash broke the surface once more. Xu ZiYan was immediately shocked as he somewhat dazedly stared at it—— It was a mermaid!

That was right. The thing that was frolicking around in the hot spring as it made splashes of water, was none other than a blue mermaid!


That mermaid was extremely beautiful. Long, scarlet hair slid down her back and stuck to her body. The ‘clothes’ on the upper part of her body consisted of only a bra made out of white oyster shells, and the lower part of her body was a fishtail that looked quite smooth and sleek.

Just now, she seemed to be playing around in the hot spring. In fact, she looked equally surprised when she caught sight of the Xu family brothers.

However, it looked like the mermaid didn’t know how to speak. She merely widened her eyes in fright as she stared blankly at the Xu family brothers.

“Don’t be afraid, we aren’t bad people,” Xu ZiYan promptly said that to the mermaid.

The mermaid seemed to be able to understand human language. Although she still looked a bit afraid, she no longer looked as alarmed as she did before.

“I apologize for disturbing you……” The moment Xu ZiYan said those words, he felt as if something was amiss. Thus, he stiffly swallowed the rest of his sentence before he gave the mermaid an apologetic smile in an attempt to express his meaning.

When the mermaid saw Xu ZiYan’s expression, she couldn’t help but let out a giggle. The tension in her eyes disappeared entirely, and she even gave him a friendly wave.

Xu ZiYan relaxed a bit before saying, “This is my little brother Xu ZiRong. The two of us are just passing through here.” Turning around, Xu ZiYan pulled over his brother and introduced him to the mermaid.

Xu ZiRong’s expression was as indifferent as always. Not even the slightest ripple could be seen. His gaze was so serene, it was similar to a dead person’s soulless gaze.

However, because of the angle, Xu ZiYan didn’t see Xu ZiRong’s expression. He only thought his little brother was being shy, so he ruffled Xu ZiRong’s hair.

The mermaid probably managed to finally recover from her fright. She stared at the two Xu family brothers with interest as her tail happily swayed about. Every now and then, her fishtail splashed the water surface.

Xu ZiYan slowly approached her a little more. When he detected that the mermaid didn’t have any intentions of hiding from him, he relaxed and walked over to the edge of the hot spring. “I’m very sorry for inconveniencing you, but may I please inquire as to where I could find a path that would lead us out of here?”

Xu ZiYan had long been subtly observing his new surroundings. Apart from the trail that brought them there, it was as if this flat land had fallen down from the skies, existing just to block their paths.

Other than this mermaid, Xu ZiYan really couldn’t think of any other methods of finding a way out of there. Thus, he could only place his hopes on this seemingly simple and pure mermaid.

While Xu ZiYan crouched near the hot spring to talk to the mermaid, Xu ZiRong, who had been standing nearby, suddenly changed his indifferent look.

A few streaks of blood appeared in his eyes as his expression became awfully fierce.

The boy raised his head slightly to stare at Xu ZiYan’s back. His gaze was full of anxiety and worry, but unfortunately, his body was firmly shackled to his spot. Xu ZiRong couldn’t even say anything to warn Xu ZiYan. He could only watch on helplessly as that mermaid seemed to be ‘moved’ by Xu ZiYan and how she began to slowly approach him. Only Xu ZiRong knew that although the mermaid looked quite beautiful, she was actually an extremely powerful demonic beast.

Mermaids like her who lived in the sea were a type of demonic beast that fed on humans. Don’t get bewitched just because she looks beautiful. When female mermaids are born, they looked extremely ugly. Only after they consumed human flesh would they possess a beautiful appearance like the mermaid in front of them.

A common thing these demonic beasts did was to use their beauty to lure over the fishermen that braved the seas. Their claws could easily rip apart a human’s body. In addition, the more human flesh and blood they ate, the more beautiful they became, and the more stronger they become as well!

In his previous life, Xu ZiRong once met the most powerful mermaid of the sea. His cultivation at that time had already been close to the Demigod Stage, but had he not made the prompt decision to flee in a bloody manner, Xu ZiRong was afraid that he had long became the food in that mermaid’s belly.

Right now, Xu ZiRong was extremely anxious. Other than the sea, one wouldn’t be able to find the slightest trace of a demonic beast like a mermaid. This resulted in a bunch of cultivators who wouldn’t be able to recognize a mermaid as a demonic beast. A good example of this was Xu ZiYan, who was actually trying to communicate with a demonic beast as if they were human. One had to know, unless a demonic beast achieved a certain cultivation level, they weren’t intelligent at all. What they did possess, however…… were the instincts of a hunter!

So, although this mermaid seemed to be approaching Xu ZiYan because she accepted Xu ZiYan’s kindness, that wasn’t really the case. In reality, the mermaid was acting like this just so that Xu ZiYan would become her next meal!

On the other hand, Xu ZiYan was trying his best to use a soft and gentle voice to coax the mermaid into revealing the way out of there. He was completely unaware that the mermaid’s hands, hidden beneath the water surface, had already begun changing dramatically.

Her slender white fingers were covered by greenish-blue scales as her sharp nails grew half an inch.

While that happened, Miss Mermaid’s face still looked as innocent and sweet as ever. She curiously peered at Xu ZiYan, looking as though she was very interested in his hair ornament.

Xu ZiYan felt very helpless. This mermaid was really too naive. In fact, her current curiosity was the same as a young child’s. No matter what he said, the mermaid completely ignored him as she stared fixedly at his hair ornament. It was like she wouldn’t rest until she got the chance to study it.

Smiling bitterly, Xu ZiYan reached up to pull out his hair ornament. Immediately, Xu ZiYan’s fine black hair scattered down his shoulder. There were even a few naughty strands of hair that hung beside his cheek.

However, unexpectedly, the mermaid didn’t reach over to take his hair ornament. Instead, she began approaching his face even closer than before.

With such a beautiful face nearing his own, Xu ZiYan inevitably felt a bit awkward and embarrassed. Although this mermaid was as beautiful as one could be, Xu ZiYan wasn’t planning on having a relationship that exceeded friendship with someone who wasn’t even human.

In addition……

His precious baby brother was watching him right now! Xu ZiYan still had to show Xu ZiRong a good example of what a gentleman was like!

Huh…… that was odd. Why had ZiRong been silent for this long?

Suddenly realizing that something was wrong, Xu ZiYan instinctively turned his head to look back.

And at that exact moment! From the corner of his eye, Xu ZiYan saw a slash of cold light swipe toward his own neck. He immediately leaned back and took a tumble, just barely escaping those two razor sharp fingernails.

Xu ZiYan was covered in cold sweat. At a time like this, if he still couldn’t notice what this mermaid wanted to do, then he practically wasted the past two lives he had lived.

With a flick of his fingers, a ball of violet lightning began flying toward the mermaid.

That mermaid seemed to be very scared of this ball of lightning. Raising her hand, she summoned waves of water that blocked the ball of lightning.

Suddenly, however, a few traces of confusion appeared on the mermaid’s face. It seemed like she didn’t understand why her body felt a bit numb, even though she had already defended against that ball of lightning.

After using a ball of lightning to buy him enough time to increase the distance between himself and the mermaid, Xu ZiYan immediately shot out a few arrows made out of lightning. Compared to his hastily made ball of lightning, it was a given that his arrows were much stronger. That mermaid had to make numerous walls of water before she was able to stop Xu ZiYan’s attack.

“ZiRong!” After successfully destroying the pace of the mermaid, Xu ZiYan quickly turned around to search for Xu ZiRong at the earliest time possible.

At this moment, it was already too late for regrets. His little brother had just been beside him. Just now, his brother had acted so strangely, and he didn’t even notice! As the older brother, Xu ZiYan really wasn’t fulfilling his duties.

Thus, Xu ZiYan flung himself at Xu ZiRong. He was still a bit afraid that Xu ZiRong would be hit by any stray attacks made by the mermaid. That was why Xu ZiYan used his own body as a shield and cushion as he rolled to the side with Xu ZiRong.

And as for the Xu ZiRong who hadn’t been able to move at all due to  his suddenly rigid body, the boy could only mentally curse out the guy who had controlled him. After he, the Lord, recovered his strength, he definitely had to take that guy’s worthless dog life! They actually made his older brother land in such a risky situation! It was an unforgivable matter!

(“Achoo!” A certain red-haired buff guy who was sitting in front of a water mirror suddenly sneezed. He gave a baffled look to the black leopard beside him, who was currently gnawing on a bone, as he muttered to himself, “Which brat is cursing me out from behind my back?”

The black leopard raised his head to glance at him. Then, he silently turned his head as he mumbled in his heart: What’s so interesting about someone cursing you out from behind your back? Someone cursing you out in front of you would be something truly stunning!)

“Are you okay?” Xu ZiYan hid behind a huge rock as he carefully examined Xu ZiRong’s body.

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