I’ve Led the Villain Astray, How Do I Fix It? — Chapter 37

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The people standing near that girl all took a few steps back as they stared at her with a horrified gaze. The people who were capable of standing there were all naturally the elites of their various families and clans. Thus, the moment they saw that small snake, everyone immediately recognized that it was a highly toxic type of demonic beast.

If someone got bitten by that thing, their bodies would be feeble and weak for a long time even if they managed to promptly obtain the antidote. Although that girl looked quite adorable on the surface, one could tell from her proficient technique at managing the snake that she wasn’t as harmless as her appearance suggested.

“Bi Yun, ah, I don’t want to be tested together with this idiot. Wouldn’t it be better if you just go over and give him a bite? Is that okay?” The little girl had an innocent and naive expression on her face as she consulted her snake.

The expressions of the onlookers standing around them involuntarily froze. The gaze they used to look at the little girl also immediately changed. Without a doubt, this young girl was also a dangerous character.

In their hearts, many people slapped a mark of importance onto this girl.

“You! What are you saying?!” The fat man looked extremely angry. He had also thought that this girl was very cute, but he never would have thought that she would dare to say something like that. This meant that she was completely looking down on him!

“Tut tut, not only is he dumb, even his ears have hearing problems. Poor him,” the little girl didn’t even lift her head and continued to face her snake as she said those words.

The fat man was so angry, his face became completely red. Immediately, he swung his fist at that little girl.

The little girl looked as though she didn’t hear anything. She didn’t even lift her eyes; as if she didn’t see the fat man charging toward her at all.


A second before the fat man’s hand touched the little girl, his body was blasted away. The calm-looking woman in daoist’s clothes slowly opened her eyes before stating, “No one is allowed to fight here.”

Staring at the daoist woman in fear, the fat man cut a sorry figure as he crawled up from the ground. He never would have thought that the Liu Guang Sect member responsible for welcoming them would actually make a move. Thus, at the moment, the fat man was truly frightened. He was afraid that his actions would make the woman disqualify him.

The fat man’s family background was almost the same as Xu ZiYan’s. He was also the child of a remote cultivation family. However, the education he received was obviously not up to par. He was completely unaware that there were some people he couldn’t afford to anger.

The people surrounding them started to stare at the fat man with a gaze full of ridicule. Anyone keen could tell that the daoist woman who was here to welcome them had directed her words to the little girl. Anyone standing a bit closer was able to clearly see how the blue scorpion in the girl’s hand quickly withdrew into her sleeve after the woman blasted the fat man away.


That scorpion wasn’t even as big as a person’s palm, but its body emitted rays of blue light. It wasn’t hard for someone to guess that this thing was probably quite poisonous. However, the funny thing was that the fat man actually thought that the daoist woman made her move to protect the little girl.

Xu ZiYan watched this lively show from afar. This scene and the one in the original Xu ZiYan’s memories were exactly the same. In addition, this fat man would be quickly eliminated in the competition later. However, that little girl was indeed like the one in his memories…… Ah, so arrogant.

Xu ZiYan took a look at the Xu ZiRong sitting beside him and immediately felt comforted. Sure enough, his little brother was the best! Xu ZiRong was both obedient and thoughtful. Compared to that little girl, he was truly levels better.

After resting for a while, the deadline to make it there had arrived——

The woman from Liu Guang Sect who was responsible for welcoming them slowly stood up as her sharp eyes swept over everyone.

The people who had been touched by her gaze involuntarily felt a shiver run down their spine as an inexplicable chilliness covered their hearts. The arrogant people who hadn’t thought much of this woman immediately restrained the expressions on their faces. Originally, they had thought that the person responsible for welcoming them was just a high ranking older-apprentice sister. However, with this scene, they could confirm that this woman was a cultivator with at least Meridian Condensation Stage cultivation.

“Since you’re all here already, let us start,” when the daoist woman expressionlessly finished talking, she threw out a piece of yellow paper. The yellow paper was stimulated by the wind and ignited. After releasing a high pitched sound, it swiftly turned to dust.

After completing all of that, the daoist woman coldly swept her eyes over everyone again. “Starting from this moment on, you are all Liu Guang Sect’s potential disciples. In the examination later, you are forbidden from killing each other. If anyone violates this rule, they will be evicted!”

After she finished talking, the woman lept into the air. Suddenly, a white, red-crowned crane appeared out of nowhere and caught the woman on its back. Just like that, the crane flew swiftly as it carried the woman away.

The remaining people began staring at each other in dismay. They didn’t understand what that woman meant with her actions. She hadn’t even told them the details of the examination, so how were they supposed to take the test?

However, their doubts didn’t last long. Shortly after that woman disappeared, a loud roar was heard from a position far away from them.

Every participant’s face immediately changed. Although they knew that the roar was coming from a very far distance, it was still enough to shake a lot of people’s hearts. Just that was enough to determine that the demonic beast who made this roar was extremely strong.

Xu ZiYan swiftly stood up before pulling Xu ZiRong into the group of people. Stimulated by this roar, everyone spontaneously started to crowd together. Although this might not necessarily have any effect, having more people automatically strengthened a lot of people’s courage.

In reality, Xu ZiYan knew that the person who had almost arrived was their next examiner, and that the beast which emitted the previous roar was their examiner’s mount. However, he didn’t want anyone to discover that he already knew this secret, and thus decided to simply stand together with everyone else.

Within a few moments, the presence of the beast that had emitted the huge roar began to approach them. A few people who stood at the edges of the crowd couldn’t help but begin pulling out their weapons.

Between the trees of the forest, everyone could already vaguely see the huge demonic beast. Thus, people began feeling as though their hearts were stuck in their throats. Although everybody had already guessed that this was part of Liu Guang Sect’s test, if this happened to actually be a random demonic beast, then everyone there would probably end up in this beast’s stomach.


This muffled noise immediately made all of the extremely tense teenagers erupt. The people standing at the edges of the crowd couldn’t help but attack in all sort of styles and manners before they even managed to clearly see the figure of the demonic beast.

Everyone there was at the Qi Condensation Stage. Although the attacks they performed were colourful and beautiful, to the demonic beast, their attacks were no different from being tickled.

However, the demonic beast seemed to have been provoked by their attacks, because it opened its mouth and emitted an angry roar. The people standing in front of the beast were immediately hit by a fishy stench that almost made them faint. Therefore, their actions became even more urgent, like they were itching to beat back the beast.

“Aaauugghhh!” The young boy standing closest to the beast let out a blood-curdling scream. That huge demonic beast opened its mouth again before it faced the young boy to bite off his head.

At this critical moment, that young boy was so scared, he actually fainted. He toppled to the side, completely unconscious.



Other than that unlucky young boy, there were a lot of different people who let out muffled screams. Almost all of the people who let out a sound had been knocked down. This was because, at some undetermined time, many cultivators wearing black clothes and black masks appeared at their sides.

“Tut tut, you guys are only at this level, but you still have the guts to come to the inner-sect disciple exam?” A buff man with red hair slowly walked out of the woods. There was an obvious sneer hanging at the corner of his mouth.

He coldly stared at the dozen or so teenagers before he raised his hand and pointed at a few. “You, you, and you. Your reactions weren’t bad.” Hearing that, everyone’s gaze couldn’t help but concentrate on the few people he had pointed at.

Unsurprisingly, the three people he had pointed at were Wei Qing, Hu YuTian and Xiahou Lian.

After he pointed out and praised those three, the red haired buff man once again pointed at the cultivators covered in black. He began to explain loudly, “These people are all your senior-apprentice brothers and sisters. They are also your enemies for this exam. However, you guys can rest assured, for their strength will be limited to the Qi Condensation Stage. The moment they use strength that is considered to be above the Qi Condensation Stage cultivation, they will lose.”

Those people wearing black all gave the teenagers a smile filled with maliciousness…… When they were taking this exam in the past, they had all been reduced to a miserable state by the teachings of their past senior-apprentice brothers and sisters. Now, they finally had a chance to get some revenge!

Meanwhile, that huge, black leopard finally moved away from that young boy who had fainted from fear. Its golden pupils glittered in a joking manner.

The buff man glanced at that young boy before snorting coldly. “Truly useless.” He waved his hand and a black clothed cultivator from the crowd of people strode out. And then—— they slapped the young boy twice.

When this person (who knew if it was their senior-apprentice brother or their senior-apprentice sister) made their move, it had been quick, accurate, and ruthless. After these two slaps, that young boy’s face immediately became swollen. However, he also began to slowly wake up.

The red haired buff man frowned. All the participants thought he was unhappy with the black clothed person’s ruthless behaviour, but they never would have guessed that he would instead say, “Why did you hit his face? When we send him out later, the people there are gonna complain again. Why couldn’t you just hit his stomach? In any case, there’s clothing there to cover everything up!”

All the teenagers there felt a wave of chilliness washing over their hearts. Their gazes as they stared at the red haired buff man seemed similar to the way they would look at a devil instead. Although the black clothed person bowed their head and looked as if they were acknowledging their mistake, they couldn’t help but roll their eyes under the cover of their mask. They thought: Martial Uncle Ye Gui was trying to scare people again!

Next, the red haired buff man made a gesture and the black clothed people immediately separated themselves from the crowd of candidates before standing in two rows. The amount of black clothed people seemed about the same as the number of exam candidates, so there was probably a black clothed person responsible for every participant.

The black clothed person who had woken up the young boy returned to the two rows. On the other hand, the young boy still hadn’t woken up completely. Instead, he blankly stared at his surroundings in confusion.

“You were eliminated,” after casually saying those words, the red haired buff man stopped caring about the boy who had failed and instead turned toward the other candidates.

The remaining participants were all frightened by those words he had said in such a light tone. They were all mentally wondering: just this and he was eliminated?

As if he had seen the doubts hidden in their hearts, the red haired buff man raised an eyebrow. “That’s right, I’m your examiner for this round. It would practically be an insult to me should this waste of a person, who can actually faint from fright because of a demonic beast, enter the Liu Guang Sect.”

Everyone’s hearts stiffened a bit. Although they all seemed calm on the outside, every teen there started mentally calculating and thinking up plans.

The red haired buff man no longer paid attention to them. Instead, he gave Xu ZiYan a pondering glance before straightforwardly pointing his finger at Xu ZiYan and hooking it in a come-hither gesture.

Xu ZiYan helplessly rubbed his nose. He didn’t think he would be discovered this quickly.

When they saw that Xu ZiYan was ordered to come out, some people in the crowd revealed surprised expressions. The rest of the people looked as if they were rejoicing in his misfortune. After all, this Xu ZiYan’s strength was very good. If he could also be eliminated, then that meant their own rankings might rise a bit.

Within Liu Guang Sect’s entry exam for inner-sect disciples, every advance in rank would mean a better reward. Although these rewards couldn’t compare to the rewards of the top three rankings, they were already considerably impressive to everyone there.

Could it be…… had Xu ZiYan offended the examiner?

Wei Qing watched Xu ZiYan walk out with a cold gaze. However, his heart was quite puzzled.

Xiahou Lian looked completely bewildered while Hu TianYu looked pleasantly surprised. To Hu TianYu, whether or not it was Xiahou Lian or Wei Qing or even Xu ZiYan, they were all his rivals. If one of them could get knocked out before the actual exam, then it was really too favorable for him.

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