I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 4

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He still remembered the things that happened when he had been eight. Starting from that year, he was tormented and humiliated a hundred ways by the Xu family’s Xu ZiYan, and in the end he was pushed into the snake valley and almost had to give up his life. If it hadn’t been the fact that he was lucky that time, accidentally falling into the hiding place of a blood devil who had already passed away and then picking up their inheritance, he would have long died.

He doesn’t understand why he would suddenly be reborn, so he could only quietly follow Xu Xiao once again back to the Xu family. Right now he was only an eight year old child, and thus was simply unable to resist Xu Xiao’s decisions.

Just……if they thought he was still that Xu ZiRong who could be bullied, then they were wrong. As long as you gave him another year’s time, when he was somewhat finished relearning the Blood Sea Heart Sutra, even if he couldn’t kill off all of the Xu family members it would be enough to protect himself from Xu Xiao’s hands.

He deliberately put on an obedient-looking expression, for Xu ZiRong had practically forgotten how he was like when he was eight.

He followed Xu Xiao back to the Xu family, but everything that happened afterwards made him feel slightly uneasy.

Clearly he was only supposed to meet Xu ZiYan on the next morning, but he instead suddenly appeared in the front hall. In addition, not only did the other not abuse him, but he even gently told him to call Xu ZiYan ‘big brother’.

Big brother?

In his last life he had never called Xu ZiYan ‘big brother’. That person’s name for him was always ‘bastard’, so how could he let a ‘bastard’ call him by the title big brother?

If you said that Xu ZiYan allowing him to call the other ‘big brother’ had surprised him, then the way he had kissed him on his forehead had shocked him silly.


In his past life and now, there had been nobody who had ever done such an intimate gesture to him. If it wasn’t for the fact that Xu family and everything else looked the same as the ones in his memories, he would have really doubted if he had been transported to a place that was completely different than the Xu family.

The expression on Xu XiRong’s face became inexplicable. If Xu ZiYan was also reborn in this time, he would have never thought he was a cute and pure little child.

Unfortunately, Xu ZiYan was still immersed in his ‘can raise another good little brother’ dream, and simply did not notice the dark and gloomy expression from the person behind him.

Although he did not know why this Xu ZiYan had such a dramatic change, Xu ZiRong did not lower his guard.

Starting over in this new life, it was unlikely he would trust anyone ever again. Even if the Xu ZiYan now showed him kindness, he wouldn’t easily believe him.

The type of person that was Xu ZiYan, he knew too well! In his last life, before dying, if it wasn’t for how Xu ZiYan had tortured his soul before killing him, his soul wouldn’t have flied away and scattered!

Xu ZiYan……

Chewing on this abhorable name, Xu ZiRong could even taste the blood in his mouth.  

Looking at the figure in front of him, Xu ZiRong’s gaze revealed a thick killing intent.

Although he did not have enough strength right now, if it was a sneak attack, it might be enough to kill him.

Xu ZiRong flipped his wrist, his hand holding a sharp dagger. As long as he swiped lightly, he was absolutely sure he had the abilities to cut Xu ZiYan’s throat……

“ZiRong, what kind of room style do you like?” Xu ZiYan suddenly turned around to ask.

Xu ZiRong’s hand tightened before loosening, his dagger returning to his wrist.

He adopted an ignorant look, blankly staring at Xu ZiYan before softly asking, “Big brother, what is ‘style’?”

Xu ZiYan lightly knocked on his own forehead, before lightly rubbing Xu ZiRong’s head. Crouching down, he beamed at Xu ZiRong from the same height. “It’s your big brother who’s stupid, big brother already forgot you are only eight years old ah. How about this, tell big brother what colour you want your room to be?”

Xu ZiRong had another moment where he dazed a bit. After becoming a blood devil in those years, it had been awhile since he had these moments where he was so surprised.

But the situation now wasn’t one where he could be not surprised. He was now doubting whether or not he was dreaming. That person who hated him, that Xu ZiYan who couldn’t wait for him to die, how could he so gently ask him for his preferences??

Unless, could it possibly be that he wanted him to lower his guard, before he started to torment him?

Something you had before losing, it was always more cruel than never getting it!

In his last life when he was a blood devil, he also played this game with people’s hearts. But if Xu ZiYan wanted to obtain this end goal, then he wouldn’t get it!

Before the body transfer, Xu ZiRong already thought through a lot of things (yet not everything!). He remembered what Xu ZiYan had just said, about how he wanted him to live with him. Since it was like this……

The white and tender face of the child looked slightly red, and he seemed very shy. Xu ZiYan encouragingly patted his shoulders. “Don’t worry, whatever you want just say it. As long as it’s within big brother’s abilities, I’ll definitely grant it.”

Xu ZiRong slightly bowed his head, a malicious flash flitting by in his pitch-black eyes. If he didn’t remember incorrectly, this Xu ZiYan always boasted he had good tastes. Especially after he began mixing with that Bai Hua, he was graceful whenever he opened or closed his mouth. A style. If his request didn’t match Xu ZiYan’s preferences, what kind of choice would the other make then?

After all, the Xu ZiYan right now was but a child in his early teens. Although he did not know who was the one who told him to act like this, a child’s patience was no doubt limited. He really wanted to see the expression Xu ZiYan would make when he revealed his true face.

Xu ZiRong sneered in his heart, but his mouth was sweet as he said, “Big brother, I like pink.”

Xu ZiYan was immediately struck by a lightning bolt, pink??!!!

Fuck! The colour for sissies!!! What kind of boy liked their wool pink! This child was only eight years old, so it couldn’t be that he was already starting to become gay now?

Xu ZiYan’s face looked unusually ugly, and this naturally did not escape Xu ZiRong’s observations. In his heart he silently thought, ‘Sure enough, this will be enough to reveal his true face ah!’

“ZiRong, are you sure you like pink?” Xu ZiYan was at such a loss his eyebrows were all scrunched up.

Xu ZiRong secretly ridiculed his hypocrisy. Putting on a wronged look, he weakly asked, “Big brother…… I can’t like pink……?”

Xu ZiYan was immediately defeated by this expression of Xu ZiRong’s. Forget it, forget it. Wasn’t it just a boy liking pink? This didn’t mean anything, it was only a colour. You couldn’t say that just because the colour he liked wasn’t manly enough, he would turn into a gay guy in the future.

Xu ZiYan affectionately rubbed Xu ZiRong’s head. “There isn’t such a thing. ZiRong likes pink, big brother now knows. Later big brother will order some people to make your whole room pink.”

Xu ZiRong was dazed again……

Wait, wait a moment. Why was this result different from what he had thought before??!!!

When did he want his room to be decorated pink? It was such a disgusting colour. If he had to live inside, it would be even harder than dying!

Before Xu ZiRong could say anything more, the two of them already arrived to the Liu Shang Courtyard Xu ZiYan lived in.

As Xu family’s most talented son of the first wife, the place Xu ZiYan was living in was naturally extremely good. There was a main hall in the very middle, and on both sides there were side rooms. The owner’s bedroom was behind the main hall, and the whole backyard was made into a huge training field.

Although it was also the first time Xu ZiYan came here, but with (past) Xu ZiYan’s memories, he naturally wasn’t unfamiliar with anything. He brought Xu ZiRong and strolled around the whole courtyard once in high spirits, before finally bringing the other to his own bedroom.

Smiling, he said to Xu ZiRong, “Father, that kind of person, would never be considerate of others. You’re so young but you had to fly with him on his sword, so you must feel tired. You can rest first and I will get someone to prepare some hot water. After bathing you can sleep first and when it’s dinnertime I will call for you.”

Xu ZiRong’s heart thumped. It was coming!

So it had been waiting for him here!

Xu family had very strict rules, and everyday everyone must get together before they could start dinner. If there were no special circumstances you could not be absent. Xu ZiRong could completely imagine, if he said that his excuse was because he had overslept, he would only gain everyone’s ridicule.

He silently sneered in his heart, for he wasn’t that naive and stupid Xu ZiRong from that past life. In addition, he definitely did not care about any impressions the Xu family would have of him. Even if everyone looked down on him, why would it matter to him?

In his last life he lived a life so cruel, and he was abused until he was black and blue by those followers of the first wife’s eldest son. But after he came back as the blood devil, all of those people who used to have a higher standing, all of those people who used to bully him, didn’t all of them kneel on the ground and beg him to let them go?

What family, what friends, everything was fake!

Only strength was something he could really grasp in his hands.

Now that he thought about it, in that last life when Bai Hua saw that he was really strong, he actually tried to seduce him. Bai Hua didn’t even think about how he was that type of trash who was used by so many, so how could Xu ZiRong like him!

The Blood Sea Heart Sutra wasn’t a normal type of martial arts technique. After using the Blood Sea, his blood could hide in people and would never be destroyed.

There was only one thing. The moment you had sex with someone, the blood would create a bond with that person. When he activates Blood Sea, only the people who had sex with him could find the position of his blood.

This kind of thing where you handed over your weaknesses to someone on a silver platter, how could Xu ZiRong do it!

In fact, if it wasn’t for the fact that he had really bad luck in his last life, how could he have met such a miserable fate? When those three had came to murder him, not even a single drop of blood had managed to escape.

When he thought of the scene where he had been originally killed, Xu ZiRong’s eyes were immediately covered by a thick layer of killing intent. Seeing the maid trying to persuade Xu ZiYan something, the feeling to murder rushed forth in his heart.

“Ah?” Xu ZiYan suddenly felt a piercing gaze, but when he turned around he didn’t find anything unusual.

Only Xu ZiRong was sitting on the bedside as he played with his own fingers. He was really a child. When he arrived in a new place, he instinctively found some ‘toys’ he was familiar with.

Xu ZiYan smiled knowingly. Coincidentally finishing his job of giving the maid orders, he walked over to Xu ZiRong’s side. “Is it very boring?”

Xu ZiRong slowly raised his head, looking a bit tense as he stared at Xu ZiYan. Right now he had just measured his own abilities. According to his current skills, launching a sneak attack against Xu ZiYan probably had some chances of success to kill him, but his genuine cultivation was nowhere near the other’s.

The author has something to say: _(:з」∠)_……Xu ZiYan’s thoughts are really weird, ne?

He is just a simple brocon ah……when he sees a cute child, he can’t help it but rub their heads and give them a kiss (wow, doesn’t that sound like he’s a pedophile) …..

PS: the simplest argument for this is that although Xu ZiYan hates being the third lover, he thinks that the small child is innocent. Add onto how the memories he had were obviously not his own experiences, so towards Xu ZiRong all he feels is a ‘he’s my cute little brother’ kind of feeling. Coupled with his own bro-con tendencies, naturally he’s quite enthusiastic.

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